Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bronson made it to the Missionary Training Centre (MTC) in Argentina!

Bronson's first letter home after arriving in Argentina - January 28, 2010


Well I'm at the MTC. It's like 1:41pm and we´ve been her a couple hours. I tried calling from the airport and Dallas, I hope you got the message.

Yesterday I basically just hung out in the airport for a very long time. I took the skyline to all the different terminals, wandered around, wrote in my journal, read some of one of the books I brought (Our Herritage), and ate. Eventually the seven or so hours went by so I went to the gate where we left from. There were a bunch of other missionaries there so I was relieved - I hadn´t seen any all day. There were eight other elders and two sisters. We talked for a little and then went on our plane. Out of all of them, I am the only one that isn´t from the USA. About half of them are from Utah (the rest are from Arizona or Idaho and stuff), and fit the stereotype of "Mormons" perfectly.

The plane wasn´t that dreadful. They fed us supper which was actually not that bad and then I managed to drift off to sleep for most of it. I got a bloody nose part way through and thankfully I didn´t drip on my nice, white shirt. The seats in front of us actually had a TV on it where we could watch TV, movies, listen to music or play games. I played tetris for about 2 minutes and then realized none of the other missionaries were so I stopped.

Eventually we landed in Argentina. We made it through the airport with no problems and were greated by someone who didn´t speak any English. One of the girls in our group could speak a little Spanish so we managed to understand that we needed $50 USD in Pesos and to follow her to the bus. We all crammed in this little bus and drove to the MTC. The weather here is really nice, although the airconditioning is nicer. It´s so hot and humid I was sweating even more than I was gravitating towards the two sister missionaries. Argentina reminds me exactly how Costa Rica was, except for Argentina is a little more brown (random fields of dead grass and stuff), or at least from what I´ve seen.

It was a short bus ride to the MTC, which is right beside the temple. The temple is under renovations so we won´t be able to go in, although it´s cool being so close to it. After we got in the MTC we went into this room and had to give them our vaccination sheet, get our picture taken, and stuff like that. About half way through we were interupted by lunch. We had half a chicken cooked in some tomato paste stuff with vegetables with potatos. There was also a bunch of random things that you could take off a seperate buffet table (the chicken you got from teh chef) like fruit, rice, pickled beets, corn, vegetables, and a couple other things I can't remember. Everyone took turns getting an interview from the MTC president and then after that got their email account set up.

Which brings me to here... The keyboard is a little different so I have to get used to the new location of some of the punctuation. { is in the place of ', and to do the @ sign I have to hold a button and press q. On top of all that, I´m timed, and only have a half hour to write an email. After that, it all gets erased and I blew my chance lol.

Anyways, the MTC has 35 missionaries in it right now. I guess this is kind of average, they have about 20-40 and 80 is like the max. Thursday is our PD day, although it´s more like a PD afternoon. I have a class this evening at six, so after this I have four hours to rest. The MTC is a little difficult right now, since about 70-80% of what is said is in Spanish. My companion is Elder Smith, who is pretty cool. I was actually kind of hoping he´d be my companion, although it would probably be best in the long run if I was with someone who was a little more strict. Now that I´m here, it´s a party so maybe one of the other seven elders would have been a better pick for me. Oh well, I get stuck with the other fun one so I´m not complaining. =)

Anyways, I can only email in this half-hour time frame once a week, so a lot will happen before my next email. My timer just hit a minute so I´d better be done.

- Bronson


  1. So, Lorinda, can we email Bronson or do we have to actually send a letter?

  2. Anyone can email Bronson, but he's only allowed to email immediate family members back. If you email him, he'll send his response to me, and I'll forward it to you, or he'll answer your questions in his letters that I post for him on this blog.