Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Letter #28 - August 3, 2010


Well, my week first:


For lunch I did get the opportunity to have Burger King, which is really expensive here but I used my Visa. So that was delicious.


Today was district meeting and an opportunity to get packages. Turns out I got both of them :D. The calender is SO nice, I don't really need you to send me anymore pictures haha. It's really really good, I finally have a lot of pictures to show people haha. Thanks you! I'm using the wallet, and am storing my pictures from my camera on the USB key incase my camera gets stolen from me one day. The Visa I called to activate and I think I did it, I have yet to test it out though, I haven't had the opportunity. I'm also really excited to have all the contacts I need for my mission safe and sound haha. So, that pretty much made my whole week getting both of those :D. Also since it's my comps last district meeting today we got pizza for lunch. Something that did suck (good thing I had got those packages earlier) was the two other Elders who were living in the same house as us till we moved out moved in with us into our new house. Their house got broken into and robbed so they had to come stay in ours since it's way safer. It's a little more crammed and disorganized but it's not as bad as I thought, plus apparently they're moving out soon. So yeah, interesting day.


Today I had my first dream where I actually remember speaking to someone in Spanish, so that was pretty exciting. I said something in English with Spanish grammar or something (I had 10 years (how you say ages in Spanish) vs I was 10 (how we say it in English)), the person asked me if I spoke Spanish and then we proceeded to talk in Spanish. I don't really remember me saying anything profound or complicated but I do remember saying a couple sentances or something. So, yay me. Something funny that happened today is we were at an investigators house and in the background was someone watching this show on love in English. It was super funny because my comp is like getting ready to go home and then there was this on in the background. I like kicked his leg under the table a bunch of times and it was super hard not laughing, especially considering the guy we were teaching didn't know. I believe today was also my six month mark from my reporting day in the CCM. We didn't celebrate or anything but it's wierd to think I'm 1/4 done already...


Today we had a lot of lessons fall through and we ended up going all over the place it seemed for nothing. We did have one lesson that I know I said something really good at with a mom who has a son on pasta base. She's hit like rock bottom and doesn't know what to do and she said that we don't know what her situation is like because we've never been in it. I told her 'you're right, we haven't been in your situation but I know that the best thing that you can do is be obedient to qualify yourself for God's blessings'. She paused for a super long time thinking about it and I think it was something that I said that stuck out from a lesson just from how much I think it helped.


Today it poured like crazy and was seriously almost impossible to work. The streets were flooded, my comp and I were soaked and almost nobody was in the street. Today was the first day that we came home early due to the weather. We did do some work and go to a cita but it was impossible to wander around to investigators' houses hoping that someone would let us in. The lesson we did have was with our person getting baptized and she asked me to speak at her baptism, which was pretty cool. We ended up going home only at like 6:30, which was only two and a half hours early. I made tortas fritas (scones) and wrote my talk.


Today we had the baptisimal interview for the person that we were going to baptize. She was not showing up so my comp left to try to call her with the companion of our district leader who I stayed at the church with. While the people were gone, I had an interesting talk with our district leader, because I guess he had an investigator who was super super tough. She'd like look up all this anti-Mormon stuff on the internet and ask them really tough questions. Some of it was lies but some of it was the stuff that people who are actually educated use to argue against our church. He was able to explain and defend everything but it was still an interesting conversation.


Today was the big day for the baptism but it turns out it didn't happen. While the girl was on her way home she was driving her moto and I guess at one point a dog jumped out and scared her. She ended up getting her shoelace caught in the wheel and had to bail or something which ended up her having a really sprained ankle and not being able to walk. We called her when we figured that she was more than just a little late. It kind of sucked because we had the font half full, I had my talk, etc. Also the people that I mentioned on Thursday who I wrote about came to church, which was really nice. It was nice to see the results of working so much by someone coming to church. At night we went over to our ward mission leaders house and he gave us some super good dessert, cocoa with milk, put some 80s rock music on the computer that he liked and we basically just talked. We also took a bunch of pictures haha. He's a pretty interesting guy but it was still a fun time.


Today our night got pretty crazy. We had to visit a bunch of people, none of which were going to be home until after 5. We visited some innactive lady who has actually been through the temple and she fed us cake and hot cocoa too. She had set a time to pass by another day, which we did, but I think we were a little early so she wasn't home yet. So, we definitely had to pass by her because last time she said she was waiting and had bought the milk and everything. After her we went to person that we were going to baptize. She's kind of disanimated about all of it and feels bad that she let us down but she's still going to get baptized in a couple weeks when she can walk. We also had to go out to our Stake President's to pick up our clothes. Today was actually my comps last day of work in the mission so he had to get them today. The Stake President lives a long ways away and we have to take a 15 minute bus ride that doesn't come very often to go there and back. After that, Eloisa's (the girl I baptized with Elder White) family had invited us over for an Asado to eat for supper. We got there at like 8:45, started eating at like 9:30 (we're supposed to be in our house between 9:00 and 9:30) and managed to leave by like 10:20. It was super tough because they invited us over for a huge nice dinner before my comp left and we technically didn't have any time to eat. Also tonight I found out my changes, since they're like tonight (it's why my letter is a day late). I'm staying in the same area and my new companion is going to be Elder Lloyd.


Not that much has happened yet. My comp said last night I was talking in my sleep and apparently it was in Spanish. He said some of it was mumbling and stuff but I was using good grammar and everything! Haha, super funny and yay me!

Other Stuff,

I've been using the pedometer a couple times and I think I walk about 15,000 steps a day, which at my stride of .8 meters more or less is like 12km every day. A lot more than I thought haha.

To your email:

I didn't have to pay for the package.

The 2200 pesos was for rent.

I guess that's pretty much it from me this week. Sorry there's no pictures as I spent some time copying my pictures from my camera to my USB.

Thanks for the letter again, thanks a ton for the packages, and as always I'm hoping that everything is going good up there.

Elder Fikus

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