Sunday, June 6, 2010

Letter #19 - May 31, 2010


Okay, my week:


We went to a stupid cyber where I wasn't able to print until 10 so I didn't get to read the emails before we went to the cyber so that's why they were kind of short. I like how we still had to pay for the time we used though... sigh... welcome to the 'Guay. Also we went to McDonalds and bowling again. This time I had my name as 'Legend' instead of 'Filth' incase we met some other missionaries from a different church or something again haha. Learned my lesson there. Also we went grocery shopping so I'll have stuff to eat after we get back to our house from working for the day. Most of it was fruits and vegetables which is reimbursable so I don't have to pay for it haha.


We had district meeting, as per usual. Also something that was pretty cool was I got the letter that Grandma and Barge sent me. Apparently all the addresses they've given us work it's just that some are more preferred than others. I'm going to write her back today. But yeah, I was pretty stoked to get that letter since I haven't got a letter sent to me in a while and I knew about that letter and didn't think I'd get it. Also I got my missing 400 pesos, which was apparently in the bank this time so I have no idea what happened. Welcome to the 'Guay. Also in one of our lessons this night we gave a dude a Liahona magazine. What kind of sucks is we gave him one with a picture cut out that I didn't notice till he already had it since missionaries cut out pictures and tape them to their agendas so they have pictures of Christ, the prophet, temples etc. Whoops, good thing he's pretty old. Also two more Elders moved into our house since they got kicked of out theirs (which is bad because it was a ward member of theirs and she didn't even have a reason) so I was kind of scared but one of them is super clean. It's just even more of a sleepover than usual.


Not much happened today. We found a house to rent that we were gonna check out the next day. Also I saw five people on one motorbike. Yup, 5. Anyways, so that's a new record for me.


We looked at the house which is pretty good but only fits 2 and we need to kick the 4 other Elders who are living in our area out so we can move into their house. Anyways, we could get rid of 2 or something but it gives us something. Also we went to the house of the people we were gonna baptize on Sunday and one of them (the one who wanted me to baptize her) like ran away and even now we don't really know where she is other than with her boyfriend we think. She'd been living with the family for like 7 months, liked everything about the church and was clean but apparently one day just broke down and thought she couldn't do it. Her mom died and she doesn't know where her dad is and she's lived in orphanages and stuff but she'd been good for like 7 months. I'm not sure what happened there but there went my baptism. Super sucky. Also today my comp bought fake cologne from some guy in a street. It was only 100 pesos which is 5 bucks and super cheap especially for 'Polho Black' which was fake Ralph Lauren stuff. It looks pretty legit and smells pretty good but yeah, is fake.


The other one of the girls still wanted to get baptized, despite her friend not wanting to with her. Also I got my clean laundry today which I desperately needed. We had English class also and then a lesson with some guy who got into bad drugs and wants out. We brought a member who kind of has the same background story and it was a super good lesson. This ward member was into bad stuff but quit all of it and joined the churched and served a mission and everything. Something super funny is after the English class the one woman we teach said she put a picture of me and my comp on Facebook and there were like a million comments from people saying stuff like 'why don't we have English teachers like that here!' and all this stuff that she wouldn't even tell us. She was like 'these are men of God, you can't say that stuff to them'. Anyways, I'm gonna get her info so I can have you add her so you can read some of this good stuff haha.


Okay I have some pretty weird dreams. They're still in English but they all join like mission aspects with home. In this particular one I was in the Vauxhall gym at school with Uruguay money and was throwing coins at some public speaker or something. It's super weird. I've had a couple other ones too where I'm home but somehow my mission always ties into it. We also got ready for our baptisms by making sure we could get warm water in the font, there was the intervies and we made sure we got clothes for it.


We had our baptisms. There was some minor problems like the water heater randomly turning off occasionally so the water wasn't that warm and the DVD we were gonna watch when people were changing was super scratched. Anyways, it was pretty cool though, we got lots of pictures. Also hardly anyone was at church, there was only like 48 when there's usually like 60 or 70 because it was raining. Apparently that's a good excuse for people not to go to church here. If there wasn't Siesta or rain in this country it'd probably be an economic super power or something but now it's just a little unproductive country nobody knows aobut.


We played soccer in the indoor type field again with our zone so I am extremely sore. I'll probably be sore for a good couple of days since I was sore immediately after the game haha.

Other Stuff:

You don't need to hide stuff in rice boxes in flat rate boxes.

TV here is super crappy. I hardly have ever seen any of it but it's all horrible acting in some language other than Spanish with Spanish words to people talking a different language with their lips. It might be all the TV shows that are too crappy to make it to English TV haha. Random info.

Okay, yes business are open during football games but no busses are not. I read your question wrong last week. Basically people are just loud, crazy and like hang out the windows and wave flags and stuff. Plus people throw crap at them so that's not good either.

Anyways, that's pretty much it.

Elder Fikus

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