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Letter #17 - May 17, 2010


Well, they've given us a new address AGAIN. Chances are anything sent to the last one I sent you won't arrive because the area code is different. The first new address I sent you stuff should get to me. In order the addresses I think you have are 1) Old Offices 2) Church where the offices are 3) The new offices (but wrong) 4) This one, which should be right.

Anyways, here it is:

Elder Fikus
La Misiòn Uruguay Montevideo Oeste
1167 Enrique Martìnez
Montevideo, Uruguay
C.P. 11.800

Okay, to start my week off,


It was P-Day and we honestly didn't do much after I emailed you. In the night one of the other Elders who lives in our area came back to the house to pick up a jacket he had left there a couple weeks ago. Anyways, I was the last one to use it (when we did divisions) so he figured I knew where it was. Well since there's a ton of jackets and other crap in our house I had no idea where it was so we started looking for it for a long time. Finally one of the Latinos in our house (the one I really don't like) admitted that he had it because he noticed it was in the house for a long time and that he thought some Elder forgot it or didn't want it. I was pretty upset and asked why he didn't say something when we started looking but he didn't really answer.


This morning we got a 2200 peso phone bill, which is like 110 bucks. I was pretty upset because we thought we could only reimburse like 1000 of it and each have to pay like 400 pesos. Elder White wasn't that happy either and we spent a couple hours figuring out which numbers were called so much, etc. I was pretty upset because I don't ever call anyone and only answer the phone to give it to someone else. Anyways, we ended up getting 2000 of it reimbursed because 4 other Elders were using it for the majority of the month and the Latinos in our house paid for the rest, since it was so expensive because of them. Also today we emailed pictures of a house that we want to move into to the offices so that'd be sweet if that happened soon. The day also kind of sucked because we had someone with a baptisimal date and they moved out of our area today, darnit.


Today is the day that I withdraw 2000 pesos out of my bank account for backup money probably for the rest of my mission lol. How much did that end up being Canadian, it should be like 130 or so I'm guessing, depending what the Canada dollar is compared to the American one. Also we met our new zone because it was our first zone meeting since transfers, so that was pretty cool. One of the guys who was 6 weeks ahead of me in the CCM is in my zone, which is kind of wierd because we're both so new in the mission yet in the CCM he was so far ahead of me. We didn't have many lessons go through today so we did a lot of walking, and today is actually the day the phone bill worked out so I was able to cool down a little bit from that one.


In the evening we had a ward council meeting. I really wish I knew better Spanish because apparently they're pretty interesting. It's basically a huge arguing/criticising fest where members blame each other for why the ward isn't doing very good. It's somewhat entertaining because I can kind of follow but Elder White fills me in after usually. I suppose I should think that it's kind of sad that everyone is pretty uncharitable during those meetings- and it is- but at the same time I think it's kind of interesting too.


There was a huge Peñarol and Nacional football game today. I guess I haven't explained this yet but in Uruguay there's like a county football leauge (kind of like the NBA or NFL for America) and there's two teams that pretty much always are the top two- Peñarol and Nacional. Peñarol's colours are white and black vertical stripes and Nacional is plain white, red or blue (I think, not many jerseys in this area). Anyways, even though most of the country doesn't live where Peñarol and Nacional are out of, pretty much everyone is one or the either. Anyways, there wasn't a lot of busses running today because of the huge game and if busses go to and from the Stadium there's a lot of problems, haha. Despite the lack of buses, we ended up with 5 lessons, which is pretty stinking good.


We had church and we actually ended up being a little late, because Elder White's watch stopped and I didn't realize it was as late as it was. Whoops, apparently part of what we argued about at Ward Council was how everyone is always late and then the next Sunday we're late for the first time. Also we had 8 investigators of ours come to church. That's a lot, 8 people who we're teaching came to church, so that was really sweet. Something that did kind of suck was nobody signed up for lunch on either of our lunch calenders (The other Elders who live in our house work out of our ward too). The Bishop ended up saying something over the pulpit and after that we had more than enough offers. I don't really like being in a 4 Elder ward though because the other Elders don't really do much work (sit in the house all day) and we have 8 people at church and then because there's so many lunches we need between all of us, people just don't sign up. Grrr. Anyways, we got lunch everyday this week now. Also we picked up our clothes in the evening today and the Stake President whose wife does them lives by the ocean so we took some pictures in front of the beach and stuff, since it was cold and like nobody was there. I was hoping there'd be a sunset because there sometimes is around that time but it was way too cloudy. Also in the evening we went to our ward mission leader's house which Elder White doesn't like doing. Apparently he's pretty egotistical and knows better than the other authorities in the ward and is often a cause of the fighting at ward council. I like him though because he's super nice to us, I can't understand his criticism and he always feeds us. We got cake this night so I like him haha.


Today. A pretty short week considering last PDay was like Thursday. Not much has happened. We printed off emails and then played soccer with our new zone. It was fun. After that we got lunch at some restaurant and I am now at a cyber.

Other Stuff,

Today I'm gonna get in on the Fifa book thing. I'll withdraw 1300 pesos to fill out so tell me how much that's gonna cost (I think I'll want to know lol). In your last email I was hoping you'd like tell me to do it since I'm like 55% I want to do it haha.

My Debit card does work at the one ATM that I've found with the PLUS logo. I got 2000 pesos which hopefully I never have to spend and since I'm buying a souvenier (Fifa book) I need to withdraw more since I can't afford souveneirs on our allowence haha.

I wouldn't send anything for a while haha. They've given us 3 addresses since moving their offices and once other people get stuff that's sent there I'll tell you haha.

Oh, now that I'm thinking of it, there's an email address people can email If they email it there it gets sent to our offices where the office elders skim/read it to make sure it's appropriate and then the give it to us in the bolsa. It's not as personal as a letter and it gets read but it is free if people want to do that. Just say 'For Elder Fikus' or something as the title and they'll read it, print it and give it to me. It's also a little more dependable probably than straight up mailing although when I discover if this address is actually right that should be safe too.

Anyways, I have to go, I hope you enjoy the pictures and that they work. These first couple are of the house, I'll send a bunch of other ones from now on if these work (I tried a new way to send it). So yeah, this is the house, I'll send more of me and stuff in the next batch.

Elder Fikus

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