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Letter #43 - November 15, 2010


Well, first I'll tell you about my week,


After we had our PDay, we had this lesson with this one guy that was kind of interesting. He basically said that all we do is come into his house and talk about Mormonism, when we should be talking more about Jesus and stuff like that. It kind of threw me off guard because like the name of our Church would imply that we talk about Christ and everything, but this guy's concern was that we don't teach docterine, all we do is explain and defend our church. It was kind of interesting, because I never really thought of it like that. So yeah, eye opener there haha.


Today we had our district meeting, and I still did not get any package haha. However, I did get something which I kind of hate and love at the same time. I got this waterbottle, which has this filter in it. Basically you can put water in it from like any source (obviously you don't want like super sick water, but like any tap), and when you suck through this straw, it filters it. It uses idodine to mix with the bacterias, and then the iodine gets stuck in the straw along with dissolved solids so that you can drink basically pure water as far as my understanding goes. The brand is Sechylle or something. Anyways, pretty much all the missionaries have them but everyone kind of hates them as it's really inconvenient and the water comes up through the straw pretty slow and you have to suck pretty hard haha. Today in a lesson, something kind of random happened: a dog almost peed on my foot haha. We were in this lesson and I had my legs extended and we were talking to the investigator. Anyways, as we were talking I happened to look down at just the right time to notice that a dog had lifted up it's leg and was about to pee. I pulled back really quick which kind of scared it and avoided something that would have even been a better story haha. We also had another pretty interesting lesson today. We went to this one woman who was kinda old, and like everyone in her family has passed away pretty much so she's quite lonely. We had taken this member to the lesson with us because this old lady wanted someone to take care of her and this member was interested. Anyways, this member is a returned missionary and I guess I could describe her by saying she has really good social skills. So it was kind of an intersting lesson as we were talking, which turned to the old woman crying as she thought about her past. The member who was there was helping her out and talking about how nice her house was and stuff. I was pretty much silent, trying to figure out if this returned missionary member was wondering why we were in this old, distraught woman's house and if she wanted to go or stay. So, I didn't do anything and pretty much listened to this one member help out this woman in desperate need of help. I was trying to figure out how to incorperate teaching or lesson into anything, which I couldn't do. It pretty much just went like that for an hour. At times my comp tried to intervene but he didn't say much either. It was kind of an interesting lesson haha.


Today we had a bit of a gongshow when it came to our lunch. A family had offered to give us lunch and so they had put their last name and direction on our calender. I had just written down the last name, assuming there was only one family with that last name as we've eaten with them a few times before. Well, I was sorely mistaken. We went to this one house at like 12:30 and the woman let us in, gave us a glass of water, we chatted for about 10 minutes but it was apparent that we weren't getting lunch. We felt too stupid and embarrassed to tell her that she had forgotten to give us lunch. So, we came home and started cooking. A little while later, our neighbor came in and told us that people were waiting for us at lunch, and that there's two families with that last name in our ward. Anyways, so she gave us the direction and we walked to this house which was actually quite far away. Turns out the address that our neighbor gave us was wrong, so we had to ask the people who we did go to if we could use their phone. Thankfully they let us, we got the correct direction, and then we went to lunch, which we arrived to at like 2:00 or something. Quite the waste of time... But yeah, I guess I should have read the direction the family wrote down and realized that it was not the address where we always eat at haha.


Today we did divisions with our district leader, Elder Wade, and his comp, Elder Alvey. I stayed in our area and Elder Alvey came here, and my comp left and went to the area of Elder Wade to work with him. It was kind of cool. Elder Alvey is a guy who is like the first person that I met in the mission who at least knows of some of the music that I listen to, and he's even worked with some famous DJs and stuff helping out with lighting and stuff. So that was pretty cool and we talked about that quite a bit. We had an intersting lesson with someone today who's been our investigator for some time. Anyways, turns out this girl, Perla, has a sister who's like 22 (a year older than her) and is from a church called 'God is Love'. Anyways, Perla told this sister that she's been listening to us and her sister told us all these things, including that if she continued to talk to us, she wouldn't talk to her anymore. I was quite upset, and basically told her how that's crap and stupid. I was probably kind of strong, but I know that how her sister is acting is not right. Today we also had our English class... but nobody went haha. That kind of sucked, so we just went out and worked.


Today we had another interesting lesson. Basically this one woman who is innactive explained all the reasons why she doesn't go to church, based off the actions of other people. She said how members are so and so, nobody said hi to her, she sees members who go to church do such and such, etc. I was quite strong with her too, although my comp thinks I drop the cane too much so I kept a lot of it in. I basically told her that it's not her right to judge other people, she knows that she needs to go to church, and she needs to start worrying about her own salvation, rather than the salvation of those in the church. She says how people in the church are hypocritical because they do such and such when really she's the big hypocrite by putting people who are actually trying by going to church. It was quite the lesson, and lasted a while. She also has a ton of family who are innactive, and they all basically complain about the same problem. Ugh...


Today in the night we did a 'choca de fuerza' in the hermana's side of our ward. It's basically where a couple companionships of missionaries get together and all work in one area for a little time. I thought it was kind of fun, as I got to work outside of my area. While we did, I went with Elder Wade my district leader. I think he's pretty cool so I enjoyed that. But yeah, that was pretty much it.


Today in the church, they remembered to release our ward missionary leader. However, to my surprise they didn't call anyone new... I'm not sure why, but we are officially ward mission leaderless. Today we went to a lesson with a member from the ward but the family wasn't home because there was some big soccer game, so we went to this other lesson which was really good. The woman accepted to being baptized and everything, so that was pretty exciting.


Today in the morning, a guy from our ward took us to this cave things. I guess they were naturally formed by the big river that seperates Uruguay and Argentina. It was pretty cool, and I took a lot of pictures. After that, we got a bite to eat at the house and then came downtown so we could go to the cyber, where I currently am.

Okay, well I'm out of time. Thanks for the letter and update, as well as the packages, even if they don't make it to me haha. Thanks for everything, I hope you have a good week,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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