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Letter #46 - December 7, 2010


Well I resent my email from last week, I hope that you get it this time.

Anyways, I'll tell you a little bit about my week:


Today after we went to the cyber, we went to a Ferria, which is basically a bit outside market thing where all these people set up booths. It's kinda like a farmers market but outside. And of course, since we're in South America, the majority of the stuff was fake name brand things. There was fake sunglasses (Oakley, Ray Baun, etc.), shirts (Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Quicksilver, DC, etc.), as well as a ton of shoes, jerseys, watches, and CDs and video games. It was pretty sick. I was really poor though, because our money didn't come in yet, so I only have a few hundred pesos, but I still bought a Lacoste polo for the equivilent of 10 bucks. I thought that was pretty sweet. I'd like to go back and buy a couple more, as well as a DC or quicksilver shirt or something. So yeah, I thought that was pretty exciting.


Today at district meeting... I got nothing. I'm not sure what's happening with my packages haha. I bet I end up getting like 3 all at once or something, but we'll see. Also, since it was the last district meeting together in this change, we all took pictures at the end. Anyways, today we had a couple awesome things happen. We brought this one guy with us to a lesson, which is the really really awesome couple (Daniel and Norma). Anyways, it was a really good lesson, and at the end of it, we were walking back with the guy who came to the lesson with us. While walking back, he told us that he had recieved a text from someone in his family, saying that his mom and brother want to get baptized. He's a super strong member and his family knows a lot about the gospel, but nobody had decided to act on anything until now. It was just cool because I imagine that he's really excited now that his mom and brother want to get baptized. I think he's probably really happy, and it was cool to hear on our part too.


Today we had lunch with our neighbor, Hermana Eva, and she cooked us something really good. It was like this type of pasta filled with potatoes, in a tomato sauce with peppers and chicken in the sauce. It was super good. We also had a really good working day. We ended up with 6 lessons, which was really good. I beleive one of them was with the family of David Gonzalez (the guy who got the text and his family wants to get baptized). If it was today, it was a really good lesson. His mom and brother are for sure getting baptized, but his grandma and other brother listened and I think that they probably will as well. So yeah, vamos arriba.


Today we had a couple lessons as well. One was with these innactive kids that we had found a while ago that a missionary had written a letter for. The daughter is like 15 and the son like 12 or something. At the end of the lesson, my comp suggested that we have a pillow fight, since the mom wasn't there haha. Since everyone always says that I'm way to strict and tight all the time, I went along with it, even though I still thought it was a bad idea. But whatever, it was kinda fun haha. Today we also had our English class, and only two people from the hermana's side of the ward came, so that was kinda a bummer.


Today we had a lesson with this woman who I simply can not stand. We basically just went to her because we didn't have time, and I think I've mentioned her, but it's just a waste of time to be honest. I can make her contradict herself and she says how all of her neighbors think she's crazy when she's not. Oh yeah, I did mention her, she's the girl who says she can't read at work to have less responsibility. But yeah, we went back. Today we also had week planning. Also tonight we had soccer, but because we didn't have it last week, like very few people showed up and everyone was late. We played for like 15 minutes instead of an hour so that kinda sucked, but at least we had it.


Today we did another district service project. We went out to some farm and dug these deep holes to put these huge logs in upright. I think they're going to build some type of building, like a greenhouse or something. Anyways, we got there, and then the mom of the family talked to us forever. We barely even got started before lunch. So, we did a bit of work, and then they fed us. There wasn't enough tools for everyone to help, so it wasn't that efficient. After we ate, my comp and I basically had to go since they live way out in the prairies way out of the city, and we had to catch a bus in. So, it was kinda a waste of a morning, but we got to help a little and be with the district. Also today the ward had a baptism, so some guy baptized his daughter who turned 8. We went to that to support it, but I don't really know the family that well.


Today we had some people who came to church, which was super exciting. We had had a lesson or two more with Daniel and Norma, and they came to church, like they said they would. So, that was pretty exciting, as I haven't had anyone come to church in a long time. The ward was also super super super good about it. Like everyone talked to them and introduced themselves, so that was really nice to see as well. They came with their son too, so I think the ward was happy to see a new family in the ward.


Today was not Pday, since this Tuesday is changes, we had Pday on Tuesday. So since today was basically my last working day (potentially), we went by a couple people so say bye to them. I was like 50-50 with the fact that I was going. Also today, Daniel and Norma had invited us to have supper with them, since it was possible that I was going. It was really nice of them, they're just so appreciative. Also today when we arrived at the house, they had the TV on. It was about 7:30 at night, and it was still 30 degrees outside. It was a really hot day, and we're not even in summer. Today we got our changes after supper, and I was kinda hoping to leave. Turns out, both of us are staying though, and there's a lot of things that I'm glad to stay for. We get to have Christmas with some awesome families, there's still some things that I want to do here, and it really is a good area. Plus I'd like to see Daniel and Norma get baptized (they have to get married first), as well as David Gonzalez's family.


Today was our PDay, so that explains the late email. Today we played soccer together, and then we came to a cyber. Since my comp took forever getting ready this morning (I waited like 20 minutes), and they told me to be right on time, I just decided to pay for a taxi. So, that was $4.50 I spent to arrive to soccer on time. That's actually kinda expensive for the money we get, but I figured that soccer up in North America is a lot more expensive so I could deal with it haha.

Thanks for the update and the email. Hopefully I get some packages this week =). Thanks for all you do, I hope you got both week's email now haha.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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