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Letter #70 - May 24, 2011

Hey Mom,

Here's the update on my week,


Today after our PDay, we just did a bunch of random working here around Rivera talking to people. Unfortunately, it was pretty unsuccessful and nothing happened.


Today in the morning we had our district meeting. Today we just talked about the importance of using our area book, which is what we use to keep track of everything. Afterwards, E' Crandell, my district leader, did divisions with me in Vichadero. So, he took the bus back with me and my comp stayed here with his comp. I wanted to play a joke on our branch president since we get along with them really well, so what we planned was that E' Crandell was going to pretend that he was new to the mission, and that I was training him. So, we went to their house (to drop off laundry), and we did just that. E' Crandell just sat there like he didn't know what was going on or understand anything (even though he's been in the mission even longer than I have). Anyways, after that, we just left, not telling her that it was just a joke because we still wanted to trick our president.


Today, we were still on divisions. First thing that I did in the morning was call our mission president, which I was kind of nervious about. Basically he just asked about the area and gave suggestions, as we haven't had a baptism in that long (although it hasn't been THAT long). Also, in the morning, we had a super good lesson with this guy that we found named Mario. He wants to learn, likes us, and seems like he'll learn a little slower but it was still awesome. Anyways, today we had lunch with a lady named Lia, who's Shirly's (the woman we tricked the night before, our branch president's wife) mom. We pretended that he was knew with her too, although after like 5 minutes we told her. We totally tricked her too though. Afterwards, our branch president met with us in the house later in the day to go with us to a couple lessons. He talked to E' Crandell for a bit, who at this point still pretended that he was knew. We knew that we had to tell him before our lessons, so we did. With him, we went to Eli, the lady who worked in Jorge's house, and her daughter. It was a super good lesson. When we told him that it was just a joke thoug, he was totally blown away because his wife had told him yesterday about the unexpected change and everything. After our lesson, he went home and he said that he couldn't believe that we had done that haha.


Today, we were walking around in the morning, and he sent us a text message saying that his wife was mad at us because she had commented to a lot of people in the ward about the unexpected change, and that she felt stupid and that she didn't want us to eat with her anymore Sunday morning. Initially I was certain it was just revenge, especially with the whole 'giving us food' clause at the end (which was also what he said the night before before going home, how she wasn't going to want to give us food). However, as the day went on, I got more and more worried that she was actually mad, especially since neither of them responded to our messages after that. So, before my comp left (at like 6), we kept going to their house to try to make ammends and make sure that she wasn't actually mad. I think that she kind of was (I didn't think it was that huge), but she had pretty much cooled down haha. We only had like 10 minutes in the house though before we had to leave so that he could catch his bus haha.


Today I was back with E' Atkinson, who arrived here the night before just before E' Crandell left. We only had a couple of lessons, both of them with lazy people who let us in just because they want to be nice I think haha. We also talked with president casariego about the ward, and I think that we're going to plan a ward activity, as the branch is kind of stagnant and we need to get some animo (animation?) in the ward. We'll see what we can do.


Today we had a ton of lessons, and a ton of work to do, especially between like 5 and 9pm (ideal working hours), as we had a ton of people that we wanted to invite to church. A couple of them included one with Mario again (from Wednesday), and we met his girlfriend, Silvana. They seem like a nice fun couple, and they both read the chapter in the Book of Mormon that we left with them (even though we didn't even talk to her the other day), so that was cool. Another interesting lesson was one with Claudia, Anita's daughter. Anita (the one who I've mentioned quite a bit) said how Claudia is basically rebelling against her, lying, fighting, etc. She doesn't want us to go over to their house anymore, to go to church, or even that Anita goes.Hm. 15 year old girls... Anyways, so Anita said that she's not going to church for a while, although Matias (her grandkid that came to church a couple times but moved to Montevideo) is coming back, so she's going to try to use that to have Claudia chill out and let it be.


Despite having a ton of lessons during the week, we didn't have many investigators in church. Actually, none of the people we invited who said that they were going came. The only person that we had in church again was Andrew, the kid of the family with the reactivating husband. After we ate lunch with the branch president's family (I guess they forgave us), we went out to work. Unfortunately, it rained, which really sucked, considering quite a few of the people we went to to get out of the rain didn't let us in. However, in the night we had one pretty interesting lesson. We went back to a lady that we had talked to earlier in the week, who told us that she had 3 daughters who were like 18, 20, and 23. Anyways, when we went to the house, it was just the mom, two daughters, and a friend. By the time we left, we had met all of the daughters and like four friends, as they kind of just showed up one by one. Despite the awkward circumstance, it was actually a really good lessons. It was pretty calm, fun, and we taught about the restoration simply and they asked questions and stuff. It was super good haha.


Today we had a super slack day. Since we hadn't been in our area for like several weeks, E' Atkinson and I both went and got haircuts in the morning since we both desperately needed it. Afterwards, we got our changes, and we found out that E' Atkinson is leaving, and I'm going to be with my first Latin companion. He's named Elder Rodriguez, from Colombia, and I already know him as he's already in Rivera. It'll be different for sure, but I'm looking forward to it. After we found out about changes, my comp packed while I operated on some slightly ingrown toenails I had, and did something else I can't remember haha. After that, we went to our presidents house for a little bit, and then out to Rivera.


Today we had our PDay in Rivera. As always, we went to the chapel in the morning and played soccer with the zone. It started raining, so shortly after we went out to lunch (hotdogs again), and then did some shopping and then to the cyber (as always).

Other stuff,

Okay, this week I had even less time than normal, so I can't respond to anything else. I skimmed your letter for question marks and I didn't see any, so I'll assume there wasn't any questions. I'll print out your email though to read later. Anyways, I got to go. Thanks for everything,

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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