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Letter #30 - August 16, 2010


Well, I guess I'll start out with my week:


After we went to the cyber we had a little bit of time so my comp and I went to try to find Tienda Inglesa so that he could buy some stuff. We didn't have a lot of time but we did have a little and so we asked another missionary how to get there. He told us how to get there and so we attempted to make our way there. Well of course we miss our bus stop by like a long ways before we finally figure it out so by the time we figured out, got turned around, made it back to our house and started working we were about an hour late. The reason we didn't know that we'd passed the store was because it was facing the same direction as we were driving and so while we were looking ahead for the store, it wasn't until we had turned around like an hour later that we saw where we had missed it. Whoops. I felt really bad but I guess it was only an hour.


We had our district meeting although nothing really that interesting happened. Afterwards we had this lesson with this woman who has a super tough life. Her mom showed up halfway through and was telling us her background story, most of what I already knew (how her husband is in jail for domestic violence and all this stuff) but then she also told us that her daughter has tried to like kill herself twice and stuff. It was super tough and it's kind of hard to find her home but I hope we can at least help her... Also today I bought my first 3D cup of Toy Story 3 in some promotion that's going on down here. You have to cut the corners off ten bags of milk (milk is sold in bags here) then you go into this bank/store thing where you pay bills and they take the 10 corners and you gotta pay 20 pesos (a buck) and you get this cool Toy Story 3 3D cup haha. There was the same kind of deal with the World Cup but it was a different milk company and the cups were of Uruguay soccer. I managed to only get one of those which I kind of regret so now I'm trying to get all the Toy Story cups haha. This night we had to call Hermana Heaton (she's the one that we call if there's medical problems) because one of the guys we lives with has like a sore foot and the other has a sty (spelling?) in his eye and so they attempted to talk to her for a little while (she's still learning Spanish) and afterwards they just talked through me so I felt kind of important. My companion has been in the mission like 6 months longer and has a better vocab but for some reason she asked to talk to me. So, yay, that was kind of exciting haha.


Today we had a lesson with the woman who has kept coming to church. Since it's been a while since we've officially taught her we just taught her the basic doctrine about the restoration and stuff. She accepted and understood all of it so that was pretty exciting to see that someone random that we just found could actually be someone who could become converted. Also tonight as part of my 'collecting milk corners' scheme I called our Stake President's wife to ask if I could have hers. I already knew she had all four of the cups and since their family of five consumes a lot more milk than I do I asked her to save hers for me if she wasn't going to use them. I was going to ask her when we dropped off our dirty laundry earlier today but I forgot so I called her haha.


Well last night in the middle of the night I woke up and was pretty sick. I threw up, couldn't sleep and just all around felt like crap. So, today we didn't do any work, we just stayed in the house. I slept till lunch, ate lunch, slept until 6, stayed up for a few hours and then went back to bed. The weather was also really crappy so my comp wasn't exactly itching to get out of the house haha. So yeah, nothing productive here.


I was still pretty sick so I don't think we did really anything today either. I was asked to give a talk on Sunday about missionary work so I wrote that today. Also there was a ward activity in the night so we went to that. We didn't really do that much there, just talked to people and played pingpong. Actually, since I was feeling a little better today than yesterday when some people went outside to play soccer I went too although I played in goalie for the first part and majority of the time. I did play a little out when I got sick of people not playing defence and I kept getting scored on haha.


Well, I shouldn't have played soccer yesterday because I felt crappy again. We did try to work for about half the day though although like everything fell through so that sucked. Something cool did happen today that impressed me though. We were walking on this street perpendicular to the one that the bus we needed to take goes down. Since it was night there was some teenagers just hanging out at the bus stop doing nothing. Anyways, we heard that the bus was coming so we started to jog to the stop. One of the people who was just hanging out at the bus stop put out their arm to stop the bus. The bus slowed down, stopped and waited and then we got to the bus. The person who put out their arm didn't get on the bus right away (they just kind of stepped to the side, I assumed they were letting us get on first) and so I jumped up. After my comp and I went up the stairs and the bus started driving I realized that the person who put out their arm did not get on the bus, that they had just stopped it so that we could get on. I was genuinelly impressed by this small deed that someone did for us. If I had realized it at the time I would have said thank you but by the time I was on the bus and figured it out we were already leaving. (random note, sentances like these are the ones I have trouble with in Spanish haha. You don't realize which sentances have complicated grammar and which are easy to say when you just know the language but stuff like that gives me problems haha). It just impressed me because people like yell at us in the streets and stuff and I generally feel unnappreciated by the people here, despite trying to help them. So yeah, whoever did that for me today genuinely impressed me.


At the ward activity on Friday, one of the councilors in the bishopric told me that our mission president was coming to our church this Sunday. So, we made sure we were early, I wore a nice tie, etc. to make a good impression haha. I wasn't sure if he was joking or not (he kind of takes advantage of the fact that I can't understand that well and always screws with me) but since he had said it last Sunday and at the activity that kind of confirmed it. So anyways yeah, President Heaton did come to our chapel today (for whatever reason) with the Hermana. It was actually pretty impressive, we had both of them at the church, as well as the stake presidency. The Stake President and the 2nd councilor's families come to our ward so they often do too but it just seemed like we had a lot of jefes (bosses) at our church today. Sadly, none of our investigators came although a couple of our recent baptisms did as well as some less actives. Hermana talked, the Mission president talked, the first councilor in the stake presidency talked and then our stake president talked. I didn't end up talking (the councilor told me I probably wouldn't have to) but I did bring my talk anyways. Also today we have to report our numbers which also today by seeing the top page of a clipboard in a bag of the Mission President I discovered they go all the way up to him. I felt really bad because we didn't really do that much work although it wasn't our fault. Thankfully I write my letter to President so I can explain myself haha.


Today the majority of our zone met at our chapel and we cooked pancakes for breakfast. It was pretty cool and I got a lot of pictures. Afterwards, three of us cleaned up (I took the initiative) while the rest started to play soccer. It always seems to go like that where I'm the only one who bothers to clean or take responsibility but today I had a couple guys help me. The one other missionary who helped me in the Kitchen is Elder Henrie who was with me in the CCM. He's a group older than me but we were still both in there for 3 weeks together. The other one was a missionary who also is a Gringo and fairly new in the mission. It seems like we're always the ones who get to clean haha. After we finished we played a little soccer, some played the card game 'It came to pass' and then people started leaving (which included us after a while) to go to a cyber where I now am.

Anyways, I better actually send this rather than keeping it as a draft or I might forget haha. Thanks for the email as always. Always hoping that you guys are doing good and praying for you.

Elder Fikus

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