Monday, April 19, 2010

Letter #13 - April 19, 2010



We were at a bus stop and we saw some guys who were just doing grafiti, which I found super crazy since it was only like 8 at night. They were doing some political voting thing so my comp isn't sure if it's legal or not but yeah, I just saw these guys using their rollers and just going at this huge wall which is pretty normal since like nobody else seemed to care. I wanted to take a picture but my comp wouldn't let me.


The guys who were doing graffiti were continuing in the morning, which was nuts. A cop even drove by them so I figured it must not be a problem haha. Also we had a zone meeting today again since it's been another week. After the zone meeting we did 'splits' so me and my comp split up and each went with someone else in another companionship. My comp went with our zone leader and I went with his junior companion who only speaks Spanish. I ended up going to an area where Gringos aren't ever assigned cuz it's too poor and they always get robbed so my junior comp made sure I had nothing on me. We went to a couple of crazy houses, one had a woman who insisted I make 100% eye contact when talking and was very critical of my Spanish, a one room house where some friend of the family came in and it seemed like he had an eye problem really similiar to what dad has but I didn't know how to ask about it or how to understand what he'd say, I also saw a property where the chicken sacrificers worship or whatever and it had a tall cement fence with spears coming out of the top and all these skulls and heads (not real ones haha) on top of some of the with all this 'stay out' looking graffiti on the wall and barb wire on the top of the cement fence it was crazy but I didn't have my camera. Also it poured like crazy in the night so it was a good thing I didn't. Despite being with a Spanish speaking companion it was still super good and we were able to communicate decently. I also saw my breath for the first time since it was so cold.


I still was on splits (I stayed in the elder I switched with's house) and we had a decent day but no remarkable experiences. When I got back my comp was pretty sick which kind of sucks and I wasn't too sure what to do or how that works but he just went to bed early and we never planned haha.


It rained like crazy. This time I had my jacket (which is super waterproof, yay). I also saw two dead pets on the road which was pretty gross. We had an English class too but nobody showed up. Also I went to an ATM since my funds were getting kind of low and my reimbursals weren't in, my debit card doesn't work AND my visa doesn't work. I can use them to buy crap at McDonalds but the ATMs won't accept them.. ugh. Also today I saw a guy who fell asleep on the bus standing up. He was bobbing like crazy all over the place and at times was leaning sideways to what was practically a 90 degree angle. I was soooo waiting for him to tip over but it never happened. I was just about dying of laughter, it was so funny watching him slowly bob all the way down then catch himself.


When we were walking down some almost-highway (now too poor to take busses) we had a kitten follow us forever. Eventually we stopped and were sitting on a bench when some guy stopped his car and asked us if he could have the kitten and we said yes. It was so fun walking down this road and having this kitten follow us forever. It was so cute I wanted to bring it back and leave food outside of our neighbors house, haha.


We basically had a lot of really awesome lessons today. Since this was like 2 days ago and we have a lot of lessons everyday I can't remember who they were with but we had some really good lessons today.


We had 4 investigators of ours at church, which was pretty sweet. After church we were walking to lunch and just as we were leaving it started to sprinkle. Anyways, by the time we had walked our 10 needed minutes we were completely soaked from head to toe. I gave my comp a hard time since I suggested we get our jackets. I've also had an ingrown toenail developing so I started soaking it.

Monday (today),

In the morning we spent a bit of time cleaning our kitchen. I finally got all the moldy food out of and around our sink and we did like all the dishes. It actually doesn't smell in our kitchen anymore without the moldy food in the dishes. It was so disgustingly gross and you know that cleaner stuff you use like half a cup with 5 litres of water? I went to town on that and seriously disinfected our sink and counters. It was only the dishes and counter so it's only a start but it doesn't smell anymore and looks a lot better. Anyways afterwards we decided to go bowling today in some mall. First we went to go to a zoo which costs a whopping 20 pesos (1 dollar) to get into. It was closed (turns out today is a holiday) so we walked to the mall. I loved the mall, it was seriously pretty much exactly the same as malls in Canada (other than there seemed to be a lot of lingerie stores than average and the food court only had two places that served food: McDonalds and some Deli thing and the other three places in it only had desserts and icecream. Yeah, I spent like 11 bucks at McDonalds on a combo and McFlurry, yum. Also it was ridiculously fun going into electronic stores and watching the TVs in there (I felt like a Hutterite) and going into movie theaters just to see what was playing. We also went bowling which was fun (I won between three of us). And, since my Pesos are diminishing I had to transfer the 70 US into pesos. If that runs out I'm seriously broke, but I should be fine haha. Today was seriously sweet. Also, in the bus on the way to the mall the girl driving the bus had GOOD music on. Not just American music but like stuff I would have listened to. It's kind of sad knowing I probably would have known every single song playing if I wasn't on my mission, it's crazy how much time has gone by I'm out of the loop now haha.

Random other stuff,

When you have time (haha) you should check out There was some sample stuff in a Liahona at our house and there's a lot of sweet artwork.

To answer your questions:

To send packages they can be in boxes but they must be ''Flat Rate'' or at least that's how I hear they get stolen the least often. Also if you put pictures of the Virgin Mary on the outside people are less likely to steal them. So yes they can be in boxes but about I've figured out like 1/4 gets stolen and probably the smaller the box the better.

My new address is:

Elder Fikus
Agraciada 2893 #401
Montevideo, Uruguay 11.600

Well, that's about it, I'm out of time.

Elder Fikus

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