Thursday, March 18, 2010

Letter #8 - March 18, 2010


Last Thursday a lot of new people came again. They, like the last group were really quiet but by now they've actually started talking. I also drew a picture for Hermana Croft's nieces which I spent a ridiculously long time on but it's a sweet picture, haha. Lately I've started drawing lots of pictures. I suck, but it's fun for some reason and a lot of people think that they're really funny.

On Friday we only had one IP, which was different than the usual two. The reason is because we have two different teachers. Our morning teacher went to the new Gringo district and guy we have in the afternoon is getting married so he's getting a bunch of time off. With the new switch one of our Milestone's got dropped so it was a bit of a relief. The teacher that is getting married's name is Hermano Zanzi. We had arranged for him to bring us McDonalds on Friday and leave it in our room. We were just going to pay him for the food. Originally we had offered to pay him a bunch of money but that would be breaking even one more rule because that would be getting paid with favors along with buying stuff for us and bringing us food. It never happened though because someone in our district found out and told the MTC president who called our teacher at home and clarified he knew the rules. Also a ton of people got packages on Friday which made me really sad that mine never came in. Also on Friday a teacher who had been gone for 3 weeks came back. She was like 'I left and you weren't really that good at Spanish and now I come back and you are, like where'd all this Spanish come from? Oh, I guess I've been gone for 3 weeks'. It was really nice to hear this because day to day you don't notice much improvement but it's nice to hear that after 3 weeks there actually was a lot of improvement.

I got your package. I really have to go. It's been a half hour and people are waiting. Crap.

Elder Fikus

Continuation of March 18, 2010 letter, handwritten and sent via snail mail...

Well, sorry my email time got cut so short and that you're getting the majority of my 'email' like a week or two later. It's okay. I'd rather spend an hour writing than 20 minutes longer on a computer.

Well back to Friday...

Okay, one more thing happened that I want to mention. Okay so in the computer lab there were three Elders, three empty spaces then Hermana Crofts. My companion walks in first and sits by the elders and I sit by him. There's one space between Hermana Crofts and I.

Here's the conversation:

Me: It's okay. I wouldn't sit by me either.
Her: Well do you want me to sit by you?
Me: Well I probably would have yeah, but since you don't want to I'm not so sure anymore
Her: Well now I kind of want to
Me: Well move then
She then pauses, closes her program, slides her books over and sits by me and starts the program up again. Win much?


We had proselytismo and had an awesome day. My Spanish was awesome, we found a lot of people to teach and I know I got help that day. I didn't speak better than I knew how to or anything but I spoke a lot more smoothly and was able to understand people a lot better, especially those who were intersted in the Gospel. I don't know exactly how I spoke or understood so well or how we found so many people to teach. We're not going back to that area but we did write down a lot of people's information to give to the regular missionaries and a lot of the people we talked to have a lot of potential. We even met a guy who spoke English - which would have made it easier if he didn't have such complicated thoughts and doubts about religion. One funny instance was when we were walking and saw two police cars fly down this residential road with their lights on who flew around a corner and their tires squeeled. Also I saw my first American truck, a Dodge Ram 2500. It stuck out a lot from the small cars and vans. Also after the accountability meeting one of the 3 weekers mentioned that I smile differently during the accountability meeting than I usually do. He couldn't describe how really but eventually he said it's more of an excited smile.


For probably the first time I really noticed how irreverent a group of people was. It actually really bothered me how talkative everyone was. Usually I'm the source of the problem but for the first time I was actually angry at how bad everyone was. Also at a zone conference at the end of the night we had kind of a fun Spanish lesson like we usually do. I had to stand in front of all the Gringos and read out of a hymnbook while they critiqued me on my Spanish. I was so nervous but I actually did pretty good.


Well there's two new Gringo Hermanas here. One is here for 3 weeks and one for 9 named Hermana Smith that Hermana Crofts actually kind of knew before and they're BFFs now. Anyways, they drew a picture for me where I'm riding on a horse and two other Elders are in the picture but I'm not exactly sure who or why. It's pretty confusing but they think it's funny. Also the corbata de Elder Diablo got a brother. Apparently one of the new Gringos have a tie that's exactly the same pattern and shape. It's also just as awful because it too has a disgusting pattern and colour scheme. It was just really funny becasue not only is there one awful and disgusting tie that someone paid for but two.


Today my companion decided that I needed man cards. This was decided after I said how I liked checking all the dryers to see how clogged they were of lint from not being cleaned. While I think that's something reasonable to find amusement out of, I received 5 man cards that I have to give away when I do something femmy. I opposed and figured that's too far but it's not so bad now.


Today I lost two of my man cards. I lost one when I was rubbing the guy who was sitting across from me's foot in the computer lab. Also during actividad fisica I lost one for standing under a tree when it started to rain. I also got the opportunity to get another free haircut which turned out almost as bad as the last one. I think Edward Scissorhands saw my burning enthusiasm through and relative to everyone else did a decent job. Also this night all of the teachers said president had told the teachers to tell us not to do corbata fea. Apparently because it's somewhat of a ritual and the ties aren't the mnost professional so it kind of breaks two rules. Well my companion and I talked to President and he had no idea why anyone would say that so we spread the word around and had it as usual.


Well today, I've spend a ridiculously long time writing this and sorry you're getting this week's update in two parts.

Well, here's my two week delayed 'email'.

Elder Fikus

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