Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Letter #36 - September 27, 2010


Well, I feel really pressed for time so we'll see how much I can write.


Today after we went to the cyber, my comp and I bought some cleaning supplies and spent like 5 hours cleaning the house. We cleaned like everything and it looked a lot better. The zone played soccer and stuff but we really had to get this done. Funny thing is, the house doesn't smell anymore and now neither my comp nor I is sick. Haha, problem solved. It doesn't really look a ton different, it just feels cleaner so that made me pretty excited. This night we went over to our neighbors house for a little bit because there was something we needed to tell her and they have such a cool family. It's the Hermana Eva, the one who gives us something to eat or hot chocolate every night and her daughter who lives in a house kind of behind us who is also a great cook gives us lunch on Thursday. We're going to make them a thank you card (when we actually have free time)


Today we had district meeting in the morning. In one of our lessons today we had a lesson with this super depressed grandma who lives with her family and her kids don't really treat her that nice because she's a sad old woman who complains and complains and complains and all that she wants is pity. Turns out she also tried to commit suicide. Anyways, we had a killer lesson with her, it ended up going really good.


Today was the day that President and Hermana came to our house to have the interviews. President took turns interviewing us in their vehicle while the Hermana walked around the house with some inspection paper. In the morning while waiting I walked through the house like 100 times looking for anything that I could clean quickly or organize better. Our walls in our house need to be repainted so that took a lot away from the appearance of the house but as far as what we could have done, the house looked stellar. My comp had his interview first and then I did. President gave me some advice and told me some things he wants us to do and then we talked for a little after. I really love interviews. Something pretty interesting that happened is while proselyting, we ran across a Jehova's Witness minister. As soon as I found out I wanted to leave but he didn't really leave an option. He kept trying to show me scriptures from our Bible (I ended up getting the reference and found out it was in no way contrary to what we know when I looked it up later) and stuff. He was super dominating in the conversation which I hated and was a good, spirit-lacking talker. He also said all these super irritating things that drove me nuts (I don't think we're fighting, we're just discussing the Bible, you guys believe in the Bible right? and You guys are really good guys looking for the truth and I admire you because you're trying to do what you think is right). I was so flipping burned and angry by the fact that I didn't get to say anything when I knew some stuff I could have showed him to shut him up. Anyways, that night I called my CCM comp because he has the book 'The Day of Defence' so he could give me some references. He ended up giving me a host of scriptures from the Bible that made me realize how far off they are. They actually know their beliefs and study parts of the Bible that are in harmony with their beliefs so they're a lot better than some other Christian churches but they are still so, so wrong.


This morning we went to our Stake Patriarch's house and did service for him. We ended up cutting a bit of grass that he had with a garden hoe and a rake. It works a lot better than I thought it would although it took a lot longer than a lawn mower. He's such a nice man and he always gives us hugs so we feel important haha. Today for lunch we had tacos for the first time since the CCM and they were delicious. It was from our neighbors that always give us food. I took of picture of them they were so good. I'm actually finding I'm starting to take a lot of pictures of the delicious food I get here every once in a while haha. We worked the afternoon and then this night we played some soccer for an hour against some kids in our area, which was fun.


Today we planned in the morning. Since my comp and I are working our butts off we're starting to get more people to visit and more investigators which is nice. Other than that we had a ward activity tonight where we basically just cleaned the church. It was a good little service project to help out and get the ward to like us although not many members showed up. Afterwards they gave us torta's fritas which my comp and I ate a ton of.


My comp was wanting to do divisions with some people in our ward where I'd go with one member and we'd go with another so that we could get some more work done. So, we asked two teenage girls from our ward to do that with us. Haha, just kidding, that was a lie, that'd never fly. I actually went with our Ward Mission Leader who's like some 25 year old returned missionary who for some reason is semi active and my comp went with a teenager in our ward. My ward mission leader was kind of pessimistic because we worked during siesta (from like 1 to 5 in the afternoon where everyone goes to sleep) which is a lot more strong here than it was in Montevideo. It's not impossible to do stuff but for the most part, the city goes dead for a couple hours. Anyways, it was a good chance to get to know him at least. Also since my comp is a District Leader, he has to conduct interviews for the missionaries who are in his district. So, we got to take a taxi out to some other church and do the interview which was kind of fun.


Today we had church, I can't really think of anything out of the ordinary that happened there. Afterwards we found this killer family and had a really good lesson with them. Also, when we were walking there were these kids who were playing fooseball outside of an almacen (little store). Me and my comp decided to go play against them for a little bit so that was kind of fun. Hopefully we're able to increase people's opinions about us and have people like us more.


Today we did a couple things around the house and then went to the cyber. On the way we stopped by what I believe is the river between Uruguay and Argentina and I got a lot of cool pictures. I don't have as much time in the cyber as I used to but I may get around to sending them sometime. That's it up till now.

Thanks for everything, I hope you guys have an awesome time at conference and a great week!

Elder Fikus

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