Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter #23 - June 28, 2010


Okay, to start my week off...


I forgot to mention some things that happened today. Okay for starters the temple is in a super rich part of Montevideo. It's not part of our mission but it's super nice. I mean the average house in some parts was nicer than the average house up there. There were several houses that had 3 cars, which is crazy since most people where I work have a moto/scooter or something, if that. Also we were visiting a member family in the night and were talking about a recent convert who went innnactive and the husband is in the Bishopric. Anyways, Elder White was discouraged because this person he baptized went innactive and he figured it was his fault. The guy made a very good point by saying: could Jesus baptize everyone and keep everyone converted to the Gospel? Not to get disanimated but it reminded me that we can only do so much, and that if we don't have success as missionaries it's not always our fault. Also today was Elder White's last day before changes so we ordered pizza and I made some ranch. Also once all his stuff was packed up and he left (at like midnight to catch his bus) I stayed up till like 2 in the morning cleaning. So, my new house is super clean and it's easy to maintain that.


I had to go meet my new companion really early so I got to get up at 5, so I was seriously lacking sleep. Yeah, it's Elder Pieper and I've discovered a little about him. He's from Idaho, almost done the mission, has 8 brothers/sisters, kind of a country guy, and that's all I can think of. His Spanish is really good he sounds 'Guayan. With him we basically just visited a bunch of people to get to know them.


We had our first district meeting with our new zone. Nothing really important happened there. Afterwards we had to go to a house that Elder Pieper was living in and clean it although I must admit I didn't do very much cleaning because of all the cleaning I had done in our house and it really wasn't going to benifit me. This night it was also stormy and we lost power. We didn't really know what to do so we just waited to see if it would come back on sometime soon, which it didn't. I didn't have my electric blanket either and I froze, I am so glad I bought that thing.


We asked our neighbor who lives in front of us what to do and he showed us where the breaker was for our house so we just flipped that and we had power again. We also had lunch at the Stake Presidents house and did weekly planning today. There was our ward's second ward activity today and there was a much worse turnout than last time. We had like a whopping 10 members and there was 6 Elders. 4 were from our ward and I'm not sure why the other two were there.


Today Uruguay and the USA played in the World Cup, but thankfully not against each other. If they both won they would have to play against each other in the next game though. Uruguay ended up winning and the States lost, which sucks but I think will save a lot of future problems. It would be a lose-lose situation if Uruguay and the States won, either they'd ridicule us or hate us as missionaries so this way was for the best. Also I burst out laughing at an investigator right in his face today. He's a little weird and not that serious about the church but here's what happened. There's this one picture of Christ in one of our pamplets and all these people are either looking at him or past him or off to the side or something. He's super analytical and was explaining why everyone was wearing the colours they were and then said that all these people were looking at different points, which he said constructed some big shape that he didn't know what it was. It was so absurd I burst out laughing but I don't even know if he knows I was laughing at him. Whoops, but it was super funny.


Today was really rainy in the morning so hardly anyone came to church. Apparently that's a good excuse down here. We had a meeting type thing with our ward mission leader in the night with the other missionaries and he fed us as usual. Also for some reason by the end of tonight I was so sick of Spanish. I'm not really sure why looking back on it I was just super frustrated and sick of not understanding. I think because sometimes I can answer people and contribute people think that I always know what's being said or something. Ugh.


Today we played soccer as a zone in the morning, got lunch, got haircuts, showered, came to the cyber. I can't really think of anything too specifc or interesting. I've decided that I don't really like P-Days though for the most part, especially when large groups of people get together. Everyone wants to do something different but ends up uninthusiastically doing the same thing. Soccer everyone was good with but when do we stop to eat lunch, where do we go, what after, etc. Everyone loses their ability to think and act indepedantly and it feels like we're all a big herd of cattle or something. I'm good now though, I just think it's stupid.

Other Stuff:

I've had a few Latinos compliment me on my soccer, which I find a huge compliment. Usually they take pity on us Gringos or destroy us but I think I'm actually better than a good portion of them and I've had a couple Latinos say that I'm really good. Also today when we were picking teams I was one of the captains along with Elder Madina (lived with him in my old house) who is super good.

My comp says that I remind him a lot of another comp that he had. This comp just went up to Zone Leader which isn't that hard to be if you're a good Elder but it was still a nice compliment.

Answer to your questions/email:

I like the new house a lot better. There are a couple things that I would like to have but overall it's a lot nicer and easier to maintain clean. I haven't taken pictures yet but I could, I'm still catching up on old ones haha.

Things are pretty good with Elder Pieper. Little things take some adjusting to but he's a good Elder.

Elder Fikus

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