Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter #24 - July 5, 2010


Okay, my week,


I already wrote about but in the night after we had a lesson with Leandro, the super old guy who can't come to church anymore and made us asado once. Well today he made us tortas fritas which are basically scones. There wasn't sugar or anything but they were still really good and he really likes us which is pretty sweet.


Today we had our District Meeting and they gave each companionship a copy of the Conference Liahona in English! Yay! I've been reading it since they gave it to us although I do have to share with my companion. It will be nice to recieve yours though because I'll have my own. Speaking of, did you buy one for the family to have? If not you really should, seriously it's SO GOOD. Other than that not much exciting happened. We had a lot of lessons that fell through although we did find a super good woman who asked us all the questions that we usually ask to spark conversations (why are there so many churches, etc). Hopefully we can make some progress with her.


Today something kind of wierd happened when we were proselyting. My companion and I decided to go to an ex-investigators house so we found it and went up to the door. Some lady answered and my comp asked if she was Ana (she was) and then the immediate next thing he said was 'can I use your bathroom?' I kind of gave him crap for it after because I figured that would be pretty awkard if someone came to my door who I didn't know, asked my name and then proceeded to ask if they could use my bathroom. It ended up working out though because she let us in and I talked with her for a bit and then we had a short lesson. Also today we went to our ward mission leaders house because his daughter in law needs to get baptized again because they can't find her records so we were gonna figure it out. Anyways, he gave us food as usual and then when we went to her house (she lives just in front of him) she gave us more. Cah ching. Anyways, that was pretty sweet. Also we had a lesson with some guy in the night that was extremely frustrating because He says that he understands things but then he really doesn't and we're teaching him like super basic.


Today was Canada Day and I was like on Easter wishing that I could have been there with the family. I don't ever regret going on my mission but some days it's just like 'well this is one of the 5 days out of the year I'm missing out by not being home'. Today we had a lesson with some woman who was baptized in our church but now goes to another. This blew my mind as I don't really know of anyone who has done this. Maybe she didn't really understand the doctrine and I think it had something to do with the missionaries not giving her milk or something after her baptism when she needed it but yeah, she goes to another church. I also was able to notice that my Spanish has definitely improved because we had a lesson with some woman that when I got here I could not understand at all and this night I was able to practically understand all of it and was like leading the lesson with her. So, yay me.


Today we had our weekly planning in the morning and it was also the day that Uruguay played in the 8ths finals against Ghana in the world cup. Anyways, we were working for the first half of the game but it was impossible and our plan fell through so we just went to the Bishop's and watched the game. It was seriously crazy. The Bishop had like 15 people at his house which I should have expected because like 5-10 are like always there anyways. Anyways, the game was pretty intense, this is what happened. It was tied 1-1 at the end of the game and 2 overtimes were played. In literally the final seconds of the second overtime Ghana was attacking and at one point a Uruguayan had to use his hands to stop the ball from going in the net in like the final second of the game so he got a red card. Ghana got a penalty shot to score and win the game and he hit the crossbar. This forced shootouts which Uruguay won. As you can imagine pretty much everyone was going crazy, and it was pretty sweet. Uruguay is now the only team in the quarter finals that is from South America and they haven't even entered the cup in 40 years. Even though my area is pretty calm usually this night it was kind of crazy. There was a ton of people in the streets cheering while cars drove past honking for a couple hours. A lot of people had Uruguay flags and it was just nuts. We also had a lesson after the game in this house which was probably the worst one I've entered thus far in my mission. While it wasn't that it was super small or unkept it was just really old and I thought I was going to get some sort of disease just breathing in the air. As far as I know I didn't so far so that's good.


Okay so today we were walking down the street and there was some guy walking with a big cart with cotton candy and was selling it. It was the equivilent of 50 cents for a big bag which is pretty good considering it's like 4 bucks for a bag in Canada. Well, since I haven't had any for a while and felt like spoiling myself I bought a bag of it. My comp did too and it wasn't until after we were walking down the street that I realized how childish we probably looked. In the missionary white rule book it says that we're not even supposed to chew gum because it's not consistant with our professional image when my comp and I were walking down the street with huge bags of cotton candy. One of our lessons today was with the 10 year old kid in the family that's reactivating and prepatory to his baptism we just went over the interview questions and made sure he understood the basic docterine. Well he's 10 and his family has been innactive so being young made him shy enough plus it's not like he's been taught the gospel since he was young. Anyways, he was kind of shy and not that educated and sometimes his parents would ask him questions and if he got them wrong he was all embarassed and personally I don't think the parents were helping and it was just a bad experience in my opinion. I know that with time he'll learn as long as his parents keep taking him to church it just felt like an interogation when I was hoping it would be a really basic lesson on all the stuff we believe.


Not that much happened today. We didn't really have any investigators we really wanted to come to church come so that was pretty sucky. As far as lessons we just had 2 with our recent converts so it was kind of slack I suppose. Also this night we had to call in our numbers which caused a bit of an unneccessary problem. They ask us how many 'contacts' we do which is something that varies depending on the missionary. Some missionaries will say 'hola' to someone and if the person doesn't respond positively back or say anything they'll count it as a contact because they did try to talk to them. Others only count if you straight up try to have a conversation with people, whether they respond back much or not. Anyways, my companion said he did 50 contacts and I said I did 15. I pretty much only counted the people that I really tried to talk to. A LOT of missionaries if doing what I did would say they did like 30 or 40 because I did talk to people in the street, asking for directions and stuff even if they weren't that nice and I contributed when my companion started talking. Anyways, it started this huge problem and the district leader called my comp and the zone leader I about how I need to do more. Whatever, I'm not one to try to stretch my numbers just to look better but I suppose if I need to conform my definition to what a lot of others define as contacts in order to avoid problems I might just do that. I'll also try to do more 'contacting' to avoid problems next week. Ugh...


Today is P-Day and for once our zone didn't do anything. My companion and I hung out in the house for a bit and I wrote letters, did my reimbursals, wrote my letter to president and did sudoku. We also went and got propane for our cooking thing and then we came out to go to a cyber, which is where I'm now at.

Other Stuff,

So there's this powdered drink stuff that I had started to buy a lot of because it's like 20 cents and makes 2 litres of juice, which I figured was pretty good. Anyways, after drinking like 5 packs of this I was reading the container which said something along the lines of 'before drinking consistantly consult a doctor first'. I think it's because it's some sort of diet drink which has some artificial sweetener. Anyways, back to water.

Our giro went up, which is pretty sweet. It's gone up 400 pesos which is the equivelent of 20 bucks a month more to live on. Yay!

Anyways, I guess that's about it. Thanks for the email and keeping me updated. I think that's pretty much it for this week.

Elder Fikus

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