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Letter #27 - July 26, 2010


Well, my week:


Well, like I pretty much had explained, since it was P Day and my comp is going home in a few weeks we ended up going all over the place looking for the souveniers that he wanted to buy. Other than that, not much happened since we went to the cyber pretty late in the PDay.


We had our district meeting, and I didn't get any packages. I may get one tomorrow though. I think that I'm going to call the offices about if they need to pay to pick it up. I'll just tell them to pay for it and that I'll pay them back. It's actually them that pick up the packages and stuff so I'll have to do it that way I think. Also in Uruguay there's all these things that if you pay 2 pesos (10 cents) it tells you how much you weigh. Since I haven't really weighed myself I decided to do it and I'm 79 kilos according to the one I tried. That's like 174 pounds so I think I've gained a bit of weight... crap. Apparently my horrible eating habbits are outdoing my constant walking. Anyways, gonna have to start getting rid of that in like a year so I'll have 6 months to lose weight haha. Today something good did happen though which was a random 2200 pesos showed up in my account. I think it's random... I don't really remember doing reimbursals for that much so it could be rent. I don't know if we have to pay rent or if the offices do it for us either and actually as of now I still don't know. I'm not going to blow it incase I do need it for something but as of now... I got like a lot of money I don't know where it came from. We had an interesting lesson with one of our people today too. She's some Evangelical woman who is pretty religious. Anyways, we tried to convince her to come to our church once a week or two ago and she told us that she had to ask her pastor's permission. As I pretty much guessed, he told her that she was not allowed to visit a different church. Now how flipping stupid is that... her pastor forbade her from going to a different church one week. She's obviously brainwashed as she needs to ask before she does thing. She's like a 40 year old woman, not a 5 year old kid. I know our church doesn't forbid our members from visiting other churches, it's not like we're trying to trap people and suck away their agency. Ugh, so stupid.


Today we went over to this old lady who is an innactive member. Her granddaughter was there who is 17 and speaks pretty much perfect English. She lived in Floriday until she was 15 so she speaks fluently. Anyways, so my comp and I were talking to her in English which was SO WEIRD. Like you have no idea how weird it is talking to people in English haha. Sure I do it to other missionaries and stuff but to someone who lives here as a missionary it's so different. Also today while my comp and I were walking there was this group of like 5 girls who were like 15-18 or something and they were wistling at us a bunch. I'm pretty sure that they were doing it just to be funny and I've always wanted to yell 'ya sabemos' (we already know) back at girls who do that. Anyways, I was debating whether or not to actually do it and the consequences of my action. Just when I decided I wanted to yell it at them there was all this heavy traffic and we were walking faster than them so we lost them and I lost the opportunity. So now I wait until next time to tell girls that we already know when they whistle at us.


Today we came in contact with this girl that we've been trying to find for a while. Anyways, she yaps a lot (like her mom, go figure) and is like 30ish or something. Well, she got talking and talking and talking and she started to tell us this dream that she had. I didn't totally catch all of it and now that it's a few days later I don't remember the details but she mentioned something like there was 20 guys or so and she knew that they were all going to die. There was some barrier between these guys and on the other side of this barrier was some tree which she said represented Jesus or God or something. Anyways, it was really funny and as she was telling us this and looking at her yap and yap and not totallly catching everything I had to try really hard to keep from laughing.


Today we had our week planning in the morning as usual. One of the people that we talked to today was pretty interesting. He 'knew' somehow a couple things about Jesus that he figured that nobody or no church knew and therefore he was correct and didn't need any religion. He figured Jesus was actually dark skinned, had brothers and sisters, and lived to be like 90 something years old. I don't know if we know the first one to be true. The second one is actually a theory; we know Jesus had relatives which were either his siblings or cousins but I think because there's either two Marys or Johns or something we don't actually know for sure (I just read that part in Jesus the Christ) which they are. The third one is obviously wrong. Anyways, he also said if he can't physically feel or see any proof of something, he can't believe. That's totally contradictory because I'm pretty sure he didn't physically feel or see something that proved that Christ was dark skinned, had brothers and sisters and lived to be 90 something. A pretty ignorant, stubborn, stupid, contradictory man that was kind of fun to argue with but totally unproductive. We also had a ward activity tonight which was pretty fun. There's this one girl in our ward who waited for some missionary guy who served in Argentina but as a missionary he learned to speak like perfect English, so I talked to him for a while in English. He speaks decent, there's little things he does wrong but he learned everything in less than two years (he didn't start until after a while) so it's pretty impressive. I pretty much like ward activities just because they feed us pizza haha.


Today I think we maybe had one lesson, which was pretty disappointing because we went to a lot of people who either weren't home or couldn't attend us at that moment. Actually, it seems like most of the week was like that, although this day was definitely the worst. Something good that happened was we (us 4 missionaries) played soccer against the Bishop and some of his neighbor kids who are like 16ish. We also had some member kid and two investigators and we played in the field by a bus terminal which is pretty nice. We won (of course) and it was a lot of fun and pretty intense.


Today was Sunday so the weather was of course crappy. Thankfully it didn't start raining until after church so lots of people came today. We didn't have many investigators since we didn't actually get to have a lesson with many of them today but we did manage to have our recent baptisms and an innactive woman who hasn't come to church in a long time. Also today we had an actual lesson with the girl who spoke English that we visited on Wednesday. It was really really weird and hard. I know a lot of missionaries have said that they've ran into people who speak English but prefer to teach in Spanish because it's easier. I can definitely see why because in Spanish you can kind of hide behind the language. You know what you're saying but it doesn't really feel deep down like you are. For example, you can say 'perro' to say 'dog' but when you say 'perro' you don't REALLY feel like you're saying dog- you just feel like you're saying another word for dog. If you ACTUALLY wanted to say what it is, you would have to say the word 'dog'. It's like how kids swear in other languages to not feel guilty, you don't feel like you're actually saying something bad. Anyways, we chose to speak in English, which probably appearing to the contrary was harder than in Spanish. In Spanish I can't word everything exactly how I want to so I get used to teaching what is probably somewhat sub-standard. Also if I don't know what to say I can pretend like I don't understand and if I pause in conversation while thinking of what to say people think it's because I'm trying to form the sentance in Spanish. However while teaching in English, you really feel what you're saying, you don't have an excuse for not having something to say and what you say should be more fluid. Just a bit of a test of the actual teaching skills side of missionary work.


Today we basically just got up and went to this same part of Montevideo where we went last week to look for souveniers. There's a ton of stuff so my comp is enjoying that, though he has yet to buy anything. We window shopped for a little and then just went to the cyber, which is where I am right now.

Anyways, I guess that's it. Since I have a bit of time I'm going to print off more papers with pictures on them. I'm hoping everything is still going good up there.

Elder Fikus

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