Monday, March 14, 2011

Letter #60 - March 14, 2011

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the letter. I'll start by telling you about this last week that I had.


Today we had a lesson with this girl named Stefani (who's like 25) and her dad, who we had talked to once but she was busy so she said that we could come back. Apparently the missionaries had gone by their house before, but they had never talked much about religion. I kind of started the conversation by saying that we'd like to talk to them and explain a little bit, and they said it was okay. We ended up having a super good lesson. He didn't listen too intently, but she really did, and it was kind of a shame that the missionaries never talked about important things with them when they had passed by before because it went so well. Then, we went to the house of this other woman who's a little older and goes to some local church, and her husband was outside who has interesting beliefs. It was probably one of the funniest conversations I'd ever had. He was also pretty contradictory, and even though it really wasn't that productive I couldn't stop talking to them haha. Okay he supposedly believes in God, and says that he knows His will and does it, but at the same time he doesn't really accept the Bible or see any need to try to do anything. Men have never landed on the moon, and the day that it happens, God will destroy everything because it's impossible. I can't remember any specifics right now as it was a week ago, but those were some of the main things that he said. It was just an old, contradictory man haha.


Today while walking, we talked to this woman who was sitting down outside of her house by the sidewalk. She had an interesting point of view, that I don't think I've heard before. Her thing was that it seemed like all the people that she knew who believe in God had all these problems, while those who did whatever they want had easy lives. Not only was it probably a little bit that she didn't want to do anything, but it was a pretty narrow minded perspective. God punishes the righteous. Hmmm... Basically she didn't want to commit to doing anything or attempting to believe in God in case she ever had a problem which she could then backtrack to her believing and blame God for punishing her. It was pretty interesting. Today through the evening we also had quite a few lessons, although that was probably the most interesting one haha.


Today we had a pretty slow day as the siesta (country-wide afternoon nap) absolutely killed us. It was super, super hot and like everyone was sleeping. For some reason, down here the weather kind of seems to have this pattern. Basically it gets hotter and hotter and hotter until one day it rains like crazy. Well, this is the pattern of the summer at least. In the winter it's cold all the time and rains a lot. Today I was thinking (I bet it rains tomorrow or the day after). Well, it came a little sooner. We were walking around at like 8:00pm and it started to pour. Thankfully we were beside the house of this guy who always lets us in and sometimes comes to church (but won't ever get baptized because his 'wife' won't officially marry him) who was home. He let us in, and we sat inside for like 45 minutes. In that time, we were totally unable to have any sort of conversation as he had a tin roof, and the rain was coming down so hard we couldn't talk haha. Once the rain slowed down and we actually could start talking, we had to go home haha.


Today we were walking past the house of this woman who I think I've explained before. Her 94 year old mother died and now she's super miserable. Anyways, we talked to her again ad it was also another long and frustrating talk. If anyone needs the help of the gospel, it's her. She's also so close to accepting it, it's just frustrating that she's faithless and doubtful. Ugh... I tried to talk in the most simple and plain words that could use, but for her it wasn't enough still haha. Today we also found out that we had our interviews with President tomorrow in Rivera, and in order to make it on time, we had to leave tonight. So, we got on a bus at like 6:00 and left for Rivera.


Today we had the interviews with president, which as always was nice. It was only one zone, and the ZLs put on the presentation instead of the APs while President did the interviews. I went first, which was different, and I just got my 10 minute talk with him. We talked about my obedience, this change, how the area is going, etc. Afterwards I talked with his wife for a little bit since she talks to everyone too about their health and stuff, and then I went back in. Since I missed most of the opening stuff, I didn't know what was going on much, but we did a little practise where I didn't have to really do anything and then that was it. One of the Zone Leaders had to stay and one had to go to buy stuff to get us for lunch. The one that left (E' Desmullier) picked me to go with him, so we went to this huge super market named '300' just on the side of Brasil with the President's wife. He's from Uruguay, so he drove and we went to buy the stuff. I translated between the two, as he doesn't speak much English and she doesn't speak much Spanish, but we managed to get it done. We bought sandwiches and stuff for 20 people, and then we went back. It was kinda fun haha. Afterwards, the food got prepared and when it was, we ate lunch. Afterwards there was this extra presentation thing that all the missionaries need to get. Since I never did it, I stayed for that and my comp left to work with someone. That was pretty much it for the day. After all that was done we had to take a bus back to Vichadero, so I actually left the presentation thing early. Hm. But yeah, it was a good day.


Today we went back the Stefani's house, and we had another good lesson with her. Something that was super funny was that she has this little sister who always was leaving their house and going and playing in like the street and stuff. She's like 5, and she would leave even though they told her not to. To keep her from leaving, their dad is a hunter and he hung these ostrich feet on the gate since it freaked her out and she wouldn't even go close to the gate. It was super funny. We also had this lesson that was surprisingly good. So there's this scruffy looking guy who lives across the street from one of our investigators. One time he yelled at us and asked us for a folleto or something, which we gave to him and didn't think much of. Today we passed by him again, and I decided to talk to him. He had stuff to do, but we arranged to go to the church later in the day to have a lesson there. When we passed by the house a little later, he had showered, shaved, and put on some nice clothes. We had a really good lesson. It was just surprising because, well, I'm sure he gets judged a lot just on his appearance, but today he surprised me. It was just really cool.


Today was also daylight savings time here, although instead of losing sleep like you guys did, we actually gained it. Woohoo. We didn't have any investigators at church though, so that was kinda frustrating. It's actually been a while since we have, I'm not sure what's going on haha. Today we had a lesson with the guy in the wheelchair named Oscar. He didn't come to church again, so our lesson with him today was a little stricter haha. He still smokes, and he's not really progressing. I decided he gets one more week to prove us wrong, but this week we're working with him haha.


Today we got up really early in the morning so that we could come to Rivera, where I currently am. We had a big zone activity with all the missionaries that was a lot of fun. We played some games, there was hamburgers, and we kinda just hung out at this super huge park for the morning. It was a lot of fun. Afterwards we took a bus back into central where we came to the cyber, where I now am.

Other Stuff,

A little while ago we had a lesson with this woman who was 101 years old. She was in pretty good shape, and could communicate and think and everything haha. Anyways, I was determined to baptize her, as I thought it'd be so cool to baptize someone over a hundred years old. We went back to her later in the week, but it turns out that her memory wasn't quite good enough, she didn't really remember us or anything. Dangit haha.

Love ya,

Elder Fikus

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