Saturday, March 27, 2010

Letter #9 - March 25, 2010


Okay, well I'm just gonna tell you how my week was and see how much I can do after since I actually do only have half an hour.

Okay first off I concluded the rest of last week in a letter that I sent by hand. It took me like 3x as long to write as it would have to type but at least you'll get the rest of last week.

Yeah, so apparently we were getting kicked off after half an hour which I did not schedule for... sorry. Also the package that I got in was the one with the mini eggs and skittles, gummy bears, cherry blasters and sour patch kids. I'm quite sure I won't get the M&Ms and peaches one and the tie thing I think will never reach me.

I got man cards. Apparently I say some unmanly things so my companion wrote 'man' on one side and 'hombre' on the other and gave me 5. Whenever I did something unmanly I got one taken away. This got brought up because I said that I liked to look in all the dryers to see how much lint was packed in as people fail to realize that they're supposed to empty them. At the time of writing I'm at 0 lol. Most of them are stupid minor things and they're ridiculously hard to earn back haha. Also since I had gotten my haircut I got up early this morning and one of the Hermanas fixed it for me. She actually knew what she was doing so it was nice to get that fixed. We also got a group picture taken this morning of everyone leaving the MTC with us and I ordered 2 more (so I have 3 pictures) that I have. I'll probably send one back.

We had prosoletismo but honestly it was a really sucky day. It was a new area and was a lot bigger than our last one. We really didn't find anyone who was actually interested and it was a big sucky long day of not finding anyone who wanted to or would really listen to us. Yeah we talked to a lot of people and some of them for quite a while but I could tell they weren't interested so it was disappointing.

Elder Smith and I blessed the sacrament. Wow, how can you tell nothing exciting here happens? Also I was reading the General Conference Ensign a lot the few days before Sunday and I finished it. It's funny how I didn't want to go to more than the Sunday Morning session but now that I'm in the MTC I want to read the conference Ensign over and over... it's so good.

Another member of a 70 came and talked to us. His name is Marcos A. Aidukaitis. Apparently he spoke in general conference last year so that's pretty sweet. It was in Spanish about the Kingdoms of Glory mostly. I understood almost all of it because I already knew most of what he covered and I do think my Spanish is getting pretty good. Also we got a talk about inappropriate actions with the opposite sex and making sure that you're not flirting or doing anything that anyone could interpret wrong. I felt incredibly guilty as I was sure that I had done something wrong that someone had considered too far. We were assured this wasn't becasue of one instance though so I think I'm okay. And even if someone did actually figure I was flirting too much I think the problem is jealousy... they like me more than you and hence I've gone too far.

Only one week left till we leave. It's incredibly crazy as we're really starting to wrap everything up. Basically nothing happened though.

I learned how to double crown a rubix cube. Yay, I'm smarter now. I also kind of know how to solve it completely although it's kinda tough and I'm kind of currently in the middle of taking lessons from one of the other Elders in my district. We also got brownies for supper, yeah! You could smell them cooking through almost the whole CCM.

On Monday I'll get extra email time to send you pictures so you can see everyone here that I've gotten to know. I'm not sure how much but it should be a while so I'll be able to check my emails one last time. After I get into the field I have no idea how long it'll be till I get to check them again and reply back. Hopefully it's not like a month till I get to email you.

I'm kind of scared to leave the MTC... I almost wish I had just one more week here but I do think I'll learn a lot once I get into the field. The country thing isn't the issue it's that I'll be in the field. Spanish I can kind of understand. It is one really long process. My vocab is pretty good and I'm starting to grasp more diffiicult thing with the language but it's not totally good yet. It's pretty much still a mess but I'm not totally helpless.

Hopefully I don't get any snail mail after I've left the MTC... I don't even know how long it would be till I get it.

I guess that's it. I'll be able to send another email on Monday so you can respond before then.

I'll be printing off everyones emails and then reading them. I won't be able to respond to them right away but I will read everyone's email.

Elder Fikus

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