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Letter #37 - October 4, 2010


Well, I forgot my little paper that I record what happens during the week on this time at the cyber, so this email will be quite a bit shorter, and not a day to day summary.

Okay, as for this week...

Wow, I feel really lost without that paper haha. That's why I write down everything, so that this doesn't happen.


After we went to the cyber we went to TaTa to buy a ton of things for the house that Hermana Heaton said that we could buy when she was doing our house inspection. We ended up spending a ton of money, but thankfully all of it was reimbursable. Among other things, we bought a nice new frying pan, cutting board, utensils, etc.


Today I did divisions with Elder Pacheco. He was one of the Elders that was living with me in my first house. He was the one who didn't really clean and wasn't very obedient. While I've always gotten along with him as a friend, I always had a hard time respecting him since I was always constantly surrounded by his disobedience and cleaning up after him. Also since he spoke English, we always talked in English when I started the mission. However, this time doing divisions, things were kind of different. For one, we spoke in Spanish because I believe that I speak better Spanish now than he does English. Also, we worked really hard. He is actually a really good missionary. A lot of missionaries are like that I think. They start out really good and animated, learn a ton, and then slowly their motivation starts to thin and they don't work really hard. It's sad, I think it actually happens a lot. When we did divisions we worked really hard, found and taught a ton of people, and he even got up on time and did dishes.


Today I was still on divisions. I guess I should mention that I stayed in my area, and Elder Squires left to go with Elder Pacheco's companion. Since I haven't been here very long, it was kind of tough getting around but we managed to do really good. Also a couple times on divisions Elder Pacheco was really funny and I had to turn around because I was starting to laugh. I lot of people here have really backwards and contradictory beliefs and things and Elder Pacheco was like starting to lose his patience with people and being really direct. It was hilarious. Also today there was Ward Council meeting. The other two times Elder Squires and I had gone, they didn't end up having it, and nobody showed up. So this time we were a little late (Elder Pacheco had to pack and everything) and I didn't think it was a big deal. However, this time, everyone was there, including the stake presidency. Whoops. It was kind of weird to think about because in my last area we went to the Stake President's house all the time and this time when I saw him it was like a big deal and everything.


Today I can't remember anything special from any of our lessons or anything, but we played soccer in the night. It was a lot funner because there was a lot of people, and the average age was a little older. We started playing it a little later though because we were always left with like 20 minutes after where we never knew what to do since it was dark and we weren't in our proselyting clothes.


Today we had a baptisimal interview with someone who was going to get baptized this Saturday inbetween the conference sessions. My comp is a district leader so normally he conducts interviews but because it's his baptism, the zone leaders had to come and do it. It all went smoothly though.


Today all that pretty much happened was conference. We went to lunch, then went to the Stake Center where we stayed the rest of the day. We had a little TV in another room where all us Gringos watched it in English. One side of the speakers was blown so that kind of sucked. Also for some reason the Stake Center has this really awesome room in it that isn't technically part of the church or something. Someone explained it to me but I forget. It had a big TV, nice couches, ample sitting space, and a fooseball table. We really wanted to watch conference in there since our TV wasn't that good but we weren't able to. However, I still really enjoyed Conference. As the prelude music was playing and we were waiting for conference to start, I was overfilled with gratitude for conference, our prophets, church leaders, and the fact that you guys were there. After the first session, we had our baptism. Since it wasn't our church, we weren't in charge of the font or anything so that made my stress go up and down at the same time. This woman's boyfriend baptized her. They're both like 40ish range. It was a good experience although the whole baptism seemed too easy since I came to the area and she was already ready and preparting to get baptized. After the baptism we had the last session of conference and then went home.


We lost an hour of sleep today thanks to 'springing ahead time'. I was super dead and felt really jipped because I don't remember gaining an hour anywhere. I must have, I just don't remember haha. This morning we got to watch a recording of the priesthood session. However, this time it was in Spanish. It was super frustrating knowing that they were talking in English but I had to listen to some guy translate it into spanish which I don't know as well as english. However, I surprisingly understood pretty much everything. A couple times I didn't understand a couple sentences in a row and sometimes they used words I didn't know, but I was able to understand pretty much everything, and could follow the direction of their talks. Spanish is kind of interesting for me at this point. Since it's not English, it initially sounds like mumble jumble I don't understand if I don't really listen and it just goes in one ear and out the other. However, if I really listen to what's being said, I can pretty much understand the majority. It's kind of weird because it's not English, but I understand. Anyways, the other two regular sessions we got to watch in English, with our blown speaker on the TV. Something that's cool is when Mervyn B. Arnold spoke. I don't know if it occured to you, but that's the same 'President Arnold' I've had a couple of experiences with. I was at the fireside where he spoke in Montevideo and shook his hand there, and the next day we had a big zone conference where he also spoke to us. He even pointed to me and said 'you' and I had to stand up and say something I learned from a Preach my Gospel video. Afterwards, we all shook his hand, he said our name and asked us how we were. It was so cool because he's the President over the South America South mission, and spoke in conference in front of millions of people and yet I've had the chance to see him, speak to him, and shake his hand. He also gave a really aweomse talk.


Today we did some laundry, and pretty much came right to a cyber. There's a zone activity that we're going to after, so I'll tell you more about that next letter.


The weather has also really warmed up here. I've have made the permanent switch to short sleeve shirts, even at night.

Other than that, I guess that's pretty much it. Thanks for your email and support as always. I hope that everything goes well for everyone up there. Thanks for all you do for me.

Te quiero,

Elder Fikus

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