Monday, April 25, 2011

Letter #66 - April 25, 2011

Hey Mom,

This is what happened this week:


After we went to the cyber, my comp and I just went and got haircuts as I think that there'll be zone conference soonish. Also, I don't remember if I mentioned it in my last letter, but we have something called an electrical shower head. Since we only have cold water in our house, to warm up the house in the shower, there's this shower head that's electric and heats up the water. Well a couple days that broke, so we had to shower with only cold water. Since neither of us had any idea of how on earth to possibly fix that, our branch president came over and looked at it. He knew what he was doing, and he fixed it for us. It was a super cheap repair, and he did it all in like 10 minutes. So, warm showers again haha.


Since we haven't had a phone line in our house for ages, I had talked to our district leader (just another missionary in Rivera) who used to work on the offices on Sunday to see if he could do anything for us. Since we just stayed in Vichadero for our PDay, we got all of our stuff sent to us there. A package was sent to us, which usually includes just letters and stuff. This time when we came back to the house and opened it, we had a cellphone! Woohoo! It's been so long since I've had a cellphone haha. It's a really crappy one, but it gets the job done. Also, it's a lot easier than having a landline as we can send texts (cheaper than calling), carry it with us all the time, and call most people actually for cheaper too (as most people have a cellphone). So, that made my day haha. I think it's just something temporary, as the mission prefers that we have landlines, but for now we at least have something to use to call people haha.


Today was a pretty slow day as it rained for a good portion of the day raining. Something super funny happened tonight though when we were just walking around. It was night, and Vichadero doesn't have very many streetlights, so it was pretty dark. Anyways, we were walking down this street (it was still raining) and this dog charges at us from it's house to the edge of it's property (the house was pretty far from the road) and barks at us like crazy. So to scare it, my comp bends down to pretend to pick up a rock, although it didn't really work on this dog who just went nuts. Also, it was now accompanied by another dog who had ran out from the house. The dogs were like freaking out, showing their teeth and coming close up to us. My comp was scarying them as we backed up and I was waving my umbrella at them (it sounds stupid but it works haha). Once we had gotten a ways away from their house they just kept barking but didn't keeping coming at us. Since it was night and raining, and we were bored, we decided to go around the block, this time picking up some big (baseball sized) rocks to get back at them. As we walked around the block we discussed stratagy until we arrived. Once we got there, the dogs were unfortunately tied up, as I think that the owner heard them freaking out the first time haha. It was still pretty fun though.


Today we had a couple of really good lessons, so that was nice. Also, as we were walking around, on this one truck infront of an auto-repair shop place by our house had a bumper sticker on it's front window (it was covered in bumper stickers) that caught my eye. It was a sticker from the 'University of Saskatchewan'. Like what are the chances of that? I could not figure out how on earth a sticker like that made it's way to a tiny Uruguayan town. Beats me. Also today, Anita, our recent convert gave us easter eggs. Easter eggs are pretty much like the only easter candy they have here, and they're super expensive. She bought us each one of them, so that was really nice.


This week was a huge holiday called the 'semana santa' (Holy Week) as it was the week before Easter. Anyways, in Vichadero, they have quite a bit of stuff going on, as it's a pretty common thing for people to get together with their family. A lot of people grew up in Vichadero, but since it's just a small town, a lot of them have grown up and moved out. For this week, a lot of people came back in. There was an amusement park set up that had a couple rides, stands, etc. dances in the night, and a rodeo through the week. Something that happened in the rodeo today was an event called the chancho jabonado (soaped pig). It was explained to us that this pig was covered in soap and then ran around a pen while all these people hopelessly tried to catch it. Well that sounded hilarious, so we decided to go out there to see it. We just went to the outside pen where they had the rodeo that was just on the outskirts of Vichadero this afternoon to watch it. Anyways, we managed to see the event, but it wasn't quite how it was explained to us. What ended up happening was they soaped up two piglets with dishsoap and then had a rely race with them with people on horses. So there was just two teams of four men on horses (two on each side) who carried this poor piglet back and forth like it was dead weight. So they were like galloping across while this piglet was squeeling until they both finished. One guy actually dropped the pig, so he had to jump off his horse and chase it haha. It was super cruel and barbaric, but I thought it was pretty entertaining. Something tells me that something like that wouldn't fly in north america though haha. After it was over, we just left and went back to working. Something kind of funny was that all morning people were telling us how there was this rediculous storm coming in that was going to hit Vichadero in the afternoon. Well, we were back in the town walking around and it started to rain. Within a couple minutes, there was a super heavy storm that lasted for like half an hour. Not only was it pouring rain, but there was a super strong wind. We found refuge on the side of this random house that even had a roof over it and waited there. Apparently a ton of people at the rodeo just got soaked haha. Also, today we found out something that was pretty crazy. Okay so I know I've mentioned Jorge, the old guy who can't walk very well who got baptized. Well today we found out some pretty crazy news. We had heard that he fell on Saturday, and he had hit his head pretty hard against the floor, although there wasn't any immediate consequences (that he mentioned at least). We visited him on Sunday, and he was fine. Tuesday or Wednesday we found out that he had got a brain clot from when he smashed his head and he was found in a state where he couldn't even talk and that he had to be rushed to the hospital. Today we found out from the person that cleans in his house that he won't be coming back to Vichadero, as he can't live solo. It blew my mind, because he basically just disapeared. You just never know when something like that is going to come up.


Today not much really happened, but I guess we did something kinda cool at night. So since there was the big amusement park set up, at like 8:45 we went to it, as our plans for the end of the day had fallen through. We had seen a ton of booths that could only be accessed from the inside, and we wanted to check them out. So we paid $1 (20 pesos) and went inside. The booths were extremely disapointing, as it was all stuff that you could find in Rivera for way cheaper and there wasn't good selection, but I bought a little bit of food, including some cotton candy. After like 10 minutes we left and went back to the house as that was it for the day haha.


Today in church I had to give a talk, and I chose to talk about the vision of the tree of life. I didn't plan it out word for word, and just jotted down some ideas and verses that I wanted to cover in chronological order. Since all of our lessons all day are just winging it, I thought that it would be fine. Also, I know the story pretty well. However, when I was up there, I was the closing speaker (speaking after the branch president (totally backward)) who left me a lot of time haha. I think that it went okay, but I certainly didn't feel like I did as good as I thought that I would have. It was also Easter, so I opened my Easter package today, which was really good =)


Today we got up super early in the morning (5:00) to catch the bus to come into Rivera for our PDay. We played soccer together as a zone on the outdoor caged and artificially turfed field. I thought that it was a lot of fun, as we played for quite a while and I played well. Afterwards we went and all got lunch together, and then we did some looking around in the shops and then came to the cyber.

Well, I guess that's it for the week. Thanks for the email and update as well. Next easter I'll be home! (How wierd is that?) haha. Thanks for everything, I look forward to calling you guys.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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