Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letter Quatro - February 18, 2010


I was overwhelmed with joy when I got lots of emails today!

Yes corbata fea is a weekly tradition. It happens every Wednesday night and is for a way for people to get an ugly tie that they have to wear duing P Day.

The food is still recognizeable. I've actually been here long enough that they're starting to rotate some of the meals. It will actually really suck when I'm on my own, and not only have to deal with food cooked by the people, but also by food cooked by my companion and I.

I know all the Gringo missionaries, and almost none of the Latinos. Actually today was a 3 week interval so the '6 weekers' got kicked out, I got promoted to '3 weekers' and there's new newbies. I basically am friends with everyone I am able to communicate with, which at this point is the Americans lol.

Sadly, none of our appointments went through, nobody was home at the one, we got the wrong address of another from vague directions and the other was out of our area. Also the last time we went out we had far less success, I'm not sure why- there was really no noticeable stories to tell. This Saturday we have 7 hours, yikes!

Yes we only get to leave the MTC on Saturdays. On P Days I write letters by hand, write emails, nap, play sports, or just hang out. There are washing machines to wash our clothes and my companion and I have Tuesday and Friday to do it. Church is just in the MTC.

As far as the temperature, it's not hotter than I've experienced so I'm pretty much used to it. I'm not dying of heat- or complaining. I am totally used to the climate. I don't even think about or notice the humidity. It's hard to imagine that it's freezing back home. Suuuuuuuckers.

We're actually not allowed to take pictures but we did get to one day when the 6 weekers were about to leave to take some. I got some with a bunch of people but I've taken a couple for random (and valid reasons) outside the time. I'll send some when I get the chance as we're not allowed in the MTC. I haven't been able to get inside anyones homes when teaching so I really don't know. There's a lot of open windows so I'm assuming that's the 'Air conditioning'.

I must also tell you... they have bidets here! It's so weird and I like never use them but it was so funny working up the courage to use one the first time. I shrieked (which a lot of people who heard found funny) and am now a proud bidet user. It's so fun trying to convince people to get to use them for the first time. Haha, random fact.

Not much new has happened... A lot of our classes are starting to be all Spanish so it's ridiculously hard to follow. Sometimes the teacher will only talk Spanish in class but based on my small vocabulary and what's going around me I'm picking up on it. I can basically teach and do some small talking, I'm currently working on memorizing verbs and conjugating (and the difference between para and por, imperfect and preterit, etc... yuck). I have to focus with all my attention to what is being said and it's so hard. Although today I remembered all 48 conjugations we've learned thus far on my first try so yay me!

And today we played this 'game' where we couldn't speak ANY English without first asking permission or if it was to say a word, and even then you had to ask the question in Spanish. My teacher tricked me once and apparently I let something slip another time so my teacher (who also said English twice) had to sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' as our punishment. My class (fully Americans) thought it was hilarious as they rubbed in that their national anthem (and not ours) was in the Hymn book, and that God was behind the discovery and colonizing of America as well as the Constitution (1st Nephi) and the religious freedom it brought to establish the church. Ugh!

When I want to think of how much time is left on my mission I try to go by weeks. Only 101 weeks left to go! haha.

Thanks for the letters!

Bronson (Elder Fikus)

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