Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter #12 - April 12, 2010


It was P Day so all the guys in Cerro (my area) basically played soccer at the church right across from our house. Also it was pretty funny when we were at the internet cafe emailing and I paid with a 50 peso bill and they asked me if I had anything smaller which I didn't. The sad thing is that 50 pesos is like 2.50 and they asked if I had anything smaller.


One of our recent converts basically had a breakdown and called us. Her son who is like 15 is like dropping out of school and that one and another son who is 17 don't want the church and she's like changed her life and is way happier and wants this for her family. She's like 45, single, wants to get married in the temple, has no money, etc. She was going to night classes for school but doesn't have a computer at home to keep up. She basically has a hard life and one night just broke down so we visited her. Anyways, I shared a bit on how your life is kind of the same (going to school, not married in the temple etc) and it helped the situation a lot. She told me to tell you to keep going haha. Anyways, I felt the spirit really strong and just shared my experience and it worked good. We had another English class and it was the same two people as last time. It's kind of fun teaching them English and I get to see how much Spanish I don't know, haha.


It was my companion's birthday. I bought him an Alfajore for his big 20th. Anyways, we did a bit of service cutting smallish trees for some member and then had lunch at the Stake President's house. We had a couple appointments and had dinner at a members house. Something really funny was we were walking and there was this house way far away from the gate that goes to the road. I told my companion to clap the house and he grudgingly did. As soon as he did 4 dogs like charged up to the fence and barked really loud which my companion felt was embarassing. The person did the really long walk up to us which my companion figured was awkward and meanwhile I was just dying with laughter. It was a good contact though, haha.


Our landlord guy chewed us out this morning because how trashed the house has gotten with missionaries living in it. He didn't yell or anything but he just wanted stuff fixed. I couldn't really understand him so I didn't listen much. Also had another English class today, same two people. In the evening we dropped off our laundry at Andrea's house (she's the girl who broke down a few days ago) so that's really nice of her.


We had a lot of scheduled stuff to do and it pretty much all fell through. We went all over the place looking for people who weren't home so it was kind of disappointing. I did see my first rat though which was just chilling out by the drain things in front of people's houses. It wasn't massive but if it was in my house I'd probably lose my mind. So yeah, apparently they are here haha, kind of wished I hadn't seen it.


For my birthday my companion made me banana pancakes in the morning which were really good. Also I bought an interesting Alfajore. It was really fancy and kind of expensive, I could tell that it was chocolate mousse (translates pretty easily) but I couldn't tell what 'Al Ron' meant. Anyways back at the house I opened it and thought that it smelled like liquor. After a couple nasty bites I looked up 'Ron' in my English to Spanish dictionary and saw I bought a rum flavored Alfajore. After checking there was no alcohol in there I started to wonder what the people working must have thought when a missionary bought a rum alfajore, haha. Today we went back to the Bishops and played some soccer which was pretty sweet and I met someone who spoke English, who just said a little bit when I was getting off the bus so I was excited. A pretty dull birthday not gonna lie but it was a pretty good day in the field.


It was my first official church meeting since last one was Conference. It was fast and testimony meeting and I bore mine. I basically introduced myself, said I don't speak much Spanish (which they could probably tell from my accent, potentially bad grammar, and small vocab) but I still have a testimony which I said. It was pretty nerve-wracking but I didn't forget how to speak Spanish in nervousness which I was relieved of. In the afternoon a bunch of people wanted to give me and my companions cake for our birthdays so we went to different appointments and got a grand total of 5 cakes. That was after eating a super good lunch at a members house. I was soooooo sick that night, wow. And you can't say 'oh we just finished cake at 3 other places so I'm not that hungry'. But yeah. I also saw a blonde, decent looking (trying to sound like a missionary) Caucassian girl who got off at a bus stop me and my companion were at. I was so dumbfounded since I hadn't seen one of those in like 2 months and didn't think they existed down here. I was pretty perplexed by the whole thing, which is really sad haha.


Today we had to go to a health thing where they took our blood and check our eyesight and everything. The sweet thing was I got to meet up with my old district, which is super killer. They're so awesome, today has probably been one of my favorite days thus far. After we did the medical stuff we all went to the only Burger King in Uruguay, so that's what the 10 dollar or so charge is gonna be on my Visa haha. It was so stinking good. Anyways, now we're at a Cyber and I'm trying to type as fast as I can so if everyone just decides they're done I'm not stuck with a half written letter.

Random stuff:

They don't have peanut butter here!

I saw a pomegranate and a lemon tree this week.

We do about half our shopping at little convenience store type thingers that have groceries and about half at this Supermarket type thing that reminds me of Costco but it about the size of the Vauxhall Co-op.

Lots of people here have mullets (they actually do).

I can solve a rubix cube. And do a bunch of other sweet stuff with them so I'm pretty much a pro.

One time we were walking down this road that is sort of like the roads outside Vauxhall (not the gravel or highways) since we have a lot of field in our area and I was walking closest to the middle and the car drove from behind us RIGHT beside me. It was so stinking close. I was pretty upset considering we were walking on the left side of the road so we could see oncoming traffic. Anyways, it turns out he was passing this other car on this tiny skinny road. So yeah, I almost died haha. Not really but it still scared me half to death.

Also, if you haven't sent anything to the address I gave you, don't until I get the new address. The offices are changing right away and if anything gets sent even know it might get here too late. I'll let you know the new address as soon as I get it but until then, don't send any new stuff to that address you have.

Also I don't know how curious you are but here's my address if you want to find it on Google Earth.
Luis Batlle Berres
Esquina Camino de las Tropas (Montevideo Uruguay)

That should work. We're pretty close to a huge highway I think with an overpass. We're also right across from a church and we should be closish to where the river and the ocean meet.

Okay, to answer your questions.

The stake president's wife does our laundry. I don't think we'll have a housekeeper. If we had one I'd go with it but I don't think like anyone does here.

We do have one decent beach. I only saw it because the bus goes to it and back on this one bus we take. It's pretty nice but I hardly ever see the coast.

I was the first Elder that joke got played on. They've done other stuff before but not like that haha.

Yes, there is really a religion where they sacrifice chickens. Their name is Badista or Macumba. Not totally sure what they believe.

We haven't visited the Toronto family yet and we've had quite a few meals with members.

Till next week...

Elder Fikus

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