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Letter #29 - August 9, 2010


Well, first my week:


Since it was Elder Pieper's last P Day in the mission we went all over the place again buying souveniers. He dropped a lot of money, which doesn't really surprise me considering he has a big family, including an uncle who helped him pay for his mission and he bought some stuff like dress shoes before he left.


Today I met my new comp, Elder Lloyd. He's from Sandy, Utah and is the second oldest in his family of 4. He has about a year in the mission, so not too much more than me. We get along pretty good, most missionaries are easy to get along with. I took him to the Bishop and Ward mission leader and stuff and we also had one lesson which was kind of funny. So anyways this one girl had told us we could stop by another time and when we went back to her today, she let us in for a second. We started teaching about the restoration and she said something like 'Wait up a second, what is the point of you doing all this? Are you trying to get me to change my religion? Like what is your end goal of you being here in my house.' Since I was pretty much thinking 'yes you stupid woman, because your church is blatently wrong and I could destroy you in a bible bash. Obviously I want you to change your church' I felt kind of busted. My comp worded it a little better like 'we're inviting people' and stuff like that. End result was that she said after being in the same church for so long she couldn't change. Ugh, well, it was kind of funny at least.


We had our district meeting, although nothing really interesting happened. We played a little game to get to know each other and since I was here last change I pretty much knew everyone already. After it and lunch we went out to work and we worked super hard. I believe it was today that I kept track of and we visited 12 different people, having lessons with 3 of them and having times with the majority to come by people later.


We had week planning in the morning so I got a chance to talk with Elder Lloyd about all the people that we're visiting. Also today something that made me pretty distraught happened. I thought that I had lost my agenda. It would have really sucked if I did due to all the information I had it in but turns out I left it on my desk all along. Also we went by a lot of people again today and the majority said to pass by later. We kept catching people leaving their house or only finding a famiy member there so while we didn't have many lessons, it was still better than not finding anyone home.


Today was the big day before Sunday and we had a lot of people to stop by before church. We did manage to have 4 lessons which is pretty good although not as much as I thought we'd have. Today was a super awesome day where after we finished I was really satisfied and happy. The reason why is based on what's happening to two families. Okay so there's the girl who we baptized who is like 15 and we have been talking to her family alot. Her dad is pretty interested in the Book of Mormon and has watched the movie 'The Testaments' (where Christ visits the Americas) three times and wants to watch it with us again. He's also really interested about the background of it and everything. It's really exciting because a lot of people just kind of take what we say to be true, although they don't develop deep testimonies of any of it which leads to them not really following it. I know that he'll find out it to be true and it's fun teaching him because he's sincerely interested and asks questions and we have to teach a little deeper. We're not just teaching the same stuff over again to a person who is mediocorly interested, we're teaching deeply and dymatically to someone who is geniuinely interested and it's a lot of fun. Also another family who we've been visiting for a while is making some huge improvements. I don't remember how much I told you about this one woman who has a son on paste base and has come to church a few times. Anyways, her situation was super bad for a while, her son would like steal clothes hanging out to dry to sell for drugs, she wasn't eating, slept all the time and stuff like that. Anyways, her son is now in rehab and she's doing a lot better. She's really grateful for the help that we've given her and I think now we can start to teach her a lot more.


Today we had two people in church, being the woman with the son in rehab now and her daughter. I thought that we'd have at least two more and while they probably had the intentions to go, by the time they actually had to leave they just didn't. It was kind of disapointing but two is better than nobody. We also had a ward coucil meeting after church which lasted about an hour. I could actually understand a decent portion of it and it was pretty interesting. Also today we visited the family who used to live in Toronto and talked to the kids for a while in English. They talked and talked and talked and I think it's because they like English but haven't really had a chance to speak it with anyone else other than the other sibling.


Today we started off P Day by playing soccer in the rental field thing, which was really fun. I seriously ran a lot, I probably won't be able to walk when I try to get out of bed tomorrow. It was good though, I love playing soccer with the other missionaries (especially the Latinos) although the general laziness and lack of effort kind of annoys me. After that we bought lunch and then went to a cyber, where I now am.

Other stuff:

I should have probably mentioned a couple things in my last email that I had forgotten about.

I am using the Canadian pens that you sent me because they do actually fit in my agenda rings. I like showing them to people and a lot of people like them haha. Also I do like the ties too. The one that you sent me (the more fine pattern) is probably now my new favorite tie. Even though I've aquired a bunch of ties by finding four really ugly ones in our house, tienda inglesa and one from Elder Pieper, I'm pretty much sick of all my ties haha. I'm probably going to start trading a lot of ties that I have haha. But yeah, good picks on the ties, I really like them both. Also from your last weekly quote, there's the word 'oration' in there for prayer. The Spanish word for prayer is 'oraciòn' and pretty much every word that ends in -tion in English is the same in Spanish but ends in -ciòn. I thought that prayer and song (canciòn) were the exceptions but apparently not? It didn't even occur to me that the 'Spanish word' for prayer was in there until I read over my letter again.

The grand-daughter of President Eyring just got called to our mission. She started like 5 days ago when I started with Elder Lloyd. She's gone through the CCM and everything and is now in the field. So yeah, our mission is obviously awesome if the grand-daughter of President Eyring has come here.

We were planning to baptize the girl who got hurt on her moto this coming Sunday but she didn't come to church this sunday. I think she was in the hospital with her sister.

I actually read that quote from Elder Uchtdorf in my Personal Study this morning haha. I've been reading the Ensign over slowly and underlining stuff haha. My favorite quote from that talk is actually a different one, and probably my favorite out of the whole Conference. If I remember the wording correctly it says 'Never give up on anyone. That includes never giving up on yourself.'

Thanks for the email, I hope all is going well for you up there. I'm praying for you and love you,

Elder Fikus

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