Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter #57 - February 21, 2011

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the email and everything. I'll start out by telling you about my week,


Today we went by this guy that we had seen on Sunday when we were looking for investigators. His name is Oscar, and he was in a wheelchair on this dirt road. He had gotten kind of stuck, so we offered to help him. We did, and he agreed to let us come by today. When we went by, it turns out that he had gone to church before, and actually knew quite a bit. It was a pretty good lesson, and it was just cool that he was actually home and how we had found him.


Well, since we moved houses not that long ago, lately we've been having a bunch of random problems. For starters, we don't have a land line in our new house to which we can hook up our phone. Since nobody in Vichadero is qualified, we'd have to have someone from Rivera come, which is like two hours away. They might give us a cell phone, but we'll see what happens. Also, since our landlord lives in Rivera, it's hard to get her rent. Plus E' Smith's last comp took his half of January rent with him, so it's been a bit of a process getting that part back, and then trying to pay the landlord without her breathing down our necks (she's not particularly nice). Also, when we left from our house, there was two doors to which we didn't have the key. We didn't even know it since we never used them, but the people who are now living there want us to replace them. Ugh, just a bunch of random problems. Not like I have anything else to worry about, oh, like I don't know, people's salvation? Something really cool happened this night too. Okay, so we had talked to this guy outside his house like 3 weeks ago, without thinking much about it or being particularly excited about it. He was still nice, but nothing special. Anyways, today we wound up really close to his house, without a scheduled lesson planned. So, we decided to go to him and talk to him again. As we were talking to him, we discovered that he was moving to Rivera the very next day, and that we talked to him the last day that he would be in Vichadero. Also, he had always liked our church, and the idea of going to it in Rivera was floating around in his mind. We talked to him, wrote down his address, and he would more than willingly accept the missionaries who are serving where he's going to move, and would go to church. I just thought that it was super cool that this night we randomly decided to go by some guy who we had talked to weeks before, and that he'll likely be a really good person for the missionaries to teach.


Okay I'm going to start off today by saying something totally random haha. Okay so in Vichadero, there isn't very good fruit, as it's all just in the little stores and it's all from Rivera so it's expensive and not that good. However, once a week (on Wednesday), a huge fruit truck comes in from Rivera and has all this really good, cheap fruit. My comp and I made sure we went haha, and we bought a lot of good fruit, which I haven't had for a while haha. How's that for exciting? Anyways, something more noteworthy was we had a lesson with Jorge, the guy who can't walk well that has come to church a few church, really likes it, and wants to get baptized. Something that he told us today is that all through his life, he's had tons of missionaries knock his door and tons of chances to 'become Mormon' (haha). Anyways, he said that E' Smith and I are the first two missionaries that he's really liked, and for that reason he accepted us, which is going to lead to his baptism. It's just cool that because of E' Smith and I, this guy is going to get baptized. It was just a compliment in it's own way haha.


Today something super funny happened when E' Smith and I were buying lunch in the almacen (store). Okay, so there's 3 girls who work there, and one guy who's like 10. The girls are probably like 17, 25, and 35. E' Smith was on the other side of the store than I was getting something. I was by the 17 year old, so I told her what I wanted, and she went and got it. The 10 year old kid asked us about our girlfriends. I said something not very helpful, and then he made a head notion to the girl who was helping me. Well she figured it out, got super embarrassed, and then it started this really awkward conversation. E' Smith by this point had come over, and she started asking us if we could have girlfriends in the mission, why we couldn't, what happens if we do, and what happens after the mission. Sigh... It was just so blatantly obvious, it was ridiculous. We laughed about it so much after haha. I just thought it was super funny. I actually think it's a good thing E' Smith and I are in an area with not very many people (girls), or we could have a lot of problems haha. Today we had another lesson with the guy in the wheelchair (same guy as on Monday), and today he told us that he already knew the church is true. Hm, that makes it easier. Also today we had soccer, which is getting a lot better. We have better control, people aren't fighting anymore, and it's overall less of a big catastrophe. Woohoo.


Today we had a lesson with the girl who we recently baptized, and her 14 year old daughter. The mom told us that she doesn't really like lesson settings where we sit down and talk, so today we decided to watch 'The Testaments' (church movie) with them. I think that it went pretty good, so we were trying to get her to slowly feel more comfortable around us. We also had a meeting with the Branch President about missionary work, and it went well. I think that he likes us, he's had some more difficult missionaries in the past. Also today we did a reference activity with some members of the ward. I think it was pretty helpful because they gave us names of people that had gone to church before and stuff, so hopefully our talking to people can be more effective.


On Saturdays, we always eat lunch with this one lady who got baptized like a year ago but her husband is innactive (pretty sure I mentioned her in my last letter). Anyways, she always gives us the food to go, but today we ate lunch with her, so I think that was good. We got to eat with the dad, and the one kid who isn't baptized, and the other kid who's younger. I think it was good, as we're starting to be able to help them out a little better. Hopefully we can help them all return to activity. Today I accidently screwed up a bit in a lesson. Okay so we were in Jorge's house, and he has someone there he keeps up the house for him. She came into the living room and it was all four of us there. I wasn't focussing as much as I should have, but I clued in to that we were talking about some other church. It was mentioned that this church doesn't permit it's people to do any sort of dancing. I decided to argue against that point, and came up with all these scriptures that show that dancing is okay. We obviously mentioned it depends on the dancing, but that dancing in itself is not evil. Anyways, I kind of attacked this point not thinking anything of it, and then the conversation went on. Later that night E' Smith told me how I really attacked that girl's church, by saying how they don't let their people dance. Whoops, I didn't realize that we were talking about her haha. I guess I need to be more careful.


Today was kind of a sucky day, because for the first time, we didn't have like any investigators in church. All of them had this little problem, and because of it we had a ton less than we usually do. Our two recent baptisms showed up, but only one investigator did. We thought that we'd have like 5, so that kind of sucked. There was still a bunch of members though, it just sucks not having investigators. Also today was the birthday of Bruno's (kid who we baptized) sister. She sits in on the lesson and always behaves really good. She's 7, and we got talked into baking a cake for her, which we did. I think it was a good idea though, because I know she didn't get much for her birthday. I think they enjoyed it. Also today we were talking with people, and we knocked the door of this guy who came outside. He was kinda rude, and he actually threw out a lot of attacks against our church. Since I'm pretty good at using the bible to 'discuss' doctrine, and E' Smith is even better, we held our own really good against this guy. He threw out a bunch of things that probably seemed good to him at the time when his pastor told him why we're wrong and blah blah blah, but we stomped him on everything. Eventually he kind of gave up and said how we need to respect his beliefs like he respects ours. Hmm, after failing at trying to fight with us, he settles for a truce. Haha, whatever. Also he said that he couldn't talk to us unless we got permission from his pastor. So, E' Smith and I went to his pastor. It's the guy who's been teaching for 30 years, has a pretty big church, and even his own radio station. He actually took Anita's tithing money when she wasn't even going to his church, because she was saving it up because she knew she was supposed to. Anyways, so this guy is slightly evil, although he didn't look like it, but he had a bad vibe. So, our going to ask for permission led to him being evil, sly, and evasive, and eventually he said no. He said we could go back to talk to him, and I know he hates us, but I kinda want to see how it'll go.


Today has been a pretty slow PDay, it's been kind of nice. I wrote some letters in the morning, we went and got breakfast, I finished writing letters, we played some cards, and now we're at a cyber. It's been kind of nice catching up on writing some people that are more than due for a letter. I just simply have not had time haha. So, that puts me where I am now.

Anyways, that's all that I have time for. Thanks for the email, package (yay!), and overall all that you do for me. Thanks, I hope you have a great week,


Elder Fikus

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