Monday, April 18, 2011

Letter #65 - April 18, 2011

Hey Mom,

I'll start with my weekly update,


Today after going to the cyber, it was pretty much time to go out and worked. So, we just worked in centro, although I actually can't think of anything too exciting that happened.


Today we were still stuck in Rivera, and this time we had a whole day to do nothing. Actually, I guess we went to our landlord, as she lives there, and she wanted us to go by and talk to her. We're working on a system so that she gets rent automatically, but for this month some other missionaries were supposed to pay it there, which I assumed they had (they hadn't). She was pretty rude, especially with telling us over and over again that rent needs to be paid every month (no kidding). It was kind of insulting to my intelligence, as she talked to me like I was 5 without even listening that it wasn't my fault. Ugh... Other than that, we just went out and did street and door contacting haha. We managed to find a couple of pretty interesting people. We met this mother and daughter who are 'espiritualists', which I don't think I've ever heard of before. They have some pretty interesting beliefs, and this is basically the jist of it as best as I remember right now. They believe in reincarnation instead of resurrection, they claim to believe in the Bible, although they have 5 other books that they primarily accept. There's four that were written by the guy who started their group, and one is 'Genisis' which explains the creation of the world, although it's different from the Bible's Genisis as they don't believe in Adam and Eve (who appear in like chapter 2 of Genisis in the Bible haha). Basically they believe in mediums between this world and the spirits, and one of the people that we talked to was one. Apparently under the right circumstances and everything, she basically recieves revelation, or, thoughts come to her mind. It was kind of interesting, and I did a lot of question asking. However, since we're here to teach and not to be taught, I explained to her the plan of salvation afterwards haha. We also ran into this group of kids who called us over because they wanted to pray for their friend who had gotten into drugs, including pasta base. That's that drug that seemed to be pretty big in Montevideo, and I hadn't heard of it since leaving there like 6 months ago. Anyways, there was about 8 people in this group of 14-16 year olds, and the one kid did look pretty high, but due to their age and maturity level, I wasn't sure if they were serious or not. Looking back, I believe them, which I feel quite sad for as a couple of them were pretty concerned. We talked to them for a while, and I explained that we pray with our own words instead of just copying the Lord's prayer out of the Bible, and I got one kid to do it for his friend. We were outside though, so it was kinda awkward.


Today we were in Rivera, for our first district meeting of the change. Something that's pretty crazy is that I got my easter package, which made it to me in quite a bit less time than a month (which seems normal). I've decided to not open it until Easter haha, although I did look inside and I'm pretty excited to get started on it haha. After our district meeting, we came back to Vichadero, and we had this family home evening with a family in the ward. She's active, he's not, both kids aren't baptized (one 14, one 7). The parents got baptized like a year ago, and they give us lunch every Saturday. We read 'The Family: A Proclamation for the World' together, and then ate. It went really good, and the dad said that he had plans of coming back to church. Our Branch President had already told us, but it'll be nice to have their whole family back in church.


Today we had a meeting with the ward leaders, for the first time in a long time haha. We basically just talked about the importance of visiting people. Since we were given very short notice of the meeting, we had nothing prepared, but we went anyways. Today we also went to the house of Eli, the woman who works in Jorge's (the old guy who doesn't walk well who somewhat recently got baptized) house. I've been meaning to go by her forever, and we've tried a couple times but today we finally found her in her house. We had a super good lesson, although she's pretty loyal to her pastor. We also went to another family's house this night to have another family home evening, although we couldn't because he worked too late. He's not a member, but she is, and their daughter (like 12) is also. They're a super cool family, so I was hoping that we could have the FHE that night, but we'll have it another day.


Since the branch had talked about going over to some people's houses for FHEs (also, haha), we were supposed to set times with a couple people, including Jorge. At the moment that we did, Eli was in the house working. Jorge was delighted by the idea, and invited Eli to the FHE, which she accepted. I'm super excited, because I know that she'll really like it, and that the members will be super awesome (since they just are haha). Today it was two people's birthdays, Marcos (the one who said he was coming back to church), and Daiana (who's has an innactive dad and mom who don't want her to get baptized). We went to both of them and brought them an Alfajore, which they appreciated. Today we also found out something that kind of sucked. Anita's grandson Matias (who's come to church quite a few times) is going to be moving to Montevideo to work in construction. So, there goes one good investigator haha.


Today it was pretty rainy (actually, the whole weekend was like that), so we didn't have too many people in church. Also since today was Matias' last day here, we went over to their house to have one last lesson before he goes.


Today it was our PDay, and finally we just stayed here instead of being in Rivera. In the morning we did some studying and then cleaned (sweeped and mopped, dishes, etc.), played a bit of Uno, and then went to lunch. Anita offered to give us lunch today, and she gave us an asado, so that was pretty impressive. After that we just hung out at the house for like half an hour and then came to the cyber, since it just opened. That puts me where I'm at now.

Anyways, I guess that covers everything. Thanks for writing and updating me as usual. I hope you have a great week, thanks for the package that I got this week,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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