Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter #15 - May 3, 2010


Okay, I'll start off my week.

Last Monday we went to the mall and bowling and to McDonalds. It was pretty fun as usual but we walked past all the stores and stuff so that kind of sucked. Also we went to this store called 'English Store', or at least that's what it translates to. They have Peanut Butter, Peanut M&Ms, Nutela and $4 ties. I didn't buy anything because I didn't know if I'd need my credit card. Also today when we were at the cyber emailing there was a woman just breastfeeding while sitting at the computer which was kind of shocking. Also today we got home a little early and since my comp felt bad he wanted to do something productive so I suggested we clean our room which we did. Yay lol.

We had our district meeting as usual. I got my package, each companionship got a CO monitor for their bedroom and we heard how many baptisms our mission got in April. It was 60, which apparently is horrible considering last month we got like 160 and we never drop below 100. Also had English class in the night.

Nothing too interesting happened. At the members house we had lunch at the mom sprayed some stuff on the daughters faces before they had to leave and since Elder White was pretending like she was spraying it in his face she did and so I just did. Turns out it was perfume so it was kind of embarassing taking the bus back to our house to wash it off. Also one of our super good investigators who always came to church went to the doctor who basically said he can't walk much or be out in the cold so that basically ends that.

We had interviews with the President. So he came to our chapel and a bunch of people met there and the APs put on some presentation while people got interviewed. It was pretty sweet talking to him 1 on 1 and it was just basically casual talking and I think that he likes me. Also today I went on divisions with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Zalema. He only speaks Spanish and it's pretty hard to understand but it went okay. The most memorable experience with him was our lesson with Jovenes (teenagers) who were all pretty recent converts. Turns out to be like 7 girls who are 15-18 or something. They talked super fast, I didn't understand anything and was extremely uncomfortable. It's pretty hard to be my usual cocky and confident self when I'm surrounded by all these girls talking so fast I have no idea what was being said. Also at the night we were walking back and we ended up going up this pretty big hill. Where we were was probably one of the prettiest views I've seen. The majority of the city was to the left and back, the bay of the ocean was infront of us and the ocean was to our right. I didn't have my camera because his area is pretty poor so I didn't have it on me but it was so cool. I think Elder White wants to go there (it'd be during the day) but it was pretty sweet.

We changed back in the morning so I was back with Elder White. Also our Giro was in so we went to the bank and I became a freaking millionaire (so it felt) with my 2600 pesos (130 bucks) for the month. During a lesson today I was sitting on a chair and came in front of me and did the thing where you kiss the person beside their face to me. I think it's called a beso. Anyways, we're not allowed to do that but afterwards I thought about it and was kind of relieved because a guy had Beso'd me earlier and I didn't want to have the last person to kiss me for 2 years be a guy. Afterwards my comp and I were talking about it and he figured it was cool and wished we did it in America. He said something like 'cuz then one day when you're wife is hotter I can still go up to her and kiss her on the cheek' me: 'haha, why'd you say my wife will be hotter?' him: 'because if I said my wife will be hotter you'd argue with me and complain. I just didn't want to argue of course my wife will be hotter, stupid.' I just about died of laughter. Okay, maybe it was only funny in context.

In the morning we went and gave service for some people who ended up feeding us lunch. I suppose I got to try my first weird food because nobody would tell me what it was until after. It was basically stew which was pretty good with what I thought was just big wads of fat in it. They were chewy, squishy, white pieces that were exactly like wads of fat with no meat attatched to them so I just swallowed them whole. Cow intestine. Yup. It wasn't that bad and I'd eat it again I was just disgusted by what it tasted like, not what I was eating mostly. Also this night I got sick of our house being dirty so I did every single dish in our house, swept and mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned the inside of our fridge. I started at 9:30 and went a little past our 10:30 bedtime and ended up finishing at like 1:00. It just sucks washing dishes in our tiny bathroom sink and it was pretty gross. My first serious act of disobedience. I don't even think my comp knows what time I went to bed.

We have slack days Sunday because we do our week planning. It was pretty much Church, lunch, planning and then work in the evening. We brought some investigators to church after stopping by a members house and then afterwards walked them home which was kind of awkward because it was a bunch of teenage girls. On the way there I led and others followed then after we got the investigators Elder Madina (a guy we live with, we did quick transfers so Elder White could meet other investiagors of ours at the church) told me to wait back. Apparently I walked fast there with the members although I was only going like half speed and after we got the investigators and walked to church I seriously felt like we weren't moving.

Today, Monday,
We went to the mall again since our district isn't really doing anything. We ate at some cafe thing instead of McDonalds, played a game of bowling and actually looked in stores, yay! Also we went to the English store and I bought a bit ($70 worth) of stuff. I bought 5 ties, 2 jars of peanut butter, 2 jars of Nutela and 4 200g bags of peanut M&Ms. That stuff SHOULD last me a while and this way I can wear out those ties and have my nice ties when I come home. Actually the ones I bought are pretty nice.

Elder Fikus

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