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Letter #42 - November 8, 2010


Thanks for the email, I'll let you know how my week went,


After PDay, we ended up having another lesson with Betania, which went good. I think she's probably added me in Facebook haha, since she said that she was going to do it. Just leave it if she has (like with anyone else). It's weird because she's like reading the Book of Mormon and praying and stuff, she's just a 16 year old girl haha.


Today we had our District meeting, and I still did not recieve my package. Today we also had an interesting lesson with this one woman. Okay, so it's often quite hot outside nowadays, like really hot, so it's a good way to get talking with people. We're just like 'hey can we sit down in the shade with you guys and chat for like 10 minutes?' It works quite a bit haha. Anyways, so today we were walking in the blistering heat and there was this woman sitting outside in the shade in a chair reading the bible, so we of course started talking to her. Turns out she's read the whole bible several times, it takes her like 3.5 years to do it, and she reads every day. I was kinda surprised when she said that she was not part of any church. Also, she tended to have a couple of negative opinions towards some churches that there are. I think the most obscene thing that she said was 'The Pope is the devil, dressed in gold'. I figured that was pretty extreme, I couldn't believe someone would say that haha. It really kind of shocked me, even though I did find it kinda funny. Also today we had a lesson with some people at the end of the day, and my comp had asked me if I could talk less during our next lesson with them since he didn't really have a chance to speak. I was kinda dominating the lessons a little I guess, as I like teaching, I think I'm pretty good at it, and I know the people better so we chitchatted for a bit and then I shifted the conversation to a lesson. So yeah, I'm trying to talk less in lessons and let my comp be the senior comp a little better.


Today we were walking around in the heat and since we were close to this one person, I suggested that we go by. It was some oldish woman named Olga who is kinda out of it. When we talked with her the first time, she ended up trying to take one of the empenadas that my comp had in his backpack until she realized that there was only two, and that only one of us would be able to eat if she took one. Anyways, despite my comp's lack of enthusiasm we went back to her and we talked for a bit. It was another situation where my comp was super bored and I was just talking with her, enjoying the experience. She said some funny things including 'I don't do so well in couples' in the middle of a conversation that was on another topic and just stuff like that. Also tonight we had our ward council meeting and the Bishop said something that to me implied we were going to get a new ward mission leader. He said something along the lines of 'we're going to need to make some changes if we want the missionary work here to grow' and that we'd find out sunday what they were. Since our ward mission leader is practically innactive, and he's not doing anything so that the bishop will replace him out of his calling, I figured that he'd be switched out.


Today in the afternoon, we went and did service for our stake patriarch, which was pretty cool. He basically had us chop up all these branches into smaller pieces of wood so that they could be used for firewood once winter comes. Also, the way his house is set up, he has a pretty big backyard, and he had some chickens running around back there. I had seen this video that this Elder did at a members house where you pick up the chicken, put it's head under it's wing, and swing it back and forth sideways and it falls asleep. Anyways, so when me and my comp were finishing up, I thought it'd be really funny if he tried it, which he did. He almost succeeded, but I don't think that he understood the instructions and I was too scared to try it out incase the guy came back outside haha. So that was pretty fun. Also today we had our English class again. I ended up teaching it, which I kind of wanted to do. I've kind of discovered in the mission that I like teaching, hmm... Anyways, so what we did is read through some English pamphlets that I had gotten, I read like 2-6 words or something depending on the sentance structure, and the rest repeated them. I also then randomly explained some grammer rules and defined words as we went. I think it went pretty good. Thankfully this time, the person from the Hermana's side came, so it wasn't just Betania. We got to walk her home again haha.


Today we had lunch with this one guy, who I was quite sure was going to be our new ward mission leader as it would seem appropriate to have us over for lunch before he got called, and also he asked a decent amount of questions about missionary work and retention and stuff. Turns out he's actually someone working with missionary work in the stake. Also today we did service again, this time for Betania's mom. There were these smallish trees that were growing in the backyard that we had to cut down. They had some saws that were crap, so I used a hatchet that they had. I was cutting away and I got a lot of blisters really fast. By the time I noticed it, I had several on each hand and her mom like freaked out and went and got me an old sheet that she ripped up and wrapped my hands with haha. After we finished, the mom told us to come back when we were passing by on the way to our next lesson, and she'd give us some cookies and pop, which was nice. After we got the cookies and pop, we had soccer tonight, which was kind of a disaster. We ended up with like 17 kids, and only like 8 or 10 can play at a time. So yeah, it was pretty packed and by the end we had like 4 teams going on haha.


Today we also gave service (3 days in a row haha, not sure how that happened), this time for the returned missionary in our ward. We basically just cleaned up his backyard, moving stuff, crushing rocks, and pulling weeds. Anyways, afterwards they gave us lunch, and the TV was on. He was allowed to watch Disney movies in his mission, so I don't even think he was thinking and we were watching Mulan, which I don't think was too terrible, it was his house. Anyways, I thought it was so stinking funny. I always remember Mulan as being one of the better Disney movies but I was like dying of laughter haha. It was a good time. Today the Hermana's in our ward also had another baptism, but we had to skip it because we just had a ton of lessons that we had to go by, and we really wanted to invite a lot of people to church while we still could. Today, we ended up running into this one mother of a family, and there's quite a bit of church activity in her house. Her one daughter is a returned missionary, her one son is preparing to serve, she has one son that is a bishop, one daughter who's innactive, and one who never got baptized. Anyways, she knows the church is true and everything, but she just said that she has something that impedes her, which I correctly guessed as smoking. Anyways, we're going to try to help her quit smoking, once and for all. I'm quite looking forward to helping her, and I think it'd be huge accomplishment if she could overcome this huge barrier in her life.


Today my comp and I did divisions with two kids in our ward after church. One is the bishop's son, the other is the guy who's preparing to serve a mission that I just mentioned. I went with the bishop's son, and we ended up having a pretty good day. I quite enjoyed doing the divisions, even though I was kind of reluctant of stepping out of my comfort zone. But yeah, it was good, we had several good lessons, and we managed to double our working speed (as there was two companionships).


Today for our zone activity, we went back to the indoor field with sand on it that we went to last PDay. It was cleaned up a little though, and I was kind of used to the surface so it didn't seem so slippery. It was a lot of fun. At one point, I like smashed heads with this guy. I was playing defence, and he was trying to get around me. He like cut me off and tried to get around me, but I poked out my foot and kicked the ball from infront of him, but as he was coming around me with his head down and I stepped in to kick the ball away, we like smashed heads. He got me right on the side of the eye, which has now turned into a big, blue, swollen bump. It doesn't hurt unless I touch it, but I can see it out of my periferal vision which bothers me and now EVERYONE that we talk to is going to be like 'oh my goodness, what happened to your eye?' which I'm not really looking forward to. Anyways, we played there for like 2 and a half hours, and then we came to a cyber, where I now am.

Anyways, I guess that pretty much is everything. Thanks for the email, the updates, the packages, and your support.

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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