Thursday, March 11, 2010

Letter #7 - March 11, 2010


Friday we had our IPs. One went really good and the other would have except near the end I was fidgeting and looking through my lesson plan when someone else was bearing their testimony. I kind of got in trouble for that... whoops. Also my companion and I had a really good companionship inventory (you basically talk about how you're doing and problems and stuff) and we said what we wanted to do differently this week which is basically more reverent and work harder, which we've been doing pretty good at.

Saturday the major thing was proselytismo. We had two citas (we were supposed to go back and teach lessons) but the one guy wasn't home and his wife got sick of us going back and asking (even though we only did twice) and the other lady didn't answer her door. We do have one for next week, well two days so hopefully that goes through. I found that this week I spoke quite a bit more than last week, although I wasn't doing most of it correctly (I don't think) it was good that I still had the confidence and ability to send communicatable messages across in Spanish. I also discovered that my companion doesn't know as much Spanish as it appears that he does when we're talking to people. Our district while walking back stopped at this place which has awesome and cheap icecream. It's awesome. As for businesses down here that I've seen that are in Canada are Wal-Mart (YAYAYAYA!), McDonalds (YAYAYA!), And 1, GNC, Burger King, Shell, Esso. There might be more but I can't think of any.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. I finally got the chance to bear my testimony, I've been waiting for the past 28 days to be able to do a full one in English where I have the ability to say whatever I want. It was so relieving, and I felt really good after. It was also the 6 weekers (last 6 weekers) last Sunday so we spent the evening singing hymns, which was just as cool as last time.

Monday was the 6 weekers last day here. It was really sad because just before they did I was really starting to get to like them. I got all their info though so I'll definitely try to keep in touch after. Probably my favorite guy is going to BYU after, which sounds like a better and better idea everytime. It was so depressing knowing that they were leaving and we wouldn't see them potentially until after our mission since they are going to Montevideo (not West). Also, my companion and I (as kings of the social circle and the favorites) have become pretty good friends with one of our teachers. He's like a 23 year old guy or something who is actually engaged. Anyways, we talked him into bringing us McDonalds on Friday. It could get him like fired because he can't feed us incase we get sick and liablilty and blah blah blah, we can't pay him (we're gonna anyways), he can't buy anything for us, etc. So my companion and I are keeping it on the DL but we arranged to get McDonalds for Friday on Monday. I'm so excited for a Big Mac! :D

Tuesday was different because the whole place was practically empty again. I was sad that the 6 weekers were gone but it's seriously nice to not have a ton of people here. You don't have to wait as long for food, it's less crowded in the bathrooms, you get dessert way more often, they cook you better food, etc. We also had new teachers for some reason and they turned out to be strangely especially productive. It was also weird because I was about to be a 6 weekers. It's crazy how your perspective changes as you advance and as people come and go. Also, since the place was practically empty except for like 16 of us, all the guys in my district (9 of us) decided to have a sleepover in one room. We picked the room with the coldest AC and loaded the floor up with mattresses and like the rest were on bunkbeds. It was lame because we didn't really talk but it was still kind of fun just doing it because we could.

Wednesday nothing too exciting happened, although I did get a package. Yay! It got sent in a box and is therefore at the post office for me to get which will never happen because I can't leave and so it's gonna get sent back to Canada. Double Negative Yay! Ugh, it's so STUPID. I can get packages here if they're sent in an envelope. Either the one I got was too big or in a box or something but for some reason I'm not gonna get it and it has to be sent back to Canada then resent to me. What's worse is I don't know who sent it so I can't tell whoever sent it. Who was it? Blah I'm so upset. Also the place was still empty and weird and the food is still better. And this night since it was the last night with the place really empty I stacked a ton of mattresses on my bed. I had 4 mattresses on my top bunk so I was almost right against the ceiling. It was really funny but also kind of wobbly and unsafe but I made it through. What's even funnier is that my companion and I were using all 6 mattresses in the room between us. One Latino Elder got to the CCM really late last night and was supposed to sleep in our room. When he came to the room at like midnight and needed a bed in our room our roommate managed to communicate that since it was his first night to just sleep across the hall in an empty room until he could get everything sorted tomorrow.

And I guess that brings me to today. I'm sitting in jeans and have already played frisbee and showered and now just chilling out writing home. My companion is cleaning his mess in our room and ironing.

Okay, random stuff I've thought of through the week:

There's 25 Million people in Buenos Aires. How many people are in Canada and how many people are members of the Church?

Apparently I have a 'Canadian' accent. The following words I say weird: Calgary (Ironic, but apparently I saw it wrong), borrow, sorry and bag. I say Calgary CalGARY instead of CALgary. Borrow and sorry I make too much of a hard 'o' sound like in hold, 'oh' etc. and everyone else does more of an 'a' sound. Sarry, barrow etc although there's is like half 'a' and half 'o'. Bag I say weird because I say the 'a' kind of like an 'e' like beg where as other people do a solid 'ah' sound. Kind of interesting... but yeah those are some of my Canadian accent words that I say 'wrong'.

My Spanish is improving, although I feel like I can't speak any I actually can. It's weird how we'll teach like a long lesson in purely Spanish and I'll be like 'Oh, I actually know this'. Also, we're into pretty advanced grammar (Subjunctive, hard to explain you could probably look it up but it changes everything) it's just a matter of applying everything and increasing vocab.

Um I guess that's it so until next week,

Elder Fikus

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