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Letter #51 - January 10, 2011

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the letter! Here's what happened in my week:


Well today after the cyber not that much happened actually. We went out with a member to work with us, who's a guy in our ward who has his papers submitted to serve a mission. The majority of the things fell through, but we still had a couple lessons with him.


Today I did divisions with a guy named Elder Wilson. He's from Kansas, and he's pretty cool. Like me, he wasn't really around very many people who were LDS when he was growing up either, so we had lots to talk about haha. Our stories are a little different, but he, like me, is not from Utah, Arizona, Idaho or California (98% of Gringos haha) so it was cool talking to him. Today we had our meeting with the guy from the Bishoprich, and he was actually early today. Lately he's been not showing up for a lot of stuff but today he actually did, and earlier than us haha. Also today we also had a lesson with Daniel and Norma, the couple that I gave my special Book of Mormon to. It was good, and we brought a member who knew them from before, and he's super cool (the one who took us to the caves). It was good to finally have a lesson with them, as it's been a while since we did. It had been a while since we had a lesson since the whole Christmas/New Years/Dia de Reyes (Jan 6)/other things we do in the night (soccer, english class) prevented us from having a lesson in a while. But, now we had a lesson and it went pretty good. Tonight E' Wilson and I also stayed up waaaaaaaaay too long talking. I think I got less than 3 hours of sleep thanks to our 6:30 wakeup haha.


Well today I was pretty much dead, although I managed to drag my tired butt around all day haha. I also went back with E' Hammond, who had left to the area of E' Wilson and his comp. Today we had a really good morning, I felt super guided. We found a couple people to teach, and both of them were really good. So that was pretty awesome. Tonight we also had our English class, this one my comp taught. I think we had like 6 people at it, so it was good. We just translated a song for them from English to Spanish.


Okay, I think I mentioned last week how my comp kicked the dog of one of our investigators and they knew about it. Well today we went back to her, and thankfully she let us in. I thought that she wasn't going to, but she did haha. Today we also had another lesson that we had that was really good. Okay so there's also this girl named Agustina, and she initially didn't really want to talk to us when we talked to her the first time. Anyways, we've kinda started teaching her now and we had a super good lesson today. She read what we gave her to read, and she asked a lot of the questions that we ask pepole to get them to think haha. So, it was really cool how we had a good lesson with her. Today we also had soccer for the first time in like 3 weeks. Our PDays got switched to the 25th and 1st (Saturdays), and since people are all doing stuff the 24th and 31st, we didn't have soccer the last two weeks. Well today we did, and we had a whopping 5 people show up. We also showed up a little late, so that probably didn't help, but hopefully we get more people next week.


Okay we used to teach this girl named Valeria. Um, I don't really know how to discribe her, other than she was kinda lazy and uncommital and didn't actively look for problems to her solutions. So, a few weeks ago she told us how she had plans to move to Argentina (the other side of the river) to live with her aunt or something (instead of with her mom). She was supposed to move like weeks ago, and today we were in the area where she lives. I suggested that we go by her, since I kinda like how people like her drive my comp crazy, and he reluctantly went on the condition that I had to say everything because he was going to be off in la-la-land. So, we went over, and as my comp had expected she was still living here. We talked to her for a little, then I asked her if we could sit down, she said that we couldn't because she was going to leave or something (poor excuse- didn't want to talk) and so I ignored her and kept talking, and we had like a 45 minute lesson. Afterwards my comp told me that I had a lot of patience haha. Today we also had the guy who we meet with on Wednesday work with us for a couple hours. We had a lot of set lessons with people, but when we went by, most of them weren't there. We walked a ton with this poor guy, and we only got one lesson in with him. I felt kinda bad, but maybe it helped him realize why it's hard to get new people in church haha. Today, we also 'found' 8 people, which I think is my mission record. We found a ton of new people to teach today (somehow, I feel like we've talked to everyone), so that'll be nice to stop going by the people who aren't doing anything other than listening haha.


Today we had church, although sadly we didn't have any people that we're teaching come today. There was a lot of members again, so that was cool. We also had two lessons today that I thought were pretty cool. The first was with this guy named Ivan. He never really went to a church, although he decided to read the bible on his own after he discovered that the existance of a supreme being was the only explanation for what he was learning in science. Anyways, he knows the Bible really well, and he actually knows about the Book of Mormon too. He didn't feel the need for a church, as he can communicate with God in prayer and can read the Bible to learn. We only started teaching him, but he was super sharp and it was a lot of fun. He actually on his own already knew a lot of what we teach, and it was really fun asking him questions to get him to think. We also had another lesson with a guy named Luis, who's pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum. He'd been in one church this whole life, although he kind of knew about ours. I think to try to make everyone happy and not have to do anything, he tried arguing to me that there were two churches that were 100% on this earth: ours and his. Well anyone can see how flawed that logic is, so it was incredibly fun talking to him. I don't think he enjoyed it so much, as his plan of making us happy by saying that we were true failed, and he had all these super funny analogies to explain his teaching. Also, part of the reason that he said that the two churches were true was because we were the first two to show up in Salto. I asked him if all religious questions and universal truths could be known soley based on the knowledge of which two churches showed up first in a south american country of 100,000 people. That's just one example, but as you can probably imagine it was a fun conversation haha.


Today we got to play soccer as a zone together, finally! The past two PDays we hadn't and I was just about going crazy. We played for a couple hours in the field that we usually go to, and then after that we came here to the cyber. We actually haven't done that much yet today.

To your email:

Haha, that sucks that you got a ton of snow. It's going to be really crazy when I go back. It'll easily be a 50ª difference in temperature in one day haha.

Yeah, we got our new mattress and wardrobe last week.

Anyways, I guess that pretty much covers this week. Thanks for your letter as always and all that you do. I hope you have a great week mom,

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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