Monday, October 25, 2010

Letter #40 - October 25, 2010


Well since today has only been a few days since my last PDay, I obviously have less to say haha. Anyways, the following things happened this last week:


After we went to the cyber, we had a Family Home Evening with this one family with Elder Squires. It was a really really good lesson. There was this mom (semi active) and her son, and he was getting ready to put in his papers for his mission. Anyways, his cousin was there, who was not a member. We ended up having a really good lesson, the son was able to help and it was a really constructive experience more than us fighting with her. The night was kind of a gongshow, as changes always are. I had heard my comp was to be at the terminal at 10:30 at night, so we went there, waited a half hour, and then called our leaders who said he wouldn't be there until the next morning. So we took another taxi back home and my comp finished packing while I cleaned a little, did a couple other little things and then finally got to bed at like 1:00. Since my comp had to leave at 3:00 in the morning, I got like an hour of sleep while he finished packing. We took a taxi back to the bus terminal, he left, and I went to the closest missionary house with some other guys whose comps left to sleep. Since there was like 8 people sleeping there, all the matresses were taken so I slept on the floor with my head on one of the matresses. That was at like 4:00. Sometime between then and 6:00 I switched to a bed when one of the guys had to get up, and then I left at 6:00 to get my companion. Or so I thought... turns out I could have stayed sleeping since he didn't actually get here until noon. Ugh... So yeah, I was super dead by the time I started the next day.


Well I waited in that missionary house, reading church magazines and talking until I went and got my new comp, Elder Hammond. He's from Utah, has about a year and a half in the mission, and is really nice. We get along pretty good. Some guys you hear 'Oh he's super good' some 'yeah he's a good guy' and some 'oh, that kinda sucks'. So far I haven't had any 'oh, that kinda sucks' companions. After I got him, he unpacked, we worked, and then we had soccer in the night, which was fun as always.


Today we planned in the morning, which we usually do Friday but it was nice to do it after Elder Hammond got here so that I could pass over the investigators that we have. It's kind of weird being back to the one who's responsible. When I was with Elder Lloyd, I took charge and was pretty much the 'senior comp'. With Elder Squires, my seniority went back down and now that I'm with a new guy, I'm back in charge until he gets everything figured out. Today we had a pretty good day, and managed to have quite a few lessons. Oh, today we saw a Harley Davidson, which I didn't even realize existed down here. It was a 883 Sportster. We were walking down the street and it was like 'wow, this is a Harley'. It was sweet, because most people here have like 70 cc scooters and we saw a Harley haha.


Today there was a special conference in the church. There was some broadcast from Salt Lake that got transmited to all of Uruguay and Paraguay. So, everyone in Salto went to the Stake Centre and we all watched it on two huge screens. It was all translated into Spanish, except the first guy (someone from the 70) who already spoke Spanish. He spoke, someone from the Primary General Presidency spoke, then M. Russell Ballard, then Boyd K. Packer, who presided. It was kind of cool, because at the beginning, I understood like everything, occasioinally there was a word I never caught but I hardly noticed. By the end, my brain was drained and I couldn't even focus haha. But for the beginning, I understood like all the Spanish. Today for working, we spent a lot of time trying to find, since that's what we're encouraged to do on Sunday. Something we saw while finding was a super nice Mercedes, a SLK 200. We walked by it and I was like 'wow'. A super nice car, you should google image it haha.


Today for PDay we got up in the morning, did some studying, and then went to the stake centre where we played soccer. It was pretty fun, although it's rediculously hot down here now haha. Afterwards we went to the bus terminal since it's kind of like a mall, we got lunch (at the supermarket, there's no restaraunts haha), and then we ran to the cyber. I think we're going to play a game of bowling after, but that's pretty much it.

To Your Email:

I'm able to get around pretty good. I know how to find the majority of the houses that we go to and I also carry around a little pocket map of our area so I know exactly how many more streets down the street is that we're looking for.

Oh, that reminds me, the guy who went to the office this change was from my group in the CCM. Since there's only like one person from each 'group' of people that goes to the offices, it's quite possible that I don't go to them.

We didn't have English class the last week since it was changes that night and was a huge gong show.

I don't really remember my dreams that often, although I think when I do dream, it's primarily in English. Learning a language is a much longer process than I thought it was. I thought you didn't know it, you learned and studied and talked and then you pretty much did. Like now I'm at the point where I can have a conversation with people and pretty much function, although I don't really understand Spanish songs yet, nor teenagers, nor slack or conversations about topics with obscure vocabulary.

The lesson with the family we had last Sunday didn't go as great this week. Last week they were all outside so we talked a little with them and left. This week, not everyone was home and people kept coming and going so it was a little tougher.

I guess I'm more looking for dessert type things than main courses, as we don't have much time and I don't have much motivation. Here you can buy powdered soup, corn syrup I will try to look for (if it exists it's not common), but there's most things. I can't really think of anything we don't have until someone is like 'is there ____ down there?' haha.

I guess that's it. Thanks for the email and your support. I hope you have a great week. Thanks for everything,

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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