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Letter #45 - November 29, 2010


Okay, I'll start with my week,


Today not that much else happened after PDay. I guess at one point near the end of the day we were walking around and we heard the churro guy with his microphone. Anyways, we went over to him and I bought like 4, and I thought I noticed him throw in an extra one. I counted it, told him about it (trying to be honest) and he looked in the bag, pretended to count, and told me there was only 4. So, I guess he was trying to give me a gift haha. There was some other kid there too, so that's probably why he didn't say anything, but it was nice anyways.


Today at district meeting, I got nothing. I'm not sure if the offices have sent all my packages to the wrong city (my last area) or what's going on, but I have yet to get a package from you haha. I noticed the other day that I was quite low on contact solution, so I hope I get that one soon. Who knows, tomorrow I could get like 3 of them haha. Anyways, today we had a lesson with this really cool couple that we found a little while ago. I thought that I had mentioned them, but I guess not. Anyways, they're just a youngish couple. He was Evangelical and she was Catholic, but they've kinda faded out of it and want to start going to church again. We invited them to get baptized, which they accepted. It was really cool. I feel that they're really prepared to accept the Gospel, and are just a great family. They listen really intently, and really want this. It was almost like they were like waiting for us to knock their door one day. I counted the other day roughly how many people I've talked to here in Salto, and I think I've personally done a couple hundred (x2 for my comp), and people like them just make all the effort worth it. So yeah, that was a super cool lesson that we had today.


Today we had a couple things happen that are worth mentioning. So this week we went to this one guy's house who got baptized a while ago and another Elder asked about. So, we went to this guys house to try to find him. He lives in this tall, 2 storey house and he has a staircase going to the top storey. Last year, a lot of my area got flooded, so I think his house was like half underwater, I think he probably only uses the top floor or something. Anyways, so he has this staircase thing going up to his second storey door, as well as some porch that goes to the door from the staircase. I thought it was pretty sketchy, I felt like I was doing some Indiana Jones thing getting to his house. I ended up taking a couple pictures haha. Anyways, we also had this lesson with this woman that an Elder had written a letter for. She was extremely annoying and I could hardly stand her. She acts like the common difficulties of life are tragic, inturrupted me constantly, etc. I think the missionaries used to like just hang out at her house and stuff, because of the way she acts. From what I feel, it seems like she just wants us to go to her house and befriend her so that she can work up the courage to go to church again. I don't know, I can't really think of what bugs me about her, and it's not really fair to just bash her, but she just drives me crazy.


Well last Sunday I had put up the invitation to English class, and talked to a couple people, so today at our class, we actually had some people, which was pretty exciting. I didn't teach this time, and it's kinda tough to teach because us and the hermana missionaries in the ward both go, and everyone there is at totally different levels. For example, today we had this person from our ward go who is like 18 or 19 who is super proper and going to serve a mission. He knows a lot of words and how to say things, but I think a conversation is still out of his reach, primarily with understanding being the problem. Anyways, there was also this girl there who was like 12 and doesn't know anything. So, I think the main reason we'll have people go is just to have fun, because I don't think we can effectively teach a language with that much diversion amoungst the people, along with the fact it's like an hour once a week and would take someone an eternity to learn a language at that rate.


Today we had planning. Usually we plan during the siesta, but today we didn't have anything to do in the morning, so we just did it then. Today we had a lesson with someone who is kinda crazy. I'm not sure why, but here there seems to be some people who just don't have very many social skills. For example, there's this one other woman in particular, who has these sons who live with her at home, but who are like 40 or something. They hide from us in the house but then sometimes like poke their head out and watch us until we look at them and they realize we can see them. Anyways, this woman today also has a bunch of 30 year old children who live at home, who don't work. Anyways, somehow she managed to get a job, which she didn't do a very good job of explaining, but she did mention how she says she can't read at work so that she has less responsibilities. I just do not understand. Anyways, she agreed to pray to end the lesson, and made sure to tell God in her prayer that she isn't going to go to church because she doesn't like it. Hmm.. Today we didn't have soccer, as one lesson that we had went really late, and there was supposedly an Elder's Quorum activity at the church, so we just assumed it'd be open, the kids would be playing and we'd join them. Today after the lesson we showed up late, and there was nothing, and since it would have taken us too long to get the key, return, start, and play, we just decided to not do it this week. Oh, it's also getting to be ridiculously hot here. Like you feel like you're constantly sweating (actually, you probably are) thanks to the humidity and heat. So, starting today I'm taking a quick shower before I go to bed, as it's just so uncomfortable haha.


Today we had a district service project in the morning. We went to this one family's house and basically helped them put a roof on a shed that they had outside. A lot of people here have this tin (or something) roofing stuff that they use on everything, and so we just helped them put some of that on a shed. They also gave us lunch, which was empanadas and rice. One of the girls in the family was looking at some missionaries' profiles (they had really weak security settings), so that's where that facebook add came from. Anyways, after lunch everyone went outside to finish, but my comp and I had a lesson scheduled with a member, so we had to go back home. The lesson ended up falling through, as well as about everything else in the following 5 hours basically. So, it was kinda a slow day but it was okay.


Today was a decent day as well. I was almost certain that we'd have that one awesome couple, as well as another woman, come to church. However, we had nobody. I was kinda disappointed, although I was probably more shocked as I was certain that they'd come (although it's not the first time people haven't). We did have some recent converts though, so that was better haha. Not that much happened today either, we went to a lot of people's houses, but there was simply nobody home. Today was also pretty slow. However, something kind of weird did happen though. There was this group of friends chilling outside who started to talk/yell at/to us (not uncommon). However, one of the guys in this group asked me to sign his arm. So yeah, I guess that makes me famous.


I'm not really sure how to explain today, but we'll see how this goes. In the morning, we were invited to play soccer, which my comp and I went to. We were a little later, but they re-made teams and we played a bit. At one point I was goalie, and someone passed the ball up the field far to someone on the other team. He was on a breakaway but the ball was way out in front of him. I went out to slide at the ball, but the player and I colided somehow. Anyways, after that I was on the ground apparently for like 30 seconds, and since they scored, my team went off. I had smashed the back of my head on the floor, and it hurt. I sat there for a little bit while the other two teams played, then it was our teams turn to play again, which I started to do. I remember that I couldn't really focus and was confused about who was on my team. Anyways, at some point (I can't remember if we got scored on, or if I just walked off), I walked to the bathroom, washed my face, and then sat down on the bench. People were kinda concerned, and I was in what felt like a daze. I'm about 99% sure I got a concussion because I remember trying to think of what happened, and I could notice myself forgetting things that I had remembered. I was trying to think of what happened in the morning, how much I played, exactly what happened after we colided, who was on my team, etc. I remember pretty much all of everything, although I don't remember at what point or why I went off the field, or how long I was playing before I did (I know it wasn't that long). I also don't remember lying on the ground, although I do remember charging the guy who was coming toward me. I just thinking and thinking and thinking, and it felt like I said, like I was in a daze. I think I ended up forgetting what I already said I did, and I managed to remember some stuff a little farther from directly after the incident. So yeah, I definitely got a concussion today. Afterwards, the zone went to eat at a restaraunt, but I simply did not feel like it, so we're just at a cyber now. I'm going to call the Hermana to see what I should do, although I don't there is much that I can do. I know I shouldn't go to sleep, even though I feel incredibly sleepy and a nap sounds awesome (which it would be, until I potentially don't wake up.) So yeah, pretty crazy.

To your email,

I don't have a new ward mission leader yet. I actually think that we're probably going to go without, as the other ward leaders are just all kind of pitching in. I don't think there's really anyone that the bishop feels should be called in haha.

We still do running, as I think my comp still enjoys doing it. We don't have time, but there is some alloted time for exercise, which is when we do it. We get up at 6:30, have half an hour time for exercising, have an hour to shower, get ready and eat breakfast, and then we start our studies at 8:00, which we do for 2.5 hours (1 hour solo, 1 hour with your comp, then 30 mins on the language) before we leave the house at 10:30. Since my comp and I get up a little early, we can still run and both shower, and not start our studies late. That's how we manage to run, without free time haha.

I am seriously waiting for these packages to make it to me....

Well, that's all that I have time for. Since I didn't have to fiddle around with my camera, that sure helped. However, I put a lot of my pictures from my camera on my USB key to make space on my camera card, but I don't often bring my USB with me. You just might have to wait until after my mission to see all my pictures =) Anyways, thanks for everything, I hope you have an awesome week,

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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