Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter #21 - June 14, 2010


Alright, I'll start by saying my week.


I did divisions with our district leader, Elder Gomez. So, I was basically stuck speaking Spanish all day. While he's only our District Leader (In charge of 3 companionships) I felt super embarassed because we hardly have any investigators and not very many of them are good. All of our plans fell through but we did have one lesson with a super old lady who turns out to be 89 years old. Also I managed to set up a member coming to one of our lessons later in the week which was a little difficult considering I had to set it all up and he hardly talked at all. Also in the night I called the APs (assistants to president - top dogs) because I had to tell them the offices needed the info on a house that they found. I felt super inferior since I'm new in the mission and my comp would have called but we were on divisions. When I was just about to appoligize for calling them at night on their cell to annoy them with a problem that they probably don't care about because I could tell in his voice that he didn't really feel like talking he hung up. So, I felt super inferior haha.


Okay at one store by our house there's a woman who has these super amazing biscochoz (sp?) (small pastry type breakfast things) and they are always super good and cheaper than other places. She gets them fresh every morning and they're really good. Anyways, I convinced Elder Gomez to buy them for breakfast and some other Elders went and got them since they had to go there anyways. Turns out she swapped the really good ones for ones that are pretty average so I felt really bad for talking him into buying them and then them not even being good. Also I had a lesson with some Jehova's Witnesses which was pretty intense becuase I could tell they were pretty educated and firm about their beliefs and it was super uncomfortable teaching them because I didn't want to start a fight which can happen with them. Also today I saw a bunch of kids playing with a freshly dead possum. They were running around and carrying it by it's tail and a rope that was around it's neck which was pretty gross. I was hoping that they wouldn't throw it at us or anything and thankfully they didn't. Also I think I got bit by a dog for the first time although it was super minor and just on the ankle. It was at night so I couldn't really tell. Also in my journal in the night I spelled 'wo' instead of 'who' which I sort of consider a Spanish accomplishement since they don't sound out the 'h'.


Elder White and I had to go to the offices to pick up a contract for a woman to sign that we want some Elders to move into so we can move into their house. They're just at the back of a church and they're super nice. In the night the guy (Leandro) who made us Asado once made us some fried steak type things which were a lot better and more cooked (thankfully) than I thought they were going to be. Also this night an Elder in our house had his Birthday so none of us said happy birthday to him in the morning but in the night we bought pizza, pop, cake and icecream and surprised him by remembering.


We went to the woman's house for her to sign the contract and she wouldn't. I guess there's like a phrase that says either party can void the contract within 30 days but after the 30 days we have to rent it for a year or two years. I think it's in there incase something extreme happens we're not stuck paying for a house for a year. Turns out she didn't like that so she wouldn't sign it because she doesn't want us to move in and then move out a month later and have to find new people (which she doesn't see she would have to do by not signing the contract... sigh). Also today was the first Uruguay game in the World Cup, which is a huge deal here. The streets were so dead I can't even believe it and all day up to the game people had all these flags and stuff. We were playing France and ended up tieing 0-0. I never really realized how big of a deal the World Cup is but down here it's a huge hype. We saw the pre-game show a little at an investigators house and it showed the Uruguay team walking to the dressing room with suits and and feeling the grass and I was just thinking how freaking legit they looked. There's only 3-4 million people here and they made it into the world cup which is awesome. After the game there was a ward activity that we went to and they had pizza and pop and we played soccer with the kids so that was pretty fun also.


Today it rained pretty much all day. That's about it, nothing else that special happened.


We had a whopping one person at church so that kind of sucked. However, the girl that we baptized who's like 16 wants to serve a mission and she seems like she'd be a really good missionary too. It was pretty cool because she's already answering questions and defending herself from criticism and she's good at it too. We went to our ward mission leader in the night who Elder White doesn't really like because he's kind of prideful and stuff. Anyways, he fed us as usual and is super nice to us by saying we can borrow any church DVD he has, etc.


Today we went to the mall and incase you haven't checked my Visa yet I managed to spenda bit of money...
850 pesos - shirt that I wanted to buy
2200 pesos - jacket I wanted to buy
450 pesos - touque I wanted to buy
1700 pesos - Uruguay official jersey.
So yeah... I spent probably like 300 bucks on crap today. There, I spent money on all the stuff I had wanted to buy but didn't haha. What's funny is I still refuse to spend more than like 50 bucks (1000 pesos - they're like 1500) on a black V neck sweater which would be the most practical out of anything.
(I also bought an electric bed warmer a couple days ago for like 700 pesos.)

Other stuff:

Last week there was something really freaky that happened one day. We were riding in the bus and there was a lot of curves on this narrow street which was kind of out of the city and the bus had headlights that went on for like 10 seconds and then off for like 30. I'm not totally sure how the bus driver managed to make it back safetly but it was a pretty good adventure.

Okay I did go to the offices so I figured out the address situation and what happens. The last address I gave you is the address of the offices and I think what usually ends up happening is they drop a slit that says that someone can pick up the package at the post office where it waits.

Here's a random list I've kept going of some of the 'Wordly music' I've heard here:
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance, Pokerface, Aleandero, and a couple new songs I don't know the names of
David Guetta - When love takes over, memories, sexy chick, one love
Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling
September - Cry for you, Sattelites
Flo Rida - Right Round
Beyonce - Single Ladies, to the left
Shakira - she wolf
Madonna - Everything... they're crazy about her here
Daddy Yankee - the person that everyone like worships and listens to
Mylie Cyrus - Party in the USA, can't contain me
A song I don't know anything about other than it's super good, in Spanish (or a mix of it with English) and the chorus is like 'hello hello hello east side' or something.
Haddaway - where do you go
Estelle - American Boy
Benni Benassi - Satisfaction
Heaven is a place on earth
Some song that I need you to google the words to and tell me what it is because I know it's somewhere in the back of my brain. The chorus goes 'If you don't know my name you can call me baby'.
We can't stop the fire
Backstreet boys - backstreet's back
Video killed the radio star
coolio - Gansters paradise
Ace of base - all that she wants, the sign
U2 - Magnificent

I'm probably gonna stop doing that, but just so you know what kind of English music is down here. Old stuff haha.

Answers to your questions :

I haven't found marshmellos or grahm crackers. I'm sure if I hadn't thought of them I wouldn't want them it's just the fact that I think that I can't have smores so I want them haha.

Changes are next week so everything will happen then. I believe I'll have P-Day on Tuesday and then find out changes that night so I won't be able to tell you what's happening there for two weeks.

We still have the same president and hermana until July 1st. The new president and his wife's last name is Heaton.

I'm still in the same house and there's still 6 of us.

Thanks for the Pictures!

Elder Fikus

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