Friday, February 4, 2011

Letter #54 - February 1, 2011

Hey Mom,

Well, I'll start off by telling you about my week:


Today after out PDay we didn't have anything super special happened. We had to do a bunch of stuff for Tuesday, so we basically just went by some people to borrow a movie, set up some lessons with members, and things like that.


Today we had a lesson with this woman that was super funny. She let us into our house, but everytime we started talking about anything to do with religion, she interupted us and tried to change the conversation. She told us that she was from some other church, and we said that was okay. Anyways, a couple times we tried slowly changing the subject back to religion, but she was pretty resistant. Anyways, after several attempts she stood up, opened the door, and stormed out of the room. I guess that was her civilized way of telling us that she wasn't interested. I think she was drunk actually, but it didn't occur to me until after my comp told me that's what he had assumed. I just thought it was super funny and couldn't believe she was that rude. We also had another lesson in the night that's worth mentioning, and this one went a lot better. It was a lesson with the woman who has gone to church and her daughter. We brought two members with us to have a big lesson for us, one for each of the investigators. It ended up being a really good lesson. We taught the plan of salvation, and I used the little wooden map thing that Santa had brought me =)


Today it rained quite a bit, so that kind of sucked. We had a lesson with this one guy that was really weird. It was this guy who we had a nice, regular conversation with the last time that we went there. However, today he was totally unable to carry on any sort of conversation. We tried talking to him with sentances, which usually resulted in him saying something totally unrelated, or when we asked him information-seeking questions, we usually got a 'yes' answer. It was likely the most complicated and confusing conversation I've ever had. We also had a meeting tonight to meet with our Branch President to talk about the work as well as our baptism that we had scheduled for Saturday. He's really supportive of us so that's really cool.


Today we decided to go by someone who we heard was an innactive member. Usually people who are innactive are either super cold, or really nice on the condition they don't have to change or do anything. She actually ended up being super nice and said that she was going to go to church. She got all excited talking about her baptism and the people she knew from church, she just stopped going to church because she started living with a guy and she felt guilty. Today was also the day that we had soccer with all the neighborhood kids. Last time I felt pretty bad for yelling at the uncontrolable teenagers that come, so this time I told myself that I wasn't going to do it. I actually didn't, so I felt better about that. However, it was still a disaster as far as structure, organization, or respect goes, so next time we're going to start out by laying down the law haha.


Today we had a pretty discouraging lesson with the two kids that we were gonna baptize on Saturday. They have a really rough home life and one of them is tougher than the other, but today they told us that they didn't want to get baptized. It really sucked, as they both were supposed to get baptized on Saturday. They weren't super opposed to the idea, but they weren't exactly thrilled either. We also did week planning since it was Friday, and later in the day we had to go to our Branch Presidents to do something. He was actually super sick for whatever reason, and he asked my comp and I to give him a priesthood blessing. My comp ended up doing the talking as I had once before but I don't think that he had. It was a super spiritual experience as always. Today was also E' Smith's and I's one year mark of service since we started in the CCM. To celebrate, we made a cake in the night. We just bought a box of instant cake mix and made it. We actually threw in a box of pudding mix too, since my comp said that that's good, which it of course was. We also played some one on one Uno (we do it quite often actually) in the night also to celebrate.


Today we had our scheduled baptisms of Bruno and Mario. Our district leader came into Vichadero in the morning to conduct the baptisimal interview. We went by their house in the morning, but Mario wasn't there. As we later found out, there was a fight between him and his dad's wife (but not his mom) that he lives with. He's 13, and I don't think they got along very good, I think there was actually a little bit of violence in this particular case which led to him running away. It was really sad. Anyways, Bruno, was still going to get baptized so we spent the majority of the day worrying about that. In the morning we had the interview, after lunch we started filling up the font and prepared the church. Afterwards we went by some people to either confirm that they were going to the baptism, or to tell them about it. We made sure that our best investigator was going to go (the one who goes to church), as well as Bruno's sisters and alcoholic mom. They both said that they were going to, but it turns out they didn't. Some people unexpectadly came over to visit Anita, and Bruno's mom was a no-show. I was super angry at her since she told us she was going, I drilled it into her the importance of supporting her kid, and Bruno's sisters really wanted to go. The baptism actually went good though, and everything was prepared and it was relatively stress free, for a baptism haha.


Today we had church in the morning, so Bruno got confirmed. Also Anita went to church again, so that was really good. Today there was a lack of Priesthood holders at church, so my comp and I got to bless the sacrament. It was my first time doing it in Spanish, although I wasn't worried at all. Since our Zone Leaders wanted us in Rivera on Tuesday, my comp and I left for Rivera this night so that we'd have PDay there too. The bus left at like 6:00 in the afternoon, and today it took especially long to travel since the bus actually broke down and we had to switch buses on the highway haha.


Today we had PDay in Rivera with the rest of the zone. I knew that we were going to play soccer together, so I was pretty excited about that. For the first bit we were rotating between 3 teams of like 6 each, and I played alright. After that a bunch of people quit and we played 5 on 5 with only two teams. It was way more intense and I played a lot better. It was way more fun, and they had this one really good player on their team from Chile. It's actually E' Hernandez who got to the CCM with me (he's probably in some old picture from there). Anyways, he plays really well, and it was pretty much my job to mark him, and he in return marked me. It was funny because we were winning by quite a bit, and since he's super competative, he was extremely frustrated with his team and himself. It just reminded me of how when I played indoor soccer before I was often the most hated player on our team by a lot of the really good forwards and I just got them frustrated. He was childish and did things like kick the ball right at me after it went out so that it'd go out again and he'd be able to keep doing it. The game actually ended by him fouling me haha. Whatever, I played good and had a ton of fun. Today for lunch we ate lunch in Brasil at this pretty famous Brasilian buffet. Something cool that they did was have waiters bring around huge scuiers (sp??) of meat to the tables. It was really good. Also there's a bunch duty free shops, and since my comp needed to buy a camera we got to do a bit of shopping. I loved it haha. We saw all these brand name stuff, even like Hugo Boss ties ($86 haha). Afterwards I worked with our Zone Leader E' Miranda from Panama I believe. It was pretty good.


Today we had district meeting, this time we actually came to it. Afterwards we got lunch quick and then came to the cyber inbetween when we finished eating and when the bus leaves. I'm super short on time today haha.


Blah, I'm totally out of time and if I don't get off now we're gonna miss our bus. So, thanks for the email and updates, I hope you have a great week,


Elder Fikus

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