Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Letter #38 - October 11, 2010


Well, first I'll tell you some random things that happened last week that I forgot to write:

I hit my 8 month mark last week. That's 1/3 of my mission, wow...

Last week we found this guy in his house that someone gave us as a reference. We had gone by a couple times before but he was never home. Well finally we found him in his house. It was kind of cool because he was about to leave for several months for work. So, we gave him a Book of Mormon, which he said that he'd read. It was kind of cool because that was the second time that I'd found someone in their house the day that they were going to leave for a long time. Both times we gave them a Book of Mormon, which they said that they'd read. Also both times they're people that I'll probably never see again, but you never know what you can be starting for some future missionary.

This one family has a lot of little kids, and they were asking me all these words in English and just trying to get me to speak it. I told them that I'd pray in English, which I did. It was really wierd and I almost couldn't do it I just wasn't used to it. I always pray in Spanish, so it was really wierd but the family thought that it was cool haha.


Last PDay after the cyber we went to the zone activity. We had these things called choripans which are basically like huge sausages put on a bun. We kind of had a picnic type thing with those, fruit salad and pop. So everyone kinda ate and then we just hung out, took some pictures and then after a little played a game of soccer. It was actually really fun. Afterwards we came back to our house and I got a haircut. I just got a pretty basic buzcut and it's quite short but I'm on my mission and am not really concerned about my hair as much anymore haha.


Today we had our district meeting. The package you sent didn't come in so I'm assuming that I'll get it tomorrow (or at least I hope so). Also today we were knocking some people's doors and one person we were talking to had a bunch of trophies that we noticed. We mentioned it and she let us inside to see more. There was a ton of trophies. I tried counting a group of 10 and then trying to figure out how many '10s' there were and I seriously think this woman had 100 trophies in her house. They were from her two sons and they were for biking and motorbiking. I was seriously blown away.


Today we had our ward council meeting in the night. My comp doesn't really think that we have that much ward support or that anyone cares but this was kind of our first 'regular' ward council. Last one that we had there was a ton of stake leaders and I was on divisions. Overall, I think that it went pretty good. Our zone leaders here in Salto encouraged us to make a ward mission plan which we did but we didn't have time to present it. Other than that, it seemed like we had the support of the people though.


Today in the morning we had to pay our rent, so we went to the more central part of the city to do that. Rent here is only the equivilant of 120 bucks, and our house is really not that bad. Also today we brought a member out on us to help us. He's like this 24 year old guy who never served a mission but was called as a ward missionary. He's pretty cool and I liked doing it because he pretty much just talked and we were just there. Also today was the day that we were going to start our english class at the church. We had told a bunch of people that we were gonna start an english class which was in the church and started at 7:30. Up until now, we've always played soccer with kids on Thursday night but apparently english class has bumped that to friday. Anyways, so we got all ready for english class, set up a little classroom type thing in one of the rooms, and we waited for people to show up. And waited and waited and waited. Eventually this one guy we invited showed up but he was pretty late and since nobody else was there, we told him to show up next week. Since none of the kids we play soccer with were informed that we changed the day, they were all at the church playing while we waited inside and then afterwards we just went out to play with them.


Today we had week planning. Also today we found this guy who sells churros in the street. My comp said that he had heard this guy existed but he hasn't seen him in like the 3 months he's been here. This guy just basically has a churro stand on wheels and goes around with a microphone and people buy a ton of these things. They were a little more expensive than I thought (50 cents to be filled with dulce de leche or 30 cents plain) but I bought 3 filled, and they were SO GOOD. Afterwards we went and had a lesson, then tried to find him again and I bought 3 more haha. I felt kind of sick and fat after but they were really good.


Today in the morning we had to go to the church to clean up a little bit, because the sister missionaries in our ward had a baptism, as well as someone in the ward turned 8 so they had their baptism too. We pretty much just cleaned up and got everything prepared for them. At the baptism, a ton of people came. My comp said that for his baptisms before I'd gotten there the bishop didn't even come to his baptisms so he was kind of upset but it was just cool having a lot of people in the church, supporting and happy. The Spirit was super strong too, it was a cool experience. Today in the night there was also some kids playing soccer in the street, and they told me to kick it in the air. When I did, it got stuck in some cables for electricity or the phone line or something. I had to get it down by throwing rocks at it haha. It was just really funny because it was so unlikely to happen but it did.


Today there was a ton of people at church, which was cool, although we didn't have any investigators there. Also the person that we baptized didn't come to get confirmed because they got called into work so that really sucked. Today something really cool happened. The sister missionaries in our ward have someone who lives in their half of the ward boundries that was really sick, and although they're not members, they were getting taught or knew the church or something. They had asked if we could give the guy a Priesthood blessing, which we of course said yes to. My comp had asked if I wanted to give the blessing, which I was kind of reluctant to do although I knew I could. Anyways, we walked into the room and this guy was in his bed and he pretty much just looked like a corpse, even though they said he wasn't even that old. I ended up giving the blessing, which I think is the first time that I've ever given one. It was kind of difficult in Spanish, but I was able to do it fine. Afterwards all of us sang 'How great thou art' before we left. It was a super spiritual experience and a big faith builder for me.


Today in the morning we went and played golf. Our neighbor owns or rents this course or something, so as a zone we went out there. There was only 4 holes and they weren't that well taken care of, but it was still pretty nice and it was a lot of fun. After that we just came to the cyber. Afterwards I plan on going to a grocery store and buying a rotisserie chicken and some potatoes. Afterwards we're just going home where I'll heat it in the microwave, attempt to make gravy (I have flour, water, and seasoning cubes), cook the potatoes and make some jello with fruit in it or something and that'll be my thanksgiving dinner haha. It's kind of pathetic but what can you do?

That's all I have time for this week, this email seems kind of shorter. My comp finished like an hour sooner than last week, so he finished like 20 minutes ago, and I still have to email the girls haha.

Oh, I believe the next chance that I'll have to email you is next Thursday, so don't be surprised if I don't get to email you back before then.

Thanks for everything, I hope you have a good week,

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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