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Letter #31 - August 23, 2010


Well, I'll start off with my week again.


After we went to the cyber we went to Tienda Inglesa and McDonalds. At Tienda Inglesa I bought a little bit of random junk food that I really didn't need but still wanted. I found real Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bars and microwave popcorn so I bought a little of that plus some other stuff. Afterwards we went to McDonalds so that was always good. Afterwards when we started to work we had Family Home Evening with the one family that I believe you pretty much just got the pictures of their baptism. We pretty much just played Uno (it's kind of interesting playing that in a country where uno is actually how they say 'one'), did you know a lot of times people said 'una' which is basically the femanine version (since the word for card is 'carta' which is a femanine noun).


We had our district meeting in the morning as usual where nothing special happened. We also finally found the girl who we were going to baptize but she got in an accident and now her boss had like heart surgery or something so she was having to work a lot. Anyways, despite our troubles with her as of lately, she is still really animated for her baptism, so we're still working towards that.


Today I did divisions with one of my zone leaders, Elder Novoa. He's from Chile although he speaks pretty much perfect English, the majority of it he learned on the mission. Actually, we did speak Spanish a bit of the time because he could correct me but for the majority we spoke English. Anyways I was pretty excited to do divisions so that we could work really hard, which we did. We spent a bit of time trying to find people to teach and we came across this one guy who is really good so I was pretty excited to find him. Also we gave a Book of Mormon to a lady to give to someone else. I also was planning on visiting this one woman who we've been working with so that Elder Novoa and I could give her a baptisimal invitation. I knew that if I managed to do it on divisions it would go a little better and since he's one of my leaders I thought it'd be cool. Anyways, when we went to her house she was pretty much leaving so we talked for a little bit and then she had to go. Dangit. Also something super funny happened when we were walking at the end of the night. So it was dark and we were just walking on the side of the road and I stepped on a bag which popped it and made a loud sound. I stopped and picked it up to see what it was. It was a small, plastic baggie with a knot in the top and filled with white powder. Well I was convinced that I found cocaine or paste base or something, so I put it in my pocket so that somehow later on we could figure out what it was. When we got back to the house the other two missionaries who live with us were there and we showed them what we'd found. We ended up mixing it with some squeezed lemon in attempts to figure out what it was and turns out it was just baking soda or power (I can't remember which and I don't even know the difference anymore to tell you). I was pretty dissapointed because it would have been a way cooler story but it was still fun at the time and is kinda funny.


We were still on divisions and we had one lesson which was kind of interesting. We had a lesson with Eloisa's family and since her dad is really tough but good I wanted to go there with Elder Novoa to help him out. ... Anyways, her brother is a pretty big kid and looks a lot older than he actually is, he's only like 13 or something but looks at least several years older. Also he has some sort of disability which is really minor but it also puts him a little further back in the social skills department than it seems like he should have. Anyways, I can't really remember any specifics about the lesson or anything but I just remember it being super funny. Eloisa kept having to 'shush' him and stuff.


Today something pretty tragic happened in the morning: we got our power bill. It was a whopping 6700 pesos, which is like 335 USD, more than our rent, and of that 2000 is reimbursable. Since I was the one who turned the heater on through the night, everyone figured I should be the one to pay the difference. While their point was pretty valid, I wasn't too excited in paying like 250 dollars personal money (remember 20 pesos is one dollar) for the electricity bill for one month. Anyways, something about the bill was that the past couple bills they haven't been able to check our meter and so they only gave us a tiny bill (like 300 pesos). I wondered if it was posible that now that they could finally read the meter, they figured how much electricity we've used the past couple months and then made up the difference. Elder Lloyd said he knew the bill would be at least 4000 pesos because when him and his comp used the heater as much as we did last winter so he wasn't surprised. I wished he would have told me that sooner when I was turning on the heater every night (I didn't know) rather than once we recieved the $335 USD power bill. Anyways, one of the Latinos who lives in our house called the power company and they ended up telling him that it was actually for the past couple months, so thankfully like the whole thing should be reimbursable. We still as of now haven't called the offices but I can't see them not reimbursing it. It was almost as if we didn't recieve a power bill the last few months so what we can reimburse should stack. As far as work goes today, for some reason I decided to visit some random woman who we were mediocerely teaching a while back but slowly stopped visiting. Anyways, it turns out that this day that we went to her was the last day that we'd be able to find her. She was going to visit her kids who live way out in the country more and then after that she'd be living in a different house. Since she likes to read I gave her a Book of Mormon. It's incredible how much stuff like that just works out in the mission... Like it's her last day her and for the first time in two weeks I decide to visit her the day before she lives so I could give her a Book of Mormon. I have no way of knowing what'll happen to her, but it was cool that hopefully I did something that could pave the way for future work.


Today something ridiculously funny happened when we were riding a bus from one area back to the terminal in our area. The bus made an awful sound when it stopped and then there was something metal dragging under the bus. You could hear it tinkling as it dragged across the road underneath us. Also the bus was kind of pulling to one side. The driver called someone on his cell while we were going back (we still kept going) and at one point he was talking on the phone, trying to exchange money with this one guy who was paying for his ticket, and driving a bus that was pulling all at the same time. It was ridiculously funny. Also when we stopped at the terminal there was the path of asphalt which we carved this huge scratch in the road. I was like dying of laughter.


Okay my comp just finished so I have to hurry haha. Okay today I spoke in church about missionary work. While it was an incredible boring subject for me at least I just gave the talk I'd prepared the week before but didn't have time for. I did pretty good; I was spoke good and everything. I wasn't really that much more nervous than I would have been had I given the talk in English. We also had two people in church, Sabastian (Eloisa's brother) and Heber, this husband of a member in our ward. After church we had a family home evening with his family. We also went to the house of someone that Elder White baptized but stopped coming to church. She told us that she didn't realize we don't worship the virgin mary before her baptism so she needs time to think about things. She's apparently been thinking for 5 months but whatever. We gave her the number of the bishop so she can talk to him since she wanted it.


Today we just played soccer for a little as a zone at our church and then came to a cyber where I'm at right now.

Thanks for the letter again, I managed to attach some pictures this week too. I'm almost caught up haha. Anyways, hoping all is well up there.

Elder Fikus

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