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Letter #25 - July 12, 2010


Okay, my week.


Today we had a lesson with some girl and at the end of the lesson she prayed. Okay I guess actually first off you should know that Uruguay plays tomorrow in the quarter finals against Holland in the world cup. Anyways, it was really funny because in her prayer she said something like 'and please Lord, please help Uruguay win in their game tomorrow. Please, please please Lord help them win.' They way that she sincerely prayed that Uruguay would win was super funny and I almost burst out laughing. Also apparently at some point she forgot that we prayed to God instead of Christ, hm, gonna have to re-teach that...


We usually have district meeting in the morning so we can start working after lunch but today we had it in the afternoon as to avoid having to try to work during the game. Today I got a letter from the Schlachters so that was really exciting also. In the game that Uruguay played today the ended up losing 3-2 I think against Holland. So, their run is over and things will start to go back to normal thankfully. Tonight we also went over to our Ward Mission Leader's house and we talked with him for a little bit. At one point he was asking us what kind of music we liked because he had some playing on his computer. (He's pretty old but he kind of likes to be young and cool - kind of funny) He wanted to listen to some of the music we liked but my comp was unable to show him some country music that he liked and so I asked if he wanted to see the kind of music I liked. Well I knew exactly where to find it and within about 10 seconds there was worldly dance music coming out of his computer, which he said he liked and left playing. After about two songs I got off the couch and turned it off though because the Spirit-draining effect it had was a lot more than I thought. I didn't realize how much of a Spiritual high we as missionaries run on until there was some worldly music playing. I'm not gonna lie, I thought the songs were awesome (David Guetta- Commander and ATB- Long Way Home, Has the first one gotten popular yet? I imagine it well be if it hasn't... such a good song) but I had to turn them off as I started to feel guilty for listening to them. Kind of a shouldn't-have-done-that and learning experience.


Today was horrible, horrible weather in the morning. It was so cold, rainy and windy so it wasn't that fun to leave. We also had a lesson with the daughter of Leandro (the super old guy who fed us asado one time and tortas fritas the other) and her family. Leandro is such a super nice old guy but his family was super cold. I'm not sure what happened to them but they have hearts of ice and were questioning everything and due to a lack of Christian background didn't have that much knowledge which turned to unbelief. I still have faith though and if we can get them to act and develop a testimony they'll be super good members because they're not the kind of people who listen to us - without much intention of acting upon anything - because they like listening to people talk about God. We also had a lesson with a girl who I've thought we needed to 'drop' (stop visiting) just because she isn't progressing and my comp after talking to her saw her potential (she has a lot of it) and extended a baptisimal invitation. I shouldn't but I do have my doubts so we'll see where that goes.


Today we spent practically our whole day in this little barrio (ward? I think is the word, kind of like small town away from the city but still a part of it) called Los Boulevardes which is a short bus-ride away from where we live since we somehow managed to get a ton of investigators there. Anyways, we managed to talk to a lot of the people we wanted to visit but didn't have many lessons, which kind of sucked. At one point we were talking to this lady who we just met for the first time and she was just blabbering away for a good solid half an hour. I'm not really totally sure what she was talking about, I think most of it was about some bull about Religion she learned in some church or her own made up doctrine, I wasn't really listening. Anyways a couple times she asked me my opinion or something but I didn't know how to respond and I guess I had the most confused look on my face because my comp like burst out laughing at my expression. She wasn't sure why he was laughing so hard and that caused both of us to laugh too. We were also in a lesson this night and while we were in there it got really cold because the sun went down and everything and when we were about to leave the people offered my companion a jacket since he just had on his white shirt. He accepted it even though it was kind of ugly and stuff because the woman was pretty insitant he took it. Anyways, I kind of gave my companion a bit of crap for that afterwords saying 'We are self-sufficient, independent, missionary, men. We are not little kids who need to borrow jackets.' He argued that they were very persistant and it was cold which although was very true I said it wasn't a good enough excuse. I've turned down many-a-offers of jackets from those people.


Today we had another lesson with the kid whose dad is baptizing him. We played a little soccer with him and his sisters just to break the ice and get them relaxed about the whole thing. Anyways, this time my comp brought some church book which is pretty much just pure pictures and we taught from that, which went a lot smoother. It wasn't such an interogation as last time. Afterwards we had a bit of an interesting experience with this woman we started talking to. She was sitting outside against her fence and we passed her as we were knocking doors. She continued to face us and not move and my comp and I eventually decided to talk to her. Turns out she was sleeping just taking a break from yardwork but she wanted to talk to us anyways. My comp wanted to sing her a song and he chose 'There is sunshine in my soul today'. My companion asked her if there was 'joy (translation) in her soul today' to which she answered no. Apparently she has a son who is also on pasta base. Okay you have to look up this drug and tell me what it is, it's a huge thing here and it's seriously a super bad and addictive drug which I've never heard of before. I think it's 'pasta base' but it could be anything close to that. I think it's some chemical based drug like meth although it's something different. Anyways, her son is like ruining his life on this drug just like another guy who we've been teaching. It's SO SAD watching these people destroy their lives with drugs. As a missionary pretty much all we do is try to help people but there are just some who we can't and it's really frustrating and sad. Anyways, we ended up singing her 'where can I turn for peace' instead, which she started crying to. Tonight there was a ward activity also so we went to that. About 15 minutes before the activity was supposed to start my comp wanted to have a lesson with some people to reinvite them to church. I was very much opposed to it because he had a ton of time to visit them Saturday and I just kept thinking of reasons why us being late to the activity was bad (last time they were waiting for us when we were late so I thought it made us look selfish, it shows we're unsupportive of the ward, it shows it's okay to be late to church things/church, etc) and I was so angry at my comp. I'm not sure why I get so angry all the time but I was steaming angry I didn't talk at all during the lesson. All I could do was think of how stupid my comp was for wanting to squeeze in a lesson into a slot where we didn't have time but a ton of negative consequences when we had ample time to visit them tomorrow. Anyways, us being late didn't end up being as bad as I thought it was so I felt kind of bad for getting angry at him.


The night before today I finally had a dream which involved Spanish that I remembered. I don't totally know if I was home after the mission or what but I wasn't in Uruguay. It's wierd, pretty much all my dreams involve my mission, being home and for some reason highschool somehow all at once, I'm not totally sure the chronological placement of them. Anyways, I was back at home and this guy was explaining some complicated thing to me in Spanish (I don't actually know if he was speaking Spanish, I don't remember, all I know was in my dream I assumed it was Spanish) even though we were both in Canada. I kept having to ask him 'what?' and after he repeated it I was able to catch most of what he was saying. Anyways, this happened about 5 times before I flipped out at him and said 'Look just talk to me in English okay? You're trying to use obscure Spanish vocabulary to explain some complicated thing that I don't know the words to. I can talk back to you in Spanish if you'd like but just talk to me in English!' Haha, I guess I haven't 'got it' yet. Also today Uruguay played one last time against Germany for third place in the world cup. We went to our Bishops to watch the second half of the game and Uruguay ended up losing. So, 4th place in the World Cup is what we got. Also tonight when we were knocking doors we found this girl who lived in the USA for 7 years. She didn't know hardly any English but she talked to us forever about how much she likes the States more than Uruguay. That, combined with the fact my comp is going home in a few weeks has really made me think of all the stuff I miss up there... Blizzards from Dairy Queen, Chicken Bacon pizza dipped in pepercorn ranch, nachos, rootbeer, BPs peperoni pizza, those Ritz Peanut butter sandwhich things, Arbys, etc. I have a feeling I'm going to spend a lot of money when I get back buying random crap I haven't been able to eat for the past two years haha.


Today we had 3 people in church so that was okay although the people we have really been working with still didn't come, which sucked. Afterwards we had lunch with the girl who is an amazing cook in our ward, so that was awesome. She had some cream of chicken soup and then the meal was some pork type thing which was sliced like roast with some plum sauce and potoato-tot type things. It was SO GOOD. And for dessert she made some cake stuff which was like a thin layer of dense vanilla cake with a layer of warm dulce de leche and then the top was some combo of coconut and vanilla pudding type stuff. Wow it was good. After lunch we did something quick and then ran back and watched the end of the world cup final game with them. It was Spain and Holland and Spain ended up winning 1-0. We didn't see most of the game other than the end chunk which was really good. We also watched the celebration afterwards which was really cool. They had all these fireworks synchronized to go off around the top of the stadium and it looked awesome. You should look it up on youtube if you have the time.


Today we played soccer with our zone, ate lunch and am now in a cyber. I was so glad I got the chance to play soccer as I've been really itching to do it this past little while.

Your Email:

Right now we have like 10ish investigators. I don't really have time to describe all of them.

Yes, I did a lot more contacting this week haha. We did about the same together but I initiated more conversations so they counted for me.

We get some things reimbursed. We get bus tickets, fruit, water, house supplies and cleaning stuff reimbursed. Bus tickets we get reimbursed because otherwise we wouldn't use them and they make work much more effective. Fruit we get because otherwise we'd never eat fruits or veggies. Water I get reimbursed because I never got this waterbottle with a filter in it and they want us drinking clean water. The last two are so that Elders actually keep up their house.

Anyways, comp has finished and I need to go. Thanks for the email and the pictures as always. Hope everyting is good for you guys up there.

Elder Fikus

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