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Letter #59 - March 7, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's what happened this week,


Okay today it was still our PDay, and we had a bit of time after we went to the cyber. We went to the ferria and stuff, and did a bit of shopping. At the ferria, there's a ton of fake sunglasses, watches, etc. Anyways, I was kinda looking with E' Smith, when I noticed these Oakleys that look almost exactly like the ones that I had before the mission that got stolen out of my car. Price? Five bucks. So, I bought them haha. I actually almost conisdered buying a couple extra pairs, since it's a good style and they're like practically free. Since I was still stuck in Rivera for the whole day before E' Smith left, we worked there for the couple working hours after PDay. When we were walking around, I saw this super funny thing. There was a bit of wind, as there always here, so some kids had decided to take advantage of it. They had a well designed, decently constructed kite built out of some small planks (more like sticks, but ones that they bought, not picked off the ground), a piece of a garbage bag, and a ribbon. This was tied onto a roll of string. Anyways, they were in the city so there wasn't that much space, but the way that they got the kite in the air was super funny. They wrapped the string around the thread, and then threw that over a power line that went over the road. They were on one side of the power line, and the kite on the other. They then pulled down really quick, shooting the kite up, and then let string out to let it fly. It was a mix of genious and stupidity, and was quite enjoyable to watch. It surprisingly worked quite well, although the kite almost fly away rather than up, but it worked for quite a while. After working we went back to the house close to the terminal to stay the night, until I had to get up at 4:00 to take E' Smith to the terminal.


Today after dropping my last comp out at like 4am and then going back to bed for an hour and a bit, I went to the terminal again at 6:00 to get my new comp, E' Atkinson. He's from a smallish city called Monument, in Colorado. He's in his 4th change, so he recently hit his 6 month mark. He's really cool, and I think that we'll get along well. I spent the day with him in Rivera. We worked together in the morning, went to the line to get lunch, and then we actually did divisions with two other Elders for the afternoon, going to their investigators so we didn't have to wander around aimlessly all day. It's strangely a lot different working with someone even that little bit newer in the mission. He speaks fine, although I notice more little things that he says wrong (not saying I speak perfect...), although I'm the independant one now. If I don't understand, I can't fake it haha.


We stayed in Rivera yesterday, because we had our district meeting today in the morning. So, we got together with all the missionaries in Rivera, talked about the work, got devided up and had our meeting, and that was pretty much it. We went and got lunch together at a restaurant, and then we came back to Vichadero. By the time we got back it was like 6, so we went to our Branch President's since I had to pick up some laundry I had given them before we left, and also so he'd get to meet them. Afterwards, we had soccer, so we didn't even have time to work. This week went pretty good, although a lot of people showed up really late, making the whole organizing teams thing kinda difficult. I didn't have to kick anyone out though haha.


Today in the morning, I tried to figure out this big mess that we had with OSE (water company). Okay, we had got a freaking huge water bill, which we obviously didn't do, although we shared a house at the time. Now that it's a few days later, I know what happened and it's kind of getting settled. Initially we thought it was our neighbors, who after we moved washed our house with a pressure washer. While I think that was part of it, some of it had to do with a leak that we had behind the house, that our landlord didn't fix. We shouldn't have to pay very much, but for a while it was everyone pointing fingers at each other and trying to figure it out. Ugh, money. We also had week planning, and I think that was good for my comp since I got to explain to him a bit about the area. Afterwards we went out to work, and we had a couple of lessons.


Yesterday we had talked to this guy named Oscar (I know I've mentioned him), who is pretty much always home. He's managed to not go to church several weeks in a row, despite telling us that he would. Anyways, I decided to bring a member, to hopefully get him moving. He said that he'd be home all day today, so we came by with a member of the church. Not home. Ugh, I was so angry, I hate walking with people to investigator's houses when they say that they'll be there and then they're not. Also today I noticed that we were teaching a lot of people with a similar frustrating attitude. Basically, a ton of people we teach will say that everything that we teach them is true, yet they'll deny specific things or not do what this knowledge should lead them to do. It would be like if you showed someone a correct road map while driving with someone who was heading in the wrong direction, them acknowledging the fact that you were right, and then keep driving in the wrong direction. Ugh... haha.


Today we had church in the morning, and of course it was a little complicated getting Jorge to church again. We managed to get him there though, and so he could get confirmed. Since none of our investigators had showed up, we left partway through to go look for them, but nobody was home or couldn't go. In the afternoon, we had a lesson with one person that I thought was super cool. While looking for another guy, we found this woman named Deliasir (I think haha). Anyways, she let us into her house and told us about about her. Basically she grew up in a large family where good values were taught, and also pretty strong in a religion. At the age of 14 she decided that she wasn't going to get married, but she didn't want to have relations outside of marriage, basically choosing to be husband and childless (I thought that part was weird). However, instead of being married, she basically chose to dedicate her whole life to serving others. She's had a bunch of random jobs, but even though she's not poor, she doesn't see the need or want of being rich. She was like 'What's the whole point of getting rich? What does it matter if I have this little TV that I have, or a huge one? It all stays here when we die' That was basically her attitude about everything. Also she'd gladly give service to others rather than worry about her own needs, knowing that if she does everything in her power to serve others, feeding others before herself, God will take care of her and she'll always have what she needs. It was just extremely cool, as I don't think I've really ever met anyone like that before. She just had her priorities really well set, I found it quite impressive.


Today since we were in Vichadero, we didn't do much. We got up, did some studying, I wrote some letters (all to baptisms of mine this time), got lunch, and then went to the cyber. That's pretty much it for today so far, it's been a pretty slow day for now haha.

Um, I guess that's it. My comp finished like 5 minutes ago, so I have to get off as the example haha. Thanks for the email and update though. Have a great week,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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