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Letter #34 - September 14, 2010


Well, here's my week first I guess


Today we went out to a certain area and a member in our ward who's the second councilor in the stake presidency was going to show us where this family lives since we couldn't find the house with the directions that they gave us. It was kind of nice going on a walk with him because it's kind of hard to get the members to help with the work but he just went out with us one evening and we talked a bit when he showed us where the house was. Afterwards we had a lesson with Sebastian and Eloisa since Sebastian was recently baptized and Eloisa made this cake which was super super good. She's in some cooking school or something so we often benefit from that haha.


Today I had my last district meeting in the zone of Cerro. Well, I didn't actually KNOW it'd be my last DM since changes weren't done but I was pretty sure I'd be leaving the zone I've been working in. So, I said bye to everyone and we took pictures and whatnot. I've already been with Elder Lloyd for 5 weeks so I only have one week left until there's changes. And since I have been in one area so long (I've been in the same ward almost 6 months) we pretty much know I'm leaving. Also tonight we went to our ward mission leaders house and his son is my connection for the souvenir I was wanting to buy for Tyler. Anyways, he said he'd get me what I've been trying to figure out how to get a hold of, so that made me ridiculously excited. I also had him get one for me and dad haha.


Happy birthday dad! Ugh, I totally forgot to wish dad happy birthday in my last email since it didn't occur to me that his birthday was in that week until the day. So yeah, happy birthday! Today we also had lunch with the Guarteche family (stake president) and so I played a game of chess after lunch with one of the kids, which I'm finding to be ridiculously addicting haha. In the afternoon we found the girl who was supposed to get baptized weeks ago with Elder Pieper... finally. We've gone by her house so much but she's just never been there. But yeah, we finally found her so that was good.


Okay so when I started the mission all I had was my big laptop style bag to carry stuff in. Within like a week I had bought a fake Nike bag that was a lot smaller to proselyte in since it was far more practical. However, it is not very big and I didn't have room for my personal scriptures in it, which meant I walked around without a Bible and only one Book of Mormon, which if I gave out no longer had. Anyways, so today I bought a small backpack which is also a fake Nike. It's pretty small but it holds my scriptures haha. Today we had lunch with the Bishop and he cooks really good so that was cool. I have such a cool Bishop in this ward, he's one of the people that I'm really going to miss. We had a lesson with Gloria today which was my last one with her and she said that she'd go to church. We also went back to the Echavaleta family (the guy who walked around with us Tuesday) to spend a little time with them since they're a good active family.


Today we had a lesson with this guy who was pretty much in the exact same shoes as dad about some years ago. He ended up marrying this member girl, they have a kid, the majority of her family is active, none of his is, he has respect for our church, comes occasionally and everything. Anyways, I really enjoy teaching him and I told him that he reminds me of my dad. It was also probably my last lesson with him. I could never figure out what to do with him. He has to drive his wife to church on their moto which he does at 9:30, but then he goes home and then sometimes comes back for sacrament meeting at 12:30 or he'll just come to pick her up at the end of church. I wish he would just actually come in more often. There was also a ward activity this night and the other two missionaries in our ward had a baptism. I kept telling them to have their baptism on a Sunday and they wanted it on a Saturday but I argued saying that any other day than Sunday would lead to practically no attendance. So, they had it during a ward activity which I think was actually a really good idea. It was that half of the ward's first baptism in like 6 months because the missionaries over there are actually ones that work now. This ward activity there was actually a lot of people, which was nice because there usually isn't that many but today there was like double (30 vs 15 or so) so that was cool.


Today we went back to our ward mission leaders and I got the souvenirs that I asked his son to get me. They were a little more expensive than I thought that they'd be, but they are SO COOL. My comp actually got a souvenir too because the guy offered to get my comp one. Seriously, it's the most awesome souvenir I could ever think of, I was super happy this night. Technically I think I'm not allowed to own them but they used to be for sale to the public. Haha, how's this for hints, I bet you're just dying to know what it is haha. But yeah, SUPER awesome day.


Today after church we had a ward council meeting, and it seems like the ward is really going in a good direction, it sucks that I'm leaving. I also made sure today that I said hi and bye to as many people as I could remember that I did. Today to visit people for the last time we went to Eloisa's, the Bishop's, and our ward mission leaders again. They're pretty much all of my favorite people. Also today we were a little late getting back to the house and something that I didn't know is that when people are going to the offices, the President calls people Sunday night (usually we find out changes Monday night) so I was kind of worried since we got back to the house late that president had been trying to call us haha.


Today we had a lesson with Adrian, the guy that I gave my special Book of Mormon from the President to. We basically spent the whole time teaching him how to use and study the scriptures since he really wants to study the Book of Mormon but he's not really familiar with the whole books-chapters-verses organization, footnotes, or anything like that. He really wants to learn and study so that's really cool. We also went to the Stake President's house to see them for the last time although the president wasn't there we still visited with his family (I played chess again against one of his kids haha). On the way back there was this huge accident on the side of the road, which was really bad. This car was flipped upside down, destroyed, and like smoke was blowing out of it. The guy who was driving was being supported by these people like holding him up and his head was bleeding like crazy. The road was lower than the ground kind of so there was like a small ditch and then kind of a continuous hill along the road. I guess this guy like drove up it hard and flipped upside down somehow or something. I have no idea how it happened but it was bad, and really crazy. Also I visited my families that I worked with with Elder White, the Grañas and Sosas. After that we came home and I found out my change. I'm going to Salto, and my new comp is Elder Squires. I'm actually getting really excited because everyone calls Salto 'The Promised Land' and they have a ton of success. Also I've heard from everyone that my new comp is a super good missionary and person. There are a handful of very bad to awful missionaries even though the vast majority are at least pretty good but those bad handful is who the majority of stories are about, so I was really dreading having one of those as a companion haha. But yeah, my comp is a super stud and I'm going to a really good area so that's pretty exciting. I might be writing smaller emails from now on but I'm really looking forward to going where I am. It's one of the most northern parts of the country (you could check a map) and I'll be in the actual city of Salto too. I was originally wanting to go to the offices but I'm really happy about my change.


Today was PDay since it's change day and the whole zone was going to meet together and play soccer and eat tacos but my comp and I went to Centro again. We took a ton of pictures, got Burger King, and am now in a cyber. I'm actually sitting beside two girls who speak English who are from England and like 20 or something so I've been on and off talking with them (not flirtatiously haha) about the mission and their travelling. It's kind of weird haha. I kind of would have liked to say bye to some missionaries who are working in this stake but I'm kind of glad we did what we did. I have to be at the bus terminal at 11:30 and it's a 6 hour ride to my new area.

Well, that's all I have time for. I was going to try to send more pictures but my camera battery was right dead. Thanks for the email, I hope you have a good week.

Elder Fikus

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