Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letter #6 - March 4, 2010


Last Thursday I forgot to mention that I got another awful haircut. I actually found in the white missionary handbook that hair needs to be evenly tapered, so technically I'm forced to break mission rules!

On Friday I got sick! I was so devastated, especially since we have proselyting the next day. When we had our last IP (Milestone) I was so out of it that we did awful. I got summoned to my room at 8:00 when the teacher discovered I had a huge fever and was actually sick. I had a really wierd dream the night before too. I had this dream where I was in a church and then a fire started and the whole thing burned down. The only thing left was way more steeples than what was on the church in the first place. I also remember carrying this massive cardbox box out with a lot of small random things in it that were flying all over the place when I was running out. Really weird... I told one of the Elders about this dream and he said he had this dream while here where he was in a wheelchair and was in a spaceship with darth vadar. This place must do wierd stuff to people, haha. Should I be worried? haha

Saturday we went out into the field. Some interesting things that I saw were a tree that had massive spikes on it like a rosebush, it was mindblowing. There was also aloe vera plants all over, which I found kind of weird. And there was a lot less dogs, yay! Oh, and twice I heard really good music. The first time two guys were sitting on the corner listening to some electro or something so I stopped to talk to them. I couldn't focus on Spanish and the music, I literally heard one or the other. I did appreciate the music when we were walking away though. The other was when we bought icecream they played a song that I knew and was on the online dance radio station I always listened to, although the song wasn't really my favorite.

Sunday I knew that I would have to talk. The President always asks two people to talk and I knew that I was going to be one of them. I don't know how or why, I just did. I spent a really long time on my talk the night before, tried to use some of my own words (with the gramatical checks compliments of my companion and a 6 weeker). Lo and behold I was the first person that had to speak.

Monday our District did a fast for the purpose of learning Spanish, hopefully it helped. We also had a member of a 70 come, Elder Zivic. We didn't get a translator so I wasn't sure how I'd do. I do remember that last time a lot of the people who were in my position got almost everything and were really surprised and proud of themselves. Turns out I didn't understand hardly any of it. Apparently this guy was a lot harder to understand than the last guy because he was a Latino rather than Gringo and I guess that made a difference and even the 6 weekers had a hardish time with him.

Wednesday we learned even more grammar and I can basically do almost everything that I need to do. The problem is that I know SO much that it's all getting mixed up in my head and I'm always overthinking everything and it's one big mess. Also the sentences that I try to say in Spanish are now ridiculously complicated, when I could easily say something much more basic.

Elder Fikus

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