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Letter #16 - May 11,2010


This week our P-Day is today (Tuesday) because today is changes. More on that later.

Okay, to start the week out...


I got beso'd (kissed on the cheek, from someone who snuck up on me from behind again) by some woman. This came as a relief because the day before I got beso'd by a guy at church and I don't want the last person to kiss me be a guy for like 2 years. And since I can't beso people I can't just beso a girl after a guy sneaks one in on me. Anyways, I'm safe now.


We had our district meeting and I got your birthday letter. I pulled it out and looked at it and debated if I wanted to open it when everyone was there because I was pretty sure I'd start to cry. Anyways, I just decided to because I didn't feel like waiting and of course teared up with all these people around. Also I had to bring a 1000 peso bill (50 dollars worth) and so I bought milk, which was a whopping 17 pesos. It didn't seem that bad until I realized that's like buying 2 dollars worth of milk with an 100 dollar bill to these people. She asked if I had anything smaller which I said I didn't and it was kind of funny.


Pretty slow day, I don't really have anything from today other than we walked ALL over the stinking place going from appointment to appointment and almost everything we had fell through.


Today we walked by a house that was really far away from the road again and I suggested we go clap it. Elder White asked me if it was the Spirit prompting me that we should or if I just wanted to because it was a ridiculously far aways away from the road. I said we'd find out. Anyways as we started to walk back a dog started barking at us and then all these other houses which were hidden behind had dogs to and they all started barking. It was super awkward and as we were walking to the intended house some lady from a different house came out and Elder White attempted to talk to her as I was standing behind him dying of laughter at the awkwardness of the situation and all the dogs barking. He wasn't impressed but it made my day.


I went to have a shower Friday morning and when I turned on the hot water, nothing came out. Elder White said it happens occasionaly and just to wait, which I did. I was pretty scared but it turns out sometimes you just have to leave it on for a really long time before it finally comes. He was also kind of sick in the morning so we didn't have comp study and he laid in bed for a little bit longer. We also had an interesting lesson with some lady who was some crazy drunk woman who was the housekeeper or something of the woman who we wanted to talk to. She basically rambled in ridiculously fast Spanish for an hour while Elder White piped in every 10 minutes or so saying one sentance to defend the Church, God or something until he got interupted. I hated it and pulled on his pant leg under the table to go and he shook his head no and we ended up finishing there like a half hour later after I did that.


We went to see the Canadian family who is an innactive family but actually really strong in the church somehow. Like they watched conference on their computer and stuff. Anyways, they said we could always come over and I was pretty pessimistic going to the appointment because we scheduled it like 10 days before. It ended up going really good though and hopefully we can get them to start coming back to church even though the social atmosphere is a little different here than in church in Canada, despite being the exact same doctrine. We also had lunch with a couple who would not stop talking when we needed to go. Elder White tried to end it like three times and then under the table he pulled on my pantleg. After a short opportunity to interrupt them I said something along the lines of 'Well, we have to go, we don't want to be late for ALL our stuff today' (since we were late for lunch). I meant it in a way that we started off the day being late and if we didn't leave we would probably be late for our next cita too and that's even worse. However, according to Elder White it sounded like if we didn't leave we'd be late for everything since we were stuck at their house. My timing was also pretty bad because apparently the guy was just gonna show us something. Whoops, they'll get over it though. One of our appointments in the afternoon was really good though. We had met this couple a little while ago, the guy was smoking and not that inviting but his wife was kind of passive and just let us talk to her. During this appointment the TV was on (volume off) cuz some family or something was there and the girl would glance at it every so often but the guy paid 100% attention to us. It's interesting because the girl had accepted a baptisimal date but the guy changed the subject because he didn't want to have to say no. He's got some things holding him back but I know he knows the Church is true, you can just tell. He'll be a little harder to get a member but if he does he'll be super good. Also Saturday we had supper with Liandro which I told you about on the phone where we had Asado. It's basically a primitive-type BBQ of cuts of meat and he had sweet potatoes too. It was decent, my comp got to eat a cow heart because he doesn't say no to food until he's super full to avoid being rude and I almost drank tea. He offered it to my comp who said no and then he started talking to me. Since I didn't understand anything (even the word 'te' apparently) he offered it to me and I was slowly nodding my head yes. Turned out I accepted a cup so it was kind of awkward when he brought the tea over and my cup. He can't hear very well (he's pretty old) so I told Elder White to help me out. He did and basically said I didn't know what he said and since our bodies aren't accustomed to strong tea I didn't want it or something. I also threw away my first pair of socks today becuase they had holes in them, pretty sad event.


Super slack day. Had church, lunch, one appointment where the woman wasn't home and then called home. I called before Elder White and called Dad and Tyler and then my Mom and everyone at the house. It was pretty sweet talking to everyone. I ended up talking for like a half hour in total longer than I intended (15 mins with each) but since it's only like 4 pesos a minute an hour and a half is only like 360 pesos or 18 bucks, which is super cheap it seems. It was wierd hearing everyone's voices but with weekly emails it didn't feel like I never talk to them.


We had to run a couple of errands in the morning incase Elder White was leaving like printing out pictures for investigators so we did that. I also bought a fake Nike bag for proselyting which is smaller, lighter and more practical than my leather bag. It costed a whopping 7 bucks (150 pesos) and is so obviously fake when you look at it but I like it and it works good. We also played soccer on basically an outdoor indoor-soccer field with the Bishop and some kids. It was super fun and I played really hard (I'm hurting today) but it was really sweet. Also changes happened this night, so Elder White or I could have left the area. Turns out both of us are staying and the Latinos in our house too (sigh on that one). Elder White really wanted to stay and I'm glad he did too. Also it was pretty funny cuz Elder White was on the phone for like an hour calling people and recieving calls about who is going where and who is comps with who. It's a big deal.


Today. We went to a cyber and right when I was gonna print off my emails my computer froze so I didn't get to read them before now, so I don't know how much replying I'll get to do to those. Afterwards we went to 'La Fortaleza de Artigus' (The Fort of Artigus) which is a big fort on top of the hill in Montevideo where I was with Elder Zalema during divisions where there's a super awesome view. Turns out it's closed today but I got a lot of really nice pictures of the city. Afterwards we went to the mall and to McDonalds for lunch. We didn't really do anything there but I looked for a plain, black, longsleeved, v-neck sweater and the cheapest one was 70 bucks. Screw that, I'll freeze (well, be cold). Regular clothes are so expensive here, no wonder everyone buys knockoffs. That basically brings me to the cyber where I'm at now.

Other stuff,

There's these Fifa World Cup books which you buy packs of stickers to put in the blank spaces in the book. I figured it'll cost like 60 bucks to fill it but it'd be such a cool souvenier. You buy packs of 5 for 10 pesos and there's like 650 stickers. A lot of Elders are doing it and so they can trade doubles with each other and I really wanted to do it but now I don't really know if I still do. It'd be kind of cool to have if I ever completed it but I don't know if it's worth the time, effort, and money.

There's a thing in Uruguay called 'Siesta' which existed in Argentina too. I meant to mention it on the phone. Basically everyone sleeps from like 1-4 in the afternoon, give or take. Since we're in the city it's not as major but a lot of the smaller shops close down and the streets kind of die. It's also hard to work around since nobody really wants to have lessons during then and people don't want you clapping outside their door because that's precious nap time.

Everyone here drives motorbikes or scooters (well, like half or a little more). I decided I want to buy one when I get back to Canada to have during the summer. I also have decided I want to get my eyes lasered, buy a new laptop, go on a couple trips, and buy a ton of clothes. Hmm... might be back to Mullen haha.

You had asked what my area is like. It's basically like a massive small town. It's not really that urban but it's pretty big size wize. There's also different Barrios (wards, more like smallish communities within) that we need to take a bus to get to. There's some backroads that are like the roads outside Vauxhall with random farming houses, there's the main barrio we live and work in which is like a huge small town and there's also a couple barrios a little further out.

In Uruguay there's a lot of strong random smells of all sorts of things. Bakeries, sewer, garbage, fire (people burn grass/leaves here all the time for some reason). Random thing I thought of.

That's all I got time for, everyone else is done.

Elder Fikus

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