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Letter #22 - June 22, 2010


Okay, my week:


We went by in the morning to the old lady that we wanted to rent the house from and she signed the contract, which was good news. Also at District Meeting I got another letter from the Phillips family which was pretty exciting although I don't think I'll have the time to write them back by next District Meeting, which you'll see why later. Also tonight we got our phonebill for the month where we all called home for Mother's day and it was like 4400 pesos which is like 220 bucks just for the phone and my chunk that I had to pay was only like 380 pesos, or 19 bucks which hardly seems like anything. I think it was like 4.12 pesos per minute and I talked for like an hour and 40 or something.


Elder White is sending a package home with one of the APs who's dying (going home) at the end of this change and the AP offered to take a package home to E' White's family for him. Anyways, there was still some stuff that E' White needed to buy so we went and bought that in the morning. He bought like a flag and something else as well as sent off a letter to another missionary friend of his who's serving in Brazil. I also managed to find a black V neck sweater which I don't really like because the threads are too thick but it was only like 30 bucks (vs 80) so I bought it. Also today was a game in the World Cup against South Africa. Uruguay ended up winning 3-0 and it was sweet what happened when Uruguay scored. Okay the first time we were in the bus and the game was of course on in it and when we scored the announcer guy was screaming and the bus started to honk as well as a ton of other vehicles. We were outside for the second and third goals and we knew that we scored because a bunch of vehicles started honking and all these fireworks went off, even though it was mid-day. It was pretty cool, although people tend to think they're a little tougher when Uruguay wins a game in the World Cup so we had a couple people yell at us.


We had Zone Conference, so our zone and 3 others (like 80 Elders) went to a Chapel and President and Hermana came and talked to us. President talked about faith mostly and Hermana about all the health stuff she always tells us haha. Also, we got Subway for lunch at it so that was pretty sweet even though the subs were pretty basic. At the Conference they also gave us a recipie book which is really cool although I'm too poor and lazy to buy ingredients for most of it and even if I did I don't think I have enough time to make most of it haha. There's a lot of cool stuff though, and it actually is pretty mission-appropriate. There's microwave brownies (we don't have stoves), and other cool stuff as well as a lot of basic stuff which a lot of misionaries probably need. Also at the confernce the people who are dying (like the AP, Elder Tate) bore their testimonies. They also gave all the missionaries a certificate which was pretty cool. Overall it was really spiritual and awesome. Afterwards we came back to our house because we were moving! The APs came over with a van and loaded up our stuff and we brought it all over to our new house. We also helped the 4 Elders who we kicked out of their house move so it was pretty fun doing that. It was pretty fun too. Elder White had taken a picture of a map with his camera so one AP was driving while the other was trying to help while E' White was trying to give directions off this picture on his phone while I was holding the sliding door closed as much as I could and watching out the back to make sure nothing fell out (the back door was open because we had stuff that was too long like matresses). Also some of the Elders are short a fridge, desks, chairs, kitchen stuff, a propane thinger to cook on, etc. because there's more houses than before but it's slowly working out.


We basically did alot of stuff with the house. Since we don't live very far from where we did we made a trip to get more small stuff, cleaned, etc. That took up a good chunk of the day. I guess something we did do was go to a guy who seemed like he was doing really good. He was addicted to drugs and all this stuff but was starting to do really good until he started again and he managed to get a little money out of Elder White out of it. Anyways, we didn't know he had slipped up again until tonight when his mom told us, which was really sad. She cares so much and he fell back into drugs even though he wants out and we're trying to help him and it's just a difficult situation.


Today I bought a bunch of new stuff for our house because I gave a lot of it away so that I could buy new stuff (like a frying pan, the one left in our house sucked). Anyways, thankfully all of it is reimbursable so I'm only temporarily down a little (like 1000 pesos or 50 bucks- I bought a 15 dollar frying pan which is AMAZING haha) personal money. For most of the day Elder White and I visited some people that he wanted to come to church Sunday because it was going to be his last Sunday and he wanted a lot of people to go. I guess we also did a bit of that Friday too.


Well, it was Elder White's last Sunday after being here for like 6 months which is super long. He also gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. The Bishop wasn't there because he got in a moto accident which wasn't that bad but still kind of scary and bad. Also like none of the people we visited ended up coming to church even though they all said that they would, so that sucked for Elder White.


Today we cleaned up in the morning and I haven't had like any of my personal, companion or language studies (which should take one hour, one hour, and 30 minutes, consecutively) like the past few days thanks to moving and all my books being packed away along with me prefering to clean and get the house up to par. Since today was Elder White's last day we had lunch with the hermana in our ward who cooks the super good roast with her salsa on it. In the evening and afternoon we basically visited a lot of people and said goodbye to them. It is actually this night that we're supposed to figure out our changes but E' White knew he was leaving because President told him in interviews because he has so much time here. I discovered that I am staying here and my new companion is going to be Elder Piper who I'm killing (I'm going to be his last companion before he dies (goes home)) so he's really experienced and was a zone leader which there are only like 20 of out of 200 missionaries the change before me. So that should go prety good. Also Elder White is going to Rivera which is way north and by Brazil so he'll learn a little portugues, live for practically nothing and I think have fun too.


Today was our P Day. Today we got up at 5 in the morning to go to the temple for the 8:00 session. After that we basically came to the cyber where I'm now at trying to type as fast as I can.

Answers to your questions:

Okay, as missionaries we're responsible for finding the houses. We find a house that is for rent (that's the super hard part), see if it's safe, a good size, etc. and talk to the person who's renting it out. They give us the number of the real estate person or we just talk to them. We take a bunch of photos of the house and send them along with some information (how much rent is a month, address, etc) to the offices who take care of all of it. I think they basically make up the contract and give it to us and we have the person sign it. After that we pack up and move with the help of the van that the offices/APs use.

We currently have like 10 or so investigators, which are anywhere from nearing baptism to not going anywhere they've just listened to us a few times. I'll try to sum up an 'average' day.

Get up at 6:30. Lay in bed for longer than I should until I do a ton of situps and then shower after Elder White is done. Eat breakfast and get dressed.
8:00 do personal study for an hour, then comp study for an hour then language study for half an hour.
10:30 We leave and do something usually kind of little, because there isn't much time before lunch. We'll visit a for sure person or do something little like give someone a baptisimal certificate or something.
Around noon we'll go to lunch, which we usually have. We're allowed to spend an hour eating but it takes us so long to get there and back and occasionally we go over our hour so it ends up being like this 2 hour ordeal.
After that we basically teach people or attempt to. We usually have set appointments from a previous time with people and then when we know we're in a certain area for those we'll plan to visit other people who live around there to save time. We usually plan to visit like 5-7 people but a lot of times people aren't home that we just plan for and we only end up having like 2-3 lessons usually. It's usually a combo of people who are investigating the church and usually one who is a recent convert or less active. We usually don't set a time to find people but occasionally we'll stop to talk to people in the street sometimes.
9:00 to 9:30 we get back home and plan for the next day. I write in my journal and clean a little and eat something little like a fruit and then go to bed at 10:30.

Anyways, that's how it kind of is with Elder White, it could be a litle different with a different companion.

Houses do not have central heating although almost everyone has a little portable heater.

I guess that's it, thanks and hope you're all doing good still!

Elder Fikus

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