Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter #20 - June 7, 2010

Hey Mom,

Okay, This week...


I got a haircut because interviews with our president are gonna be in a few days. Haircuts are only like 50 pesos from a Hermana in our ward which is a whopping $2.50. Some things are cheap here but other things (nice T Shirts, etc) are like 50 bucks which is like double in Canada.


We had District meeting as usual. My companion and I were asked to talk for a little bit on Obedience and Charity so we kind of prepared an outline vocally and then just went. I felt like I did so awesome with my Spanish. Like I speak Spanish all the time but then I was talking like as fast as I do in English and wasn't having to think so much when I was talking. It was a huge confidence booster and felt awesome. However, now like 6 days later I feel like it sucks again haha. Also we went over to the guy's house who made us the asado (BBQ thing) the one night who probably would have gotten baptized had he not gone to the doctor who told him he can't go to church because he's too old. Anyways, Elder White and I took a picture with him and wrote a little something on the back and gave to him. He put the picture in a picture frame along with a picture of him in his earlier days. I felt so honoured and respected it was such a good feeling. He was even going to show his family (who isn't members) it so that could open some doors there.


Interviews were supposed to be today but for some reason they got delayed a day so since we didn't have anything planned we sent off the pictures of the house we found so that the offices and get on that. Also in the evening we had a lesson with the family who we reactivated and they gave us pizza and cake. They don't have a lot but they really are grateful for letting them see what a blessing the church is and to go back to it. Also felt really special here too. (Wow, I had a good week haha).


We actually had our interviews with President and also this time with Hermana Peterson too. President asked me if I had any questions like he usually does and since this was my last interview with him I figured a lot of missionaries would ask the same general question (any last words/advice for me, etc) so I decided to ask him how he knows everything. Like he always knows who should be comps with who, who should work where, who should be the leaders, etc. and I was hoping to pry at how inspired he is. He basically told me he takes the jist of what everyone says and puts it together into one picture, can learn a lot about people by just talking to them and relying on the Lord too. Also he managed to turn it into giving me advice and was saying that the four attributes of Christ I need to develop first are faith, obedience, dilligence and humility. Also I need to follow the good examples that are around me and not the disobient ones. Also he said that the standard is the same for everyone but everyone came into the mission at different points and everyone is currently at different points. However, the most important thing is to always be working to better yourself and help others do the same, which is good advice and really true. He also said I'm gonna be a great missionary and that he wishes we got more time together but the timing of the Lord is impecable. Afterwords I had an interview with Hermana Peterson and we basically just talked about my family and stuff. I also told her to add me on Facebook although I don't know if that's gonna happen with like 480 missionaries they've had but she might. She told me I had ''a handsome face and a really sweet spirit'' which needless to say isn't helping my humility. Also what's super funny is that they came to look at the house after interviews. We had about a half hour time frame where all 6 of us in the house were frantically cleaning while President was finishing interviews with some other missionaries. Anyways, the house looked better than I'd ever seen it and was quite happy. However, when President and Hermana walked through, President had a stern look of concern on his face and Hermana looked disgusted. I felt really embarrassed but I also thought the situation was really funny. I think they thought we were over-exagerating about the house but really we were under-exagerating so it was funny.


Nothing really important happened. My companion sold some of his more wanted stickers for his Fifa book to the Stake Presidents son for practically nothing because I think he was just testing him.


We played soccer with the Bishop and some youth who aren't members in the arena thing. I was still pretty sore from P-Day soccer but I still played good. Also something happened which I was incredibly offended by. A lady who turns out is a member in another ward asked me to stand up on a bus for other people who could sit. Like frick sakes... I stand up all the time for people (give the Church a good image or whatever) and the one day I'm exhausted and decide to sit down you have to ask me. If I wanted to be standing guess what? I probably would be already! Also, she was with a biggish group of people for some reason and a lot of them were sitting down and got off like 2 stops later and I was staying on for a lot longer. Since people don't like sitting down by others and Elder White and I don't sit unless we can sit in the same bench we hardly ever get to sit and if that had happened I would have been royally ticked. Anyways, after her group got off we got to sit again but I was just so offended and angry at this womans stupidity and arrogance. Like she didn't do anything wrong but I don't need to be asked to stand up for people, I'm an independant, decision making 20 year old. Frick I was choked.


Fast and testimony meeting. There was a lot of super good testimonies. The guy who baptized his daughter gave a really good testimony and is so rededicated back to the Gospel. Also the girl we baptized went up with all her new friends in the church, they went first then she did. I was only listening like 90% so I caught about %10 of what she said (If I listen 100% I catch like 75% of church stuff haha) but I felt the Spirit so strong. Also earlier in the week we went to a Hermanas house who gave us lunch to return the tuppers and we ended up staying a really long time. Anyways, in her testimony she said she was having a really tough day until two Hermanos came by and really helped her. It's crazy how we randomly picked the right day to go by and comfort her. My comp told me the missionary work is incredible like that how it all works out.


We basically went to the mall and did bowling and I got McDonalds. In bowling I bowled a 137 which is like my best ever and I even bowled a strike for someone else who got '9' for me. I figured I should have gotten 18 points more because my next two were a strike than 7 (27 -9) so I technically bowled a 155. I was pretty amazed.

Other Stuff

Okay, I got a funny story about Elder Toth. He went on his mission and Elder Krogman came back to Lethbridge at like the same time. Elder Toth was in an area where Elder Krogman had been and the family decided to see how he was doing on Facebook so Elder Toth and his comp could see. Anyways, Elder Krogman is engaged and guess who to... The girlfriend of Elder Toth. She hadn't even dear johned him yet and she's engaged to the missionary who just came back from Elder Toth's mission after like 5 weeks. Snap. Big news in the mission haha.

Something people eat here that's super good is real parmasean cheese. You should try it, it's seriously good. Also random Uruguay fact is that people blame a lot of things on high blood pressure. 'I don't want to fight with you right now, I have high blood pressure' which is the most bullcrap excuse I've ever heard in my life. Kind of funny but apparently if you want something to fight with just always through in you have high blood pressure.

Well, that's all I have time for this week... everyone else is done so I should get off too.

Elder Fikus

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