Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Letter #64 - April 12, 2011


Well, I need to start by updating you on my week.


Today after our PDay, we decided to work in the sister missionaries area instead of central like we always do to help them out a bit. Their areas are neighboring, so it was just a short walk over. Something that's kinda funny is that they told us where their Bishop is, and how he really doesn't like them. Like he doesn't really make much time for them, etc. Anyways, he lived pretty close to where we were working, so we decided to give him a visit. We pretended like we didn't know he lived there (well, to be honest we weren't certain), and he let us in and talked to us for a little bit. He was super, super nice to us, haha. He has a really good family and everything. He knew some people from Vichadero too, so we talked a little about that and stuff. It was kind of funny how nice he was to us, when the hermanas said that he wasn't like that to them. I guess we were an unsuspecting visit, whereas his missionaries are always there.


Today we had our district meeting in Rivera. It was pretty good, it was the last one of this change. In our district, we just shared what we learned this last change, and shared our testimonies about certain things, so it was a pretty cool meeting. Afterwards, we got back on the bus to leave back to Vichadero. Tonight we had one lesson that was pretty interesting. There's this woman who I know I've mentioned who's super Catholic, and actually was going to be a nun. To accompany us at the lesson, we brought this super good member who has known this woman forever, and they're really good friends. It was a pretty good lesson, although the lady was pretty hesitant with everything, which I suppose is to be expected. It was good eitherway, as the member that we got is a super well known lady who's an awesome member.


Okay, so maybe like 10 years ago, Vichadero had this certain guy who was Branch President (the head of the church for this town). He's a pretty interesting guy. He's very bold, critical, and explicit, and offends a lot of people. He's actually a huge communist who hates America (although I'm sure I'm included in that as well). Anyways, when he was President, he managed to offend quite a few people, who have gone innactive. I've heard that there was a lot of people like that, although I'd never met any of them. Well, today we were just going around talking to random people, and within the first 5 people that we talked to, two of them said that they had gone innactive for this guy. Obviously that's not really fair, since it's not his fault that they got offended and stopped coming to church, but they blamed him. I'm starting to see what people were talking about when they told us about him haha.


Today was a pretty exciting day for us, because we finally got a sink in our kitchen. I had had the money for quite a while, but it was all in reimbursals and everything, but the day before I had given they money to our branch president so that he could buy us one (people have a tendancy to screw us over here, so he buys stuff like that for us haha). Like we still had the sink in our bathroom to do dishes in, but it's nice having one in the kitchen now haha. I guess one lesson that we had was with Anita, one of our recentish baptisms. At night it's quite difficult to work, as there isn't a ton of street lights, and people get weirded out when we knock on their door, so we just went to her house. We talked outside, and her daughter and grandson (both teenagers) were there, so I'm trying to get them more comfortable around us.


Today we had our week planning, and since it was the last one of this change, I wasn't sure what to think. I really wasn't sure if I was going to go to another area or not, as changes are this Tuesday. Today we went back to the lady that I mentioned we had a lesson with on Tuesday to invite her to church for Sunday (my Birthday). Not only did she say that she was going to come, she also said that she'd be delighted to come and was honoured that we'd invite her. I was a little surprised, but she totally accepted on the condition that something drastict didn't come up. That made me pretty excited haha. Also today we stopped in an Almacen on this one corner, and we got talking to the people. They were super, super nice. It was a pretty old lady and her even older mother, who just thought that we were adorable. They basically acted like we were angels sent from heaven. I'm not sure why, as we didn't really do anything, but it was still nice.


Well, when we got our sink on Thursday, that put the actual sink in the kitchen. Unfortunately, it was unusable as there was no plumming attached. Today we called a plummer and he came and put in some piping for us. So, now we fully had a sink haha. Also, today we went by quite a few people, inviting them to church. I told all of them that it was my Birthday, and that they had to come at least for my birthday haha.


Today was my 21st birthday. I do not feel that old haha. At church, sadly the woman who promised that she'd come didn't, nor did most of the people who said that they would (although that's pretty common). Anyways, we did have someone though (Anita's grandson), so that was good. It was also testimony meeting, so I decided to bear my testimony, as it was my birthday (although the members here usually take up like the whole time). Also, I think that everyone at church wished me birthday, all 16 of them, haha, so that was nice. Today after church I made chocolate chip cookies with the brown sugar and chocolate chips that you sent me. They were sooo good haha.


Today we had a family home evening with our Branch President's family. I brought a box of cookies and the marshmellows to their house, as well as a couple of the cookies that we had baked. They thought that they were absolutely delicious. They kept saying how we must really miss the food from before the mission and how it's no wonder we're all obese (they actually kind of have a point haha). Also, this week for changes, we're both staying. I'll be having another change here in Vichadero, and my comp is staying the same.


Today we got up early in the morning to take a bus to Rivera. Here, we had a zone activity where we played soccer on this artificial indoor field, so that was a lot of fun. Also, the zone leaders made us an asado (BBQ) for reaching our baptisimal goal. That took a lot of time, and afterwards we just came here to the cyber.

Everyone's waiting on me so I'm getting off. I'll read the rest of your letter though, don't worry haha.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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