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Letter #63 - April 4, 2011

Hey Mom,

As usual, I'll start out with my week.


Today after having our PDay here in Rivera, we just went out to work. The Elders here gave us a list of people to go by, so we weren't just wandering haha. We went to a few people, but as we were walking, I decided to stop and talk to this girl. She was just sitting on like this lowish wall on the corner, and was on her cellphone. She actually lived in Brasil, but thankfully she spoke Spanish. She was born in another church, but had met the elders before and knew a bit about the church. I don't really remember too much about the conversation, but I just tried to help her with her questions. She seemed really appreciative of the help that we were able to give her, so that was really nice. Also, at the end she told me that I spoke perfect Spanish, WOO-HOO! Haha, that made me feel even better. So, I was pretty glad that I had stopped to talk to this woman. We actually came back to the house like 15 minutes earlier than I planned on since we were closer than I thought, and since we didn't have a key, we were stuck outside. There's this pretty famous (down here) Evangelical church that's like half a block down from where they live, so we worked up the courage to go in. It was in Portuguese, so unfortunately I didn't understand anything, but it was weird. There was this guy who was on the stage who read a scripture from what I was assuming the Bible and then spent like 15 minutes yelling to the crowd, with people who occasionally lifted their arm and said 'Hallelujiah' to things he said. He was like screaming though, and just sitting in there for 10 minutes made my ears hurt. It was actually quite interesting, and I wish I had a way to video it. It was seriously a very non-spiritual experience, and really made me wonder why so many people were in there. It was definitely interesting.


Today we were still in Rivera, so we went to the district meeting here. In my district we actually talked about maturity, and how we need to act and respond to certain situations. My companion got a package from his parents, so I benifited from that haha. They actually included some stuff specifically made out to me, some peanut butter M&Ms and a tie. I thought that was pretty cool. I don't think that's super normal though, so don't feel obligated to do the same, especially since he might not even be my comp by the time I get something for him haha. I'll share what I do get though haha. After travelling back to Vichadero, we also had a lesson with this girl that was really cool. She's the woman who has super good focuses in life, and she's like a lifetime friend with this lady who's probably the best member in our ward. Anyways, she was actually preparing to be a nun, so she's got some bias already. Today was actually our third visit with her, and today it got brought up that she already had a Book of Mormon. She had some questions, having recieved it so long ago, but we were able to answer them well I think. I think that she'd be such an awesome convert. Also, she said something cool when we finished talking with her. She told us that she saw Jesus in us, so that was also really cool.


Today we had something pretty funny happened that's worth mentioning. Okay so I think I've mentioned the girl who really likes to talk to us but her parents are both innactive. Anyways, we were at her house, and she mentioned this pepper that there is down here. I've heard it mentioned a couple times before, and it actually has a pretty crude nicname for being so spicy. She said how her neighbor had some growing, and she went and got some. With her, we all agreed that we'd eat one. She was super scared, and they were really talking it up about how spicy it was. Anyways, she promised that she'd eat one after us, so I went first. I was pretty hesitant, but I knew that it couldn't be as bad as the habanero peppers that I'd already eaten (which made my nose water, eyes tear up, and mouth salivate for like half an hour). So, I popped it in and chewed it. It was spicy, I'll say that, but it was nowhere close to the habanero and probably not even spicier than a jalapeño. Haha, Uruguayans really don't eat spicy food at all. She ate hers too, as agreed, but she found it way, way, hotter haha.


Today we were going around, trying to find new people to talk to. We actually found this woman who said that she's lived in Vichadero for 6 years, is home all day, and missionaries have never knocked her door. Pretty much all the good missionaries who have come to Vichadero have felt like they've tried talking to everyone, so it's always surprising to find people like that. She was actually really nice. Something else happened today that kind of worried me. Okay, I've lately been saving peso coins that are used here, keeping 5 of the ones that I can find in the best condition. Uruguay has actually totally revamped it's currency system, with all new coins, so I've been trying to keep a hold on a couple older styled coins that are in good condition. Anyways, today we came back to the house, and it really seemed to me that my coins had been touched, and even a couple stolen. The whole rest of the house was in order, so it was really confusing. I keep my desk pretty organized, so I have a good eye for stuff like that, but there's only one lady in our ward who has a key to our house (long story), and absolutely nothing else was touched. Mind blowing, somewhat uneasying, and totally confusing haha.


Today we had what was probably our final lesson, with this girl who is moving to Rivera. Anyways, she's like 25, and lives with her mom who has to be at least 40, just based on the math. Anyways, this mom has a pretty bold personality, takes good care of herself, and probably looks a little younger than she really is. So after finishing the lesson with this girl, her mom came into the room. She started talking about how she had talked to missionaries before. She then went on to say how they were 'divine', part of the house, etc. She also said how some missionary in particular made her nervous. Kinda creepy. She then kind of went on for a little bit, and said some things about how she was quite attracted to missionaries. Anyways, then she said something that was totally explicit and quite weird for us. After that we left, and it was totally mind blowing for me haha.


Today we got up really early so that we could take a bus back to Rivera to watch general conference. We just stayed in the Elder's house who live closest to where we watched it. It was a pretty slowish day. We basically spent all day watching conference, hanging out without having enough time to leave and do something else productive, and then doing a bit of working when we weren't in our area. Saturday afternoon was a super good session FYI.


Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. I guess I could mention that we got to watch conference in English, although we watched the Priesthood session as a recording in Spanish. I can't really think of anything special to mention, other than how conference was phenomenal.


Today was our PDay. In the morning we went to the church to play soccer, so that was fun. Afterwards we went to the super expensive buffet in Brasil for lunch. This time I didn't stuff my face right full, so I felt a lot better after haha. After lunch we went to the ferria, to look for the sunglasses. I found some that were basically identicals for Tyler and Hayley (minus the special design she wanted on the inside), as they're fairly common styles. Marissa's I did okay on, and yours were definitely the hardest. They were the last ones that I bought, the most expensive, and the least alike. I hope you like them anyways =/ After that we just came to the cyber, where I am now.

To your letter,

Some cool things happened during conference. For one, one elders in our mission's dad got called to be in the 70. His last name's Wade. The guy in our mission is a super good Elder. Also, they announced a temple in Manitoba, Winnipeg. Also, Saturday afternoon session had a choir from BYU Idaho sing. In my third change, Elder Pieper finished the mission with me. He was in the choir, haha. It even did a close up on him, so that was pretty wierd haha.

Um, I guess that's pretty much it. I printed your email as usual to have more time to read it in depth. Thanks for always writing me, and doing what you do for me. I hope you have a great week too,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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