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Letter #62 - March 28, 2011

Hey Mom,

Okay, last week I didn't have any letters, other than Marissa's. Shauna, you, and Hayley all wrote me but for some reason they weren't showing up. We went to the cyber later in the day, and I checked my email quick to see if you had emailed me, and they were there, saying they were sent like 18 hours beforehand. Hmmm... But yeah, I printed them out and read them that night haha.

Here's my week,


Today after PDay, we had a Birthday party for Jorge, the man that somewhat recently got baptized. We wanted to print off a conference talk to read part of it since we had to give a spiritual message, and that's when I went back to the cyber and saw the emails there. I'm not sure why they hadn't appeared earlier. Anyways, so tonight was his party. Basically a bunch of members went to the church, us (the missionaries) gave a message on gratitude, we ate and talked, and then we left. It was pretty simple but it was good. He lives alone, so I think he's pretty lonely. I think he really enjoyed the party.


Today we had a lesson with Anita and Claudia. Since Claudia doesn't like 'lessons', we just watched another movie today. This time we watched 'On the Lord's Errand', which was a movie about the prophet, Thomas S. Monson. It was really good. I thought that it would be all self-gratifying and everything, but it wasn't at all. It was actually really cool. I think it was like an hour or something, and I had never seen it before. Today we also had a lesson with the girl we're teaching named 'Stefani', who's really good. Today she told us that she's going to be moving to Rivera to work there. Nnnoooooooo. Ugh, of course our good investigator has to move, haha.


Today we scheduled a lesson for the morning in the church with the drunk Ruben that we're teaching. The night before, some guy we talked to in the street said that he used to always have lessons with missionaries in the church, and we asked when we could have one with him. He asked for today in the morning. We already had the one guy planned, but we set him like a half hour later, not exactly sure how it would turn out. As I was kind of scared of, neither of them ended up showing to the church. I wasn't sure if they both would, only one of them (and which), or neither, which is what ended up happening. Today we also did service in the afternoon, for the woman who's like the main reason the church is so strong in Vichadero. She's had two sons who were branch presidents and now her son-in-law is. For service, we just cut this firewood into smaller pieces for some thing that she has in her kitchen I think. So, we chopped firewood for a couple hours. It was dangerous, but we both made it out alive and unharmed and it was kinda fun. I don't seem to get to do very many service projects, so it was nice helping out.


Today we ate lunch with this woman in our ward who I think is awesome. She was the first person baptized in Vichadero, so she's been a member for ever. She's old, short, has glasses, and the really typical old woman voice. She's more like the type that'd more likely get angry if you always played soccer on her lawn and destroyed the grass than bake you cookies and invite you in after. That's not saying she's not nice, but, yeah. Anyways, she said some things that made me just about die of laughter. The first was when she said how she put a little bit of salt in the food, because she normally doesn't eat salt. She then kind of elaborated and then said 'My food is really gross. Not even the dog wants to eat it'. That made me just about die of laughter. The second thing that she said that just about made me die of laughter is when she was talking about all the medication that she has to take, how many pills at what time of the day and stuff like that. Then she said how there's always a bitter taste in her mouth, and she thinks it's because she has to take so much medication. I thought that was super funny. Also, the other thing that happened was we were just eating all normal, and then all of a sudden she (who is standing to my left) looks up, and shouts at the cat. I look over to the right into this other room and there's her cat with it's tail in the air peeing, who now after being yelled at, is looking over at us. The woman (Gladys), starts chasing after it and the cat runs away. Well that was hilarious, but her reaction even made it better. She was just kind of upset (rightfully so), saying how that stupid cat has never done that, how it has no shame, and how she thankfully saw it. That, after the first two things that she said made me die of laughter, wow, it was a super good lunch appointment. Today we also had a lesson with this girl in her house, who was visiting from Rivera. I don't think that she's in Vichadero very much, but she let us in anyways. She told us that's she's listened to the missionaries a couple times before in Rivera, and that she has even gone to church a couple times. She kept saying all this stuff like how she's wanted to start going to a church, and all this stuff, which makes her seem like the perfect investigator. Apparently, the missionaries in Rivera make her feel a little too pushed to commitment, although she seems like perfect. Anyways, since she wasn't my investigator, we pretty much just listened to her talk about all this stuff. At the end, she felt extremely grateful that we listened to her, and she said that she felt really spiritually uplifted. She insisted on giving us a beso, after she asked that it wasn't against our church (which it's not haha, but as missionaries I don't think we're supposed to), so she gave us a kiss on the cheek for taking the time to listen to her haha.


Today we went back to the woman who speaks only pure Portugese. It was pretty tough, as I still don't understand anything. Thankfully, we had one Book of Mormon in the house that was in Portugese, so we gave her that. We kind of talked about it (in Spanish), and then gave it to her. She asked a couple of questions, which I think I was able to interpret. It's so weird how it just sounds like mumble jumble to me, like how Spanish did when I started the mission. Now, I understand Spanish, and it's weird to think of how to pretty much everyone that I know it's mumble jumble. Learning a new language is weird haha.


Today was kind of a mixed day. We've had all this people that we've been teaching lately, but not many of them are very good. Today, I think it kind of started to be a lot of us changing investigators. A couple asked us not to pass by anymore, and a lot we just need to quit wasting time by going by them. However, we also found a couple new people to start teaching, so we're just rotating our investigators basically. I had a letter for this woman who the missionaries used to spend a ton of time teaching (problem being that she's married to one guy that she's seperated from and living with another), and today we delivered the letter. She was pretty nice, and really remenicent about the missionaries that had passed by. We also had a lesson with this guy that was pretty sad. When he was like 30, he had to come to Vichadero to start taking care of his mother who at the time was like 70. He had to quit working and everything. Now, she's 101 and he's 61. He hasn't been able to work or really do anything because his mother needs his constant attention. He feels like he's lost his life, and won't ever be able to do anything. How sad is that? I didn't really know what to tell him haha.


Today we had church, and we only had one investigator there. Matias, the kid of Anita told us during the week that he only went to church to support his mom. However, today he showed up without her, because she had company and couldn't come. Hmmmm haha. Afterwards, we did a bit of work and then travelled to Rivera. On the way, I read 'Our Search for Hapiness', well, started it. I wanted to have P-Day in Rivera, so that's why we left haha.


Today has been our PDay. In the morning, we all went to the church and played soccer. I played alright, but there was too many people on the field at a time I thought. For lunch, we all went to the line, and we bought lunch around the place (I got hotdogs) and then we all ate together. Afterwards we went around to a bunch of stores, to the ferria, and then we came to the cyber, where I am now.

Anyways, as usual my comp has already finished, so I need to get off. Thanks for the letter and everything you do for me.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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