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Letter #26 - July 19, 2010


That's weird, I did send you an email last week and it says on my end that I sent it. I'm currently trying to resend it while typing this (cybers are always slow).

My week,


We had our district meeting today. Thankfully, I got the envelope package you sent. I'm pretty sure that everything was still inside because I got everything you mentioned. It was so weird seeing Canadian money again! I still can't figure out how you really got it in the Ensign. Also as I was opening my package I pretty much decided that getting packages are pretty much the greatest things ever. Like seriously, the joy of opening a package is undescribable, like better than Christmas not on Christmas day. I did have a bit of a mind-blowing experience though. As my two boxes of contacts were in there I started to think about how much money contacts are. They're like 75 dollars a box or something or 150 bucks for both of them. Some of the people were like 'Why did you have your mom send you money? That's 40 bucks, aren't you going to do something with it? Just change it in and buy stuff with it' Apparently 40 dollars is a lot of money to have doing nothing which it kind of is considering that's like 800 pesos and can buy a lot of good stuff. Well 40 bucks is a lot? Those boxes of contacts are like twice that amount of money each and they're only good for three months and then I gotta buy another 75 dollar box. That was really screwing with my head for a while haha. This night we had a lesson with the parents and brother of the girl that we baptized. It's kind of an interesting situation with them because they basically accept the Book of Mormom yet we haven't even taught them the restoration. It's pretty much backwards but whatever works I guess haha. We watched 'The Testaments' with them which is the movie where Christ visits the Americas. It seemed to be a good lesson, I hope they see the importance of religion the same as their daughter does.


We had our zone conference with the new President, which was pretty exciting. It was kind of hectic beforehand because I had to somehow obtain some keys and a password which I didn't have with very little notice in order to lower a projector screen and to use the mic. We ended up calling everyong in the Bishopric, going to two of their houses, calling Elder White, etc. In the end it pretty much worked out though. It was just kind of crazy beforehand and since it's like our church and I'm kind of the head elder there for some reason I had to take care of it. Also The President gave me one of the letters that I wrote him back with a little note on the bottom so that was pretty cool. As far as lessons we had one with the brother of Leandro (the super old guy who feeds us) who basically just talked to us about his life and played us the guitar for 2 hours. Afterwards he drove us in his car to our next appointment which was really nice though and also kind of wierd. I kind of forgot about the luxery of cars haha. We also had one with Leandro's daughter who is the super cold athiest who in her own words 'thought I scared you off'. Anyways, it blows my mind how cold this womans heart is. I have never met anyone so unbelieving and prideful as her. It was kind of funny at one point because we basically compared her life right now to eating rocklets, which are basically crappy cheap smartie type things vs with the Gospel she'd be eating Alfajores. Yeah sure rocklets are pretty good if that's all you've ever tried but she hasn't tried or tested the 'Alfajore'. Anyways, later in the lesson we shared the scripture with her where it basically says the Devil carefully cheateth away people's souls by whispering in their ears and carefully leadeth them down to hell. I think the next verse after it gets pretty harsh talking about whole fire and brimstone endless torment. I burst out laughing when she said 'Well wait a second, a minute ago you were telling me I had rocklets and now I have a fiery inferno?' Super funny.


We had lunch with the Sosa familia who we just reactivated and while we were eating they told us of a family who wants to reactivate. I guess the Sosas were like talking with them and the people figured they had better go to church. So after lunch we stopped by their house and talked to them a little and it turns out they for whatever reason want to start coming to church. Anyways, that was pretty exciting considering we didn't even have to do that much work haha. Usually we work like crazy for little (visible) results (it seems) but in this case it worked the other way around.


We had lunch with our ward mission leader's wife, who cooked us a super good lunch. She's probably one of the top three best chefs that I've had down here. Anyways afterwards we were thanking her for the delicious lunch which obviously took a long time to prepare and she said something along the lines of 'It's how I'd treat the Lord. You guys are out there representing Him and doing His work so it's what you deserve'. I don't know why that struck me so much. Maybe because it generally feels like we're unapreciated or something by all the teenagers who yell at us in the streets or general I-dont-want-to-listen attitude. However, her saying that was kind of a reminder of what we're doing. Wearing the plaque was at first something really special and honorable and it still kind of is but after you wear it for like 150 days in a row it starts to just be something that you wear. It kind of made me think what she said though. We also had a lesson today with a woman whose son is on paste base and she told us how it's like destroying her family. It was our second lesson with her and we always manage to have her crying when we leave. Hopefully we can help her. Also we had a lesson with the girl who has a baptisimal date set and she's super animated and excited about it. We went over the baptisimal interview questions with her and she's all like willing to follow everything. Also a random thing that happened was I used the last page in the journal that you bought for me to use. I managed to buy some super nice notebooks so as of Saturday I've started using those haha. I can't believe I've managed to fill that already.


We had our baptism this evening which managed to take up most of the day. The dad of the family that's reactivating got the chance to baptize his two kids. It was kind of hectic though, thanks to me not fully understanding Spanish. What happened was on Sunday the guy who conducted our last baptism told me that if we needed him to do anything to call him and he'd be willing to help. Anyways, I wasn't totally sure that's what he said although I probably could have guessed it. I thought that was what he said but I wasn't sure so I pretty much just ignored it and hoped it wasn't important. We had met with our ward mission leader earlier in the week and he told us that this particular guy had everything all planned out. We had tried calling this guy who offered to help in the morning but he was working so a couple hours before the baptism we called to confirm that he had everything ready. Anyways, he didn't have anything planned and this was the first he had heard of anything. He wasn't too impressed initially but after the baptism when he found out it was because I didn't really understand he softened up. Anyways, pretty much nobody was prepared for the baptism thanks to our whopping 2-3 hours notice but thankfully there was a father's day activity at the church (father's day was yesterday on Sunday here) a lot of people were at the church and there was enough people to do the baptism. Also there was another problem when the dad of the two kids told us that he didn't want to baptize them because he was scared he'd forget the prayer. Well I thought that was pretty stupid considering I memorized Docterine and Covenants Section 4 in Spanish when I didn't even know what the majority of the words were. It was kind of a tense situation but we managed to talk him into it.


We had worked super hard this whole week and Sunday is kind of the highlight of the week where you get to see who actually is interested and comes to church. I was expecting a minimum of like 2 people, thought we'd have like 5 and was hoping for like 8 or so, which is pretty good. Some people we had visited during the week were super convinced that they were going to come to church so I was expecting a big turnout. Well Sunday morning I wake up and look outside and see the most awful crappy weather ever. It's rainy, windy and freezing cold. Anyways, nobody came to church, hardly even any members did. We usually have like 80 members in the church, this week there was like 40. Bad weather is an excuse for people not to come to church here, which I find really stupid. I suppose it does suck a little more waitig for a bus and then riding in that then driving in your own car but it was super frustrating working hard all week, expecting to see results and then such bad weather happening that not even a lot of members came. Ugh, I got to wait until next week.


Today my comp and I didn't play soccer with our zone for P Day since that is usually time consuming and he wants to buy some souveniers before he leaves, which is fair. Anyways, we ended up going to the mall and then kind of downtown to look for stuff. He bought some Guayan music and like a t'shirt, I didn't buy anything (other than McDonalds for lunch). We did look for what I wanted to buy Tyler and possibly dad but I think there's some minor complications there with it's legality. He wanted to buy the same thing for his brother too after I gave him the idea but that might not happen. Not that it's bad to have, or that I would use it for bad purposes but I can see why I can't just purchase it. When I get my hands on one and bring it home you'll see why ;) That's pretty much it for today though.

Other stuff,

My companion has a brother who is serving a mission. Anyways, he got his call and my comp knows where he's going. He's going to the 'Edmonton North Canada mission'. It basically covers the city of Edmonton and north of there, including like northwest teritories. I think winter here is cold haha.

Since Leandro's brother gave us a ride in his car it made me think of this time some guy picked us up at a bus stop. He offered to give us a ride so we took it. It's kind of funny how I'm accepting rides from strangers here when I've always considered that dangerous in Canada haha. Anyways, it was just a guy who was going the same way we were waiting for a bus who has member parents and stuff. Nice of him but I'm not sure how safe it was haha.

Thanks for the email as usual. This one is pretty long... I don't know if I'm going to be able to do long ones like this very often haha. I'm hoping you guys are all doing good as usual!

Elder Fikus

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