Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter #44 - November 22, 2010


Well, first I can tell you about my week,


Today during the PDay, I gave in to something that I was debating doing or not. Okay well since it's super hot here all the time, there are these ugly straw hat things that a lot of missionaries wear. I was considering buying one to wear around noon and the early afternoon since it get's quite sunny and hot here, but I've always thought they were really ugly and I've never been a person to use sunscreen or any sort of protection, and take pride in my natural ability to tan and my sun resistance. However, walking around in black pants and stuff in South America during the summer is quite brutal, and even with drinking water through the day, I come home and drink a ton. Also, I sometimes get headaches from the brightness and dehydration. Well anyways, today I bought a hat. I decided that I'm a missionary, and that I don't really care what people think. Actually, I kind of take pride in the fact that I look stupid. Actually, up until now I've only worn it once, but it was like 5 bucks so that's fine haha. Also, since nobody was at English class last week, I decided to make an invitation for it in the cyber today, so hopefully if I hang it up on this Sunday, people will see it and go. Today after PDay time, my comp and I dropped two people who are like my favorite investigators: Miguel and Perla. They're the ones where she has the dumb sister who forbids us from talking to her. But yeah, Miguel doesn't really feel like committing and is convinced he has no time (he actually doesn't have much), and Perla told us she didn't want to study anymore. It was really obvious she did and she knew she was walking away from a good thing, but her evil sister put a hold on that.


Today we had our district meeting, and I got a package today... from the Savard's! It was pretty exciting, as I was totally unexpecting the letter and package. It was a little padded envelope that had a letter in it from Richelle, a card from Cody, and like 10 Halloween treats, which with all the willpower I had lasted 2 days. It was really exciting to get a nice letter from them, and I'm still in the process of writing them back haha. Richelle told me that she occasionally keeps up on how I'm doing with Shauna and you, so if she asks, you can let her know I got the package and that I was really happy, and that I'm writing her back. Today we also had a decent day at work, we 'found' 7 new people to teach, which is my mission record I think. It was actually two groups of people, but there were 7 people between them. Today I also saw something pretty sick: a chick got hit by a motorbike. Okay so there's this one road with like a small amount of traffic, and the speed limit is probably like 60 or 70 or something. Anyways, my comp and I were walking and there was a girl who was maybe like 12 or 14 a little behind us on the street. On the street on one side there was like no traffic and going the other way there was a car, a space, and then a car, and then a motorbike and then I don't know. We needed to cross so we waited until the car passed, and then went before the car and made it safely. Well this one chick waited until after the car and started to walk, I was watching her the whole time, and I knew there was going to be problems, based on the speeds she was walking and the motorbike was driving. Anyways, so as the motorbike realized this chick was walking right infront of him and he was like going to kill them both, he hit the brakes hard, which scared her as she heard it, and she leaped forward to not get cranked by this moto. Turns out the moto actually ended up hitting her back leg as it was in the air after she leaped forward. The moto stopped completely, the girl realized she looked really stupid because all these people were watching her, so she kind of hobbled off to the side, the moto guy asked if she was alright, and she just kept walking. The moto was probably kind of confused and concerned but the girl wasn't going to look for pity or act more hurt than she was with all those people watching. Thankfully it wasn't like fatal or really bad, but it was still really cool to see. That was my highlight of the day.


Today we had our zone conference, which is when President and the Hermana come to a certain zone (like 40 missionaries assigned to a city) which is usually joined by the nearest 1 or 2 other zones for a conference. They used to have zone conferences and interviews every change, but they now only have one of the two and they alternate. So today was zone conference, which was pretty cool. They talked about 'Feed my Sheep', using the 'Book of Mormon' as evidence of the restoration, and having more effective companionship studies. They also fed us lunch, which was a hamburger and fries, a popcorn ball, and a huge icecream treat. I got to see some of the people who were in the other zone, President, Hermana, and it was just cool. I don't really remember that many specifics but that was what we had for the majority of the day.


Today we had divisions again, and I went with Elder Alvey and stayed in my area, again. So, it was exactly the same as last week. I know that our district leader Elder Wade had wanted to work with my comp again to finish a conversation they had had. Since Elder Alvey doesn't know his area that well yet, he came here and worked with me. Pretty much the only thing special was that we had English class again, which nobody came to today either. Thankfully I made an invitation to the class, which I plan on hanging up in church on sunday, as well as individually inviting some of the teenagers that we have in the ward. I don't really want to see it die, but we've had nobody the past two weeks haha.


Today to finish divisions, we had agreed to meet at this spot downtown at like 10:15 or something. Elder Alvey and I were on time, and we started to wait. We ended up waiting a whole hour, and I kept thinking I had heard the time or location wrong. Anyways, I started asking people if I could borrow their cell phone (he has one but we didn't) and I managed to call him and they were coming. Missionaries are often late (I hate it, I think it's really unprofessional), but they were just really late because they had got away talking (finishing up the conversation they had started), and they live a long ways away. Afterwards, we had a pretty normal day of work. Our nightly soccer was unoffically cancelled because it was raining lightly through the day, so that was kind of disappointing.


Today in the morning, we had a district meeting service project. The three companionships in our district all went out to an area and did some work for this family. The area of Elder Wade (my district leader) and where my comp has gone the last two divisions, is like pure farms. There is only gravel roads, they have bikes, and there is just spread out farm after farm. Anyways, we went out to one of the people out there who they know, and we did service. We basically just picked weeds and strawberries for a couple hours in the morning together and then we ate lunch. The family was really nice, and they had a huge garden. They made us pizza and choripan (like a sausage on bread with tomato and stuff) for lunch. They also had this ridiculously good juice which I guess was just pure strawberries and a bit of water all blended up. Fruit is really just so much cheaper here. It was kind of interesting though, just seeing the difference in people's houses. This family had a decent house, with furniture and everything, but it was just made of bricks and cement, and they didn't even have a door to get into their house, just a big hole in the shape of a door on their wall. I hadn't even noticed, but once I did, I thought it was kind of weird. What's weirder is that I didn't even notice, and that it actually didn't even seem odd at all, looking at the house. I think I'm going to have a big culture shock when I go back haha.


Today we had church. I made a pretty sad discovery though while sitting in sacrament meeting. None of the past like 8 baptisms that I knew of were at church. It was pretty much all the old timers there, but none of the people who have been recently baptized into the church. That kind of sucked, as I found it kind of discouraging. We come into an area all new, without the responsibility to baby people's baptisms, and most missionaries don't even care at all, as they have the expectations to find more people and baptize them. I was like 'well wait a second, what's the point of everything if nobody even stays in church?' I know one person was really going to go, but they were sick, and I'm not sure what happened to the rest. But yeah, sad realization. We also didn't have any investigators at church, but I was really only thinking that we were going to have one. Turns out the baby of the person we were going to have at church got hospitalized, so she really couldn't go since her baby was sick. It was a pretty decent day though, as we managed to find this cool couple who after our first lesson gave us cake and pop. It was just a nice gesture of their appreciation, and it's nice to know that there is actually still people like them out there.


Today in the morning, we went to the soccer field and played with the zone again. I was especially excited to play today. Anyways, we ended up starting there really early, so we went to there, played for a couple hours, and left. Afterwards we went and got lunch together, ate it at some park, and then my comp and I went to this cyber. We actually found a super good cyber today. It's the equivilent of 60 cents an hour to use, and it has really nice machines, moniters, and keyboards. It's cheaper and nicer than where we used to go. Traditionally I've had an extreme hate for cybers, but this one I actually like to use haha.


Something I heard is that you can't send food in packages, so if I don't get any of yours, that could be the reason. I know lots of people send candy and stuff, but if I'm getting sent food food, that could be a problem. I know one Elder who got like 2 massive huge boxes of just food though, so maybe he got lucky, maybe I heard wrong about the whole fact you can't do it, or I don't know. Just something I heard though. It is possible I get like all your packages tomorrow though haha, I don't know.

So my comp had mentioned some of the things that he had missed doing before the mission one day. Anyways, among other things, he listed running. I decided to be nice and offered to go running with him in the mornings. Well that was a mistake haha. I've always thought that even if I didn't run very fast or set the pace very high, I could pretty much keep up to anyone. Well, we have to wake up a half hour early (6:00) so we're not late for studies, and I find it ridiculously hard keeping up with my comp who enjoys running when I can barely stand up. But, I grin and bear it twice a week haha.

To your email,

Well, I've managed to get my whole camera situation figured out. I might have time to sneak in a couple photos to send you. I now have everything figured out, so I should waste a lot less time trying to reorder and fix everything.

We didn't get a ward mission leader yet. I think we're basically working with a joint effort of a bunch of people in our ward haha.

Anyways, so even though I didn't answer anything about the rest of your email, I still read everything and then print them out if I want to read them later. Thanks for the email as always, the Christmas package (which I will be patiently waiting), etc. I hope you have a good week, and that everything goes good for you up in the great white north,


Elder Fikus

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