Monday, April 26, 2010

Letter #14 - April 26, 2010


Okay, week first


We had our first zone conference, where my zone Cerro met with another one and President and Hermana Peterson came to our chapel and we had this thing for the morning. It was pretty sweet, I got to bear my testimony in Spanish which was more scary than in the chapel because President was there but I only made one Grammatical mistake. Also I got to sing parts for the first time which was kind of tough. Me and one guy did tenor and it was kind of different but I think I did okay. Basically President and Hermana talked and it was just a pretty chill meeting kind of thing with a lot of missionaries at it. They fed us lunch (just sandwhiches) and all so it was pretty sweet. I get one per change (1.5 months). We also had English class in the night.


We had our district meeting (3 districts make up our area Cerro so I met with the one third of my area). At it, they told us that all the letters that were supposed to be sent to us got wrecked. So, if I was gonna get a letter this week I will not and I won't even know if I was supposed to get one. What happened was someone sent a kind of drink to another missionary through the pouch which is pretty popular but can only be bought in the northern places. So, if anyone had sent a letter and I was gonna get it last week I didn't. We also had a couple of pretty good lessons. During one my comp was doing a lot of talking and I was thinking about other stuff so when he turned it over to me I didn't know what to say. I felt really stupid and embarrassed so for the rest of the day I payed super good attention even though he didn't trust me enough to turn it over to me haha.


I called Hermana Peterson about my toe and she told me I basically had to operate on it myself. If I was unsuccessful and it didn't get better apparently they'd just remove my whole toenail. That's how she said the doctors do it here but I'm not totally sure on that one. Anyways, I spent a couple hours prying on it and trying to figure out the cause of the problem after I had soaked it during the couple hours of study in the morning. The result at the end as far as I could tell: I think I fixed it.


We got our laundry done so I dropped that off. She also fed us lunch so that was nice. On a bus today there was a huge group of kids who had just got off from school (they don't have a school bus system they ride public busses for free) and they kept talking to us. I felt really uncomfortable and embarassed because I was pretty sure they'd have no problems making fun of my Spanish, especially the 'leader' who was interrogating us. It turns out there were basically just talking but I didn't like it either way. Also Elder White and I were walking and talking in English and some guys walked passed us and as they did said ´ning ning ning´ because I guess that's what English sounds like. So yeah, someone made fun of me speaking English today. Also today during a lesson we shared a scripture with a really old man which turned out to be kind of funny. There's a really good scripture in English about how these people because they shared the Gospel were called 'Elders' so it was a good way to explain to people. Turns out in Spanish the word it uses basically means 'Old Men' so thankfully it was a really old guy we shared it with. Also Elder White got bitten by a dog in his lower leg. We were just walking past houses in this kind of dumpy area and a dog ran out of it's fence and bit his leg.


My reimbursals came in so I actually had money, yay! We went grocery shopping and I stocked up on some things although I still do a lot of shopping day to day. Also since we didn't get anything scheduled for today we decided to take a bus out to the middle of nowhere where we didn't think missionaries had gone much before and try to talk to people there. We had some interesting experiences. One was how a guy on a motorbike driving in front of us got told to stop by some other random guy who was infront of his house who then attacked the guy on the bike and kicked off the headlight and stuff. Also we talked to a Bandista guy (chicken sacrificers) and he basically explained their whole religion. They believe in some God but have a different name, they believe in a Jesus Christ but I don't know about the Bible, Satan isn't real and they sacrifice all types of animals. They guy who told us about their religion was super nice and it's a shame he's involved in that weird stuff. Also we talked to three drunkish guys who were also really nice and said we could stop by anytime. That made it sound like they were hammered but they weren't haha. We also went to the ward meeting where the bishopric and a couple other guys discuss missionary work and it ended up being this huge fight that Elder White explained to me after. Quite funny.


I led the music in Sacrament meeting which was super easy other than a couple times I stood up to lead the music when it actually wasn't time for the hymn. I was kind of embarrassed but I figured nobody probably thought it was a big deal so I'm good with that. Also we taught Sunday School to some kids who were like 10ish which was pretty much a gongshow so I just sat there and enjoyed Elder White teaching.

Other stuff,

Funny thing my comp asked me this week 'Don't you ever get tired of thinking?' haha.

At last district meeting a guy got a package from Christmas, so yeah, it's not that reliable here.

Well, I guess that's it, bye!

Elder Fikus

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