Sunday, February 28, 2010

Letter #5 from Bronson - February 25, 2010


I've started to write down things that happen every day, because I'm getting to the point that I'm forgetting what happens if I don't write it down - it's all blurring together lol.

Okay well on Friday we got that new group of people in. There's only like 6 Gringos and a batch of like 30 new Latinos that I probably won't get to know - again. For the new American guys we played a prank on them that I thought was brilliant. What we did was hid a vacuum under one of the bunkbeds, turned it on and flipped the breaker to their room off. For some reason the wall plugin and the lights in their room are on a different thing. The next morning (their first here) I had to get up a half hour early because they had their alarm set for 6. Elder Baker and I got up a half hour early and waited outside their door till their alarm went off. As soon as it did we flipped the breaker and a vacuum under their bed 'randomly' went on. I never heard them say anything about it but I still thought it was funny and apparently they were talking about it later. They didn't even realize it was a prank they just thought that it was some weird thing that happened. So naive.

On Saturday we went out proselyting in the streets again, this time for 7 hours. It was ridiculously long and difficult, considering I can't really understand anything that people tell me. My companion thought it went really good but I only thought it went like average. There was no real incredible stories, people, or experiences although I don't think that it was bad either.

Something I did get to do is try 'Alfajores', which are really popular among the Gringos here. There's like a million of them and they're basically huge individually wrapped layered cookies. I tried the best kind (or so I was told) called 'Mousse' and I only thought it was decent. Apparently they don't have good candy down here or something because apparently that's prime junk food.

Something devastating that happened was when we got back to the CCM after being there for like half an hour or an hour I realized that my nametag was gone. I was crushed... I didn't want to even open it I treasured it so much. I figured I'd lost it at the CCM and that it'd show up but it still hasn't and that was a week ago. I must have lost it in the field so now I have to use this pin one (not one that folds over my pocket) with narrow, ugly writing for my name. I think I'll get a new one though.

Also, when we were on the bus it was kind of funny, someone said something along the lines of 'keep your eyes in the bus'. I was looking out the window before and didn't look away fast enough and managed to see... something I was totally not offended and shocked by that, I didn't even realize that's what he was referring to. People were talking about these 'bad signs' that were all over the place and when I actually saw one I didn't even think anything of it. They were just advertisements for strippers or something. The guy one was just a guy with his shirt up and the girl one was a girl in like a bikini. Like *gasp* a guy with his shirt up well let's see I only shower every day and a girl in a bikini, haven't seen that before.

Oh, and when we were giving our accountability meeting speaches one guy said something that was so funny I just about died. He was like ´today was fantastically... awful. We saw horses sniffing dogs, dogs licking horses, and a chicken cross the road.´ Apparently they had a really crappy day and were in the ghetto, BUT, they saw a chicken cross the road. How funny is that? Like yeah it's a joke but to hear someone actually say that they saw it was hillarious.

On Sunday we were having our meetings and I was kind of noticing how a lot of the new guys were really irreverent. I remember when I first got here I thought the 3 weekers were really reverent and the 6 weekers were spiritual giants but I never considered I was irreverent. One of the people who is now a 6 weeker (we're 3 weekers) said that we were like that when we first got here so it was kind of an eye opener. Also my companion and I taught Sunday School to our district and we talked about Prophets and Joseph Smith and it went really well considering how much planning we didn't do.

On Monday it was pouring outside, and when it was finally our time to play sports I didn't think we were going to get the chance for the third day in a row. We didn't do anything on Saturday because it was raining, Sunday we don't go outside and it was about to be day 3 in a row. Eventually we got enough people to go outside and take off their shoes and play ultimate frisbee in the pouring rain. It was really hard but also ridiculously fun. Oh yeah, and hillarious when people slipped, especially backwards.

And also when I was writing in my journal I accidently wrote 'Febero' instead of February, like I've been making an effort to do up until this point. I was so excited that I accidently wrote Spanish. Maybe I am slowly starting to get it! :D

On Tuesday I went down for breakfast and something amazing happened: there was Oreos out. I was a little shocked that they had Oreos here, but even more baffled to the reason why they were for breakfast. I didn't complain, and it was a nice surprise.

On Wednesday we had donuts for breakfast. I'm not totally sure why we had this either but it was still pretty cool. Considering it was the day after we had Oreos I figured something was up. Nothing has yet to happen too weird though. We also had an English fast which I found as ridiculously frustrating as the last. I wasn't 100% good with following the rules but I definitely tried and all our classes were in Spanish.

Oh, and something else I've discovered is I never knew how to do a proper tie knot before my mission! People were arguing about what kind of tie knot looks best and I totally forgot that the way I had always done it (wrap around twice and down through) is totally wrong and simple. I discovered how to do a full Windsor now so that's what I do lol.

Shoot, I really have to wrap this up... People have been ridiculously abusing the 30 minute rule so they're really cracking down.

I actually did like 60 conjugations on my first try the other day. I don't find that very helpful though as I'm memorizing charts more than how to use them.

No I didn't make any appointments. We aren't going back to the area that we went proselyting to so I didn't make any. And no, still haven't gotten into anyone's house.

The weather has been pretty nice here too... 20-30 degrees everyday (unless it's raining).

Well, I took like 3x as long as I was supposed to and some people took even longer. My next email will likely be far shorter- just a heads up.

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