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Letter #68 - May 9, 2011

Hey Mom,

Yeah, it was also good talking to you as well. I guess I could give you a more thorough weekly update here.


Okay, so we were still here in Rivera since we had our PDay here. I brought the stuff to make smores with the elders that we were staying with, since I don't think I could have just eaten them all. So, I've eaten all of the crackers with chocolate, but there's still quite a few marshmellos so it's possible that I cook something with them. But seriously, smores are so good haha, it's been a long time since I ate anything like that.


Today we had our district meeting, which we were here for. What usually happens is all of the missionaries are split up into districts, which we divide off into and we got our district leader who talks to us and we talk about everything. Today, they had all of the district leaders talk to all of the elders in the zone (like 26) instead of dividing off, which was different but really good. I also got two letters today, so that was pretty exciting. One was from the Schlachter family (how well are you at writing David? haha), and the other was your birthday card. Thank you =) .


Today we had like 5 lessons, so that was really good. One of them was also super good. There's this one guy that we found, and he's lived in Vichadero like literally his whole life. He knows one of the members, who has also lived in Vichadero his whole life since forever ago. We brought him to the lesson with us, and it was really good. They're super good friends, so it worked out good.


Today was also another awesome day, since we had 6 lessons (been a long time since we've done that). Today we had a lesson with this girl that was super good. Her name's Monica, and she said that even though she's seen missionaries pass by a ton, she's never had them come to her door (not sure how that happened haha). Anyways, she let us in super easily, and it was a really good lesson. She said that she's been thinking of going to a church with her family, and that they've wanted to start going to one. Her husband wasn't home because he was out working in camaña (farms/fields, not sure how it translates), like most of the men in Vichadero. She said that they went to this one church that's super popular here just because they're looking for a church to go to and since for whatever reason the church is super popular, they wanted to point it out. It's the super wierd one that sells like soap to wash your sins away haha.


Today we had a lesson with Italo (the guy we went to on Wednesday), and we explained the word of wisdom to him, which he accepted to follow. He told us that it's easy for him to stop smoking and stuff, since he's done it twice already, once for five years, and another time for two years (haha). But whatever, it was cool that he was willing to quit anyways, since we knew that he had a smoking problem. We also had another lesson with the Catholic lady who was almost a nun, and we had another super good lesson with her. We just read a bit from the scriptures, but she's super appreciative. She's promised that she would come to church one day, so we told her to try to show up for this one.


Today was another awesome day, as we had 7 lessons in total. I don't even know how, or why we had such a good week, but for whatever reason we had a lot of good days in a row. Anyways, today we had something super funny that I have to mention. I didn't mention it earlier in the week, as I don't know the day, but it was kind of preliminary to what happened today. Okay there's this woman that I kind of have to rant about. We've had a couple experiences with her, and I'll just say them in chronological order. She's an ex-investigator, which means she used to listen to missionaries. Apparently she contributed to a lot of problems, as like missionaries would waste a lot of time in her house like watching movies and stuff. Also, at one point, the missionaries were just overnight taken out of Vichadero for something that happened. She was involved, but I'm not sure how. Anyways, so we tried going to her house, but we found out she had moved. We tried to go by her a couple times, but she never answered. She actually is like living in the garage half of this one house (she had to move since her boyfriend didn't want her living with him anymore), so they're connected at the back. One time, we went to the other door, and this kid answered. We totally heard him talking to him, saying how he needed to tell us that she didn't live there anymore, which he did. It was pretty pathetic, but I just figured that she wasn't interested, so we weren't going to bother. At one point, we were walking in the street, and we were walking just infront of her, and we were on the block that her house was on. Since she had recently lied that she didn't live there, I was curious what she was going to do, as it was pretty obvious that she was going to her house. We turned the corner (she lives really close to the corner) and then she kept walking straight, right past her house so we wouldn't se her going inside. However, every so often, as we had turned the corner, I kept looking back to make sure that she didn't walk right back. We had walked quite a ways, and at one point we turned around, and I totally saw her and her daughter running across the interesection, thinking that we had passed and that we wouldn't see her. We totally caught her though. However, one of the elders who worked in Vichadero is now in Rivera, and he told us how he wanted to go by her when he finished the mission (in like 2 or 3 weeks). One day when we were walking in the street, we ran into her, and I told her how this missionary wanted to go by her with his parents. She was delighted (she was pretty good friends with this missionary), and she told us to go to her house one day (I guess she figured she lived there now). Anyways, we went to her, and had a little lesson with her. She basically just cried and talked about how she tries to be a good person, but now her boyfriend kicked her out and he won't say why so she has to live in this garage. It was pretty obvious that she's imotionally unstable, and has the mental capacities of a child. She said how she prays all the time for help, and how she's a good person and blah blah. I guess it never sunk in that while she was living with that guy she was fornicating, and she prefered to live in sin than repent and get baptized. So now that God has forced her to be humble, she's completely distraught and doesn't know what to do. She also told us that she was going to go to the church for financial help. Good grief. Anyways, we left, and set another appointment. Anyways, the next day we went by as planned, and for whatever reason she wasn't home, but was coming up to the house the exact same time as us. We saw her, but she didn't look up for a while. We were actually pretty close before she clued in that we were right there, she looked up, paniced, and then pretended to answer her unringing cell phone. This is basically what she said "hello... yeah... okay... I'm on my way." She then hung up and then told us that she wouldn't be able to have the lesson with her. I was so seriously insulted. This lady has had three pathetic attempts at trying to hide from us, each one worse than the last. It's insulting to my intelligence that she thinks that she's actually fooling us. I feel like I'm dealing with a little child who has never lied in her life. That last thing was what happened today. Today we also had a pretty interesting lesson. We went to the house of this other exinvestigator, this one who had listened to the missionaries and gone to church twice. His dad answered, who is completely blind. He told us what had happened to this guy, how his wife had left him with their 2 year old kid to go live a bad lifestyle, and how neither of them lived there anymore. He said that his son was actually there visiting though for the weekend. He's from another church, but he had a pretty strong biased against us it seemed. However, he eventually let us in, and we were explaining the church from another point of view that I think actually made sence to him and he didn't think so poorly of us after all. We had just finished, and it was a really spiritual lesson. Just at that point, the guy's son came in (who we were looking for), and he basically like flipped out on us, saying how he had turned evangelical (easier), didn't live there anymore, and absolutely wanted nothing to do with us. He managed to kill the spirit in about 1 second with his unchristlike character. His dad even stuck up for us, saying how it wasn't our fault and all this stuff. You could totally feel the change in atmosphere, and it went from a spiritual experience to contentious, with a thick tension. I almost verbally pointed it out to the dad, but I figured his son hated us enough. We left shortly after.


Today we had church. I thought it very possible that we had quite a few investigators in church, but sadly, we only had Italo. It was a lot better than 0 I guess, but I just felt like we'd have more. It was good though, as he even showed up earlier than us (and we weren't late by any means), and all of the members were super happy to see him. We ended up having a lesson with him after church, and we found out that the reason he didn't get baptized last time was because the girl who he lives with is not his wife, and he's technically still married to some chick in Rivera. Hmmm, that SUCKED. I totally thought that we were going to be able to get him baptized, but I guess not. Later in the day, my companion and I called our families, he went first and then I went after. It was a late night.


Today we got up at 5 again to go to Rivera. Today we all went to the church again to play sports. I played soccer (as usual), but this time there was another group who played these other games since some of the Americans don't play soccer. We also practiced this musical thing that we're going to do for zone conference (tomorrow), and then went our seperate ways. We did a bit of looking in stores and then came to the cyber.


I guess that's it. It was great talking to you and everyone else yesterday. It felt kind of weird, since it wasn't something I hadn't really thought about much before, and it didn't seem like I had called that long ago. It was still really nice though. Anyways, I guess that's my email, I hope you have a good week, I'm always praying for you guys.

Elder Fikus

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