Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter #72 - June 6, 2011

Hey Mom,

I'll start out by telling you about my week,


Well today after our PDay, my district leader, Elder Crandell, wanted to do divisions with us since we were in Rivera. So, we took a taxi out there and worked with them. I worked with E' Crandell, and our comps worked together. Since all of our plans fell through, we didn't have much to do. But we still enjoyed working together either way haha. He says that he needs to have patience with his comp too, so it was nice working with him.


Today we had our District Meeting since we were in Rivera. I sent out my package to you guys today too. It was kind of funny, as I taped up the package super well, and the guy almost didn't let me send it, as he needed to put a couple stickers on it which don't stick to tape. I said that I had already sent one package like that (true), and eventually he just decided to let me tape a piece of paper on the top and re-write the address on that. He said that they don't let us use so much tape because they need to be able to open it at any point. My package? No. It's full of alfajores and dulce de leche, which I didn't clame, and I don't exactly want anything robbed. I hope you get it haha. It was quite an ordeal though, and we ended up showing up late for our meeting because of it. Whoops. Today in our DM we just talked about goals, and set our district goals. Afterwards, we came back to Vichadero. We went to our branch president's house to try to plan our ward activity which he announced on Sunday and was 100% unplanned at that point. We didn't have much time, so we set a time to do it on Wednesday. Also, tonight we did something that I've been wanting to do forever. So there's this guy named Mauro here who like several weeks ago we talked to outside for like an answer, mostly answering questions. He invited us to play soccer, which I was totally down for. We told him we'd play at like 8 (until 9 or 9:30), but he never scheduled it. Well tonight, he finally did, so we got to play soccer with them. It was my companion and I, and like 8 other 20-40 year old men. It was a lot of fun. It was always way more intense than when we play with other missionaries. Good way to get to be part of the community, and not just to the two missionaries who walk around all day haha.


Today we went back to Anita in the morning, as my comp hadn't met her yet. She was still nice and everything, and said that Claudia is a little more calm now (compared to lying and getting mad at her), so hopefully she comes back to church in the near future. We also had a lesson with Marta (one of the ladies who came to church), who told us some less than favorable things that Patricia (her friend, and the other lady who came to church who wanted to get baptized) is doing that could complicate things. She and her daughter are still excited to get baptized though, but there could be problems with her friend and her daughter haha. We also planned the ward activity, which I had a bad feeling about. We planned to do a talent show, but despite our president's excitement, I just didn't see it working. It simply wasn't the kind of thing that everything was talking and excited about, knowing that everyone else was going. We also had our last lesson with a lady named Ana (I think I've mentioned her). Her daughter, Lionor, who's always in the house, attends us, and Ana never does. What's worse is that they always try to lie to us, so tonight we dropped them. When we knocked on the door, we saw someone get up from the couch who went into the house, and then after Lionor let us in, we heard this other person in the background. Lionor lied to us like 3 times that she was alone, after us explaining that we don't want to be lied to and if they're not interested, we'd prefer that they just tell us. So yeah, end of them.


Today we had a lesson with Patricia, and her daughter Joissy (who both went to church). We ended up teaching them the restoration, as most of their questions had to do with that. It was super good, despite what Marta had told us the day before. Today was also the day that we had the ward activity. Who came? Our president and his family, us, and Marta and her family with Joissy. Not one member. So, the whole talent show idea didn't work, and we just ended up improvising, having our president talk about something and then playing hangman while we ate a bit of food. Utter disaster. I was pretty sure that not many people were going to come (as we did some inviting through the day and people weren't really available), but I still thought that it'd be better than that. Nope haha.


Well today we had our weekly planning, which ends with something called 'companionship inventory'. Basically, you have to talk with your companion about how you're getting along and stuff like that. It's always super awkward. Anyways, I took the oportunity to ask my companion why he thinks that we're not getting along super well. Not that there's really problems, but I felt like there was a bit of tension, and competition while we were teaching. I'm senior comp, which means what I say goes, and although I do listen and consider his ideas, I just felt like it was a little rough. He gave a pretty long answer (which I'm not even certain answered the question). Anyways, things are somewhat better now. Today we also had a lesson with Marta and her family (and Joissy) about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith-repentance-baptism-holy ghost-keeping the commandments til the end) and the law of chastity. It was super heavy (sorry, more of a spanish expresion but you get what I'm trying to say), and my comp taught things with WAAAAY more detail and intensity than I would have. I kind of see it like as long as they stay away from the more extreme ends of the sins, with time they should get better at some of the smaller problems like immodesty and bad thoughts. But nope, they got the full version haha. We also had a lesson in the night with Deliasir, our super Catholic lady. It was pretty long and intense, as my comp was Catholic up until only 3 years ago. She's such a good person though. Hopefully one day we (well, the Spirit) will crack her haha.


Today in the morning, we had a lesson that was pretty interesting. We talked to a pastor, of an evangelical church that E' Atkinson and I had went into one night for 5 minutes. It was a pretty interesting lesson. He's the one who's the nephew of Anita, who prayed and fasted with his congregation that we would start going to their church hahahahahaha. Anyways, we taught him about the restoration, and he even listened quite well. However, it kind of turned to arguing, so I ended it (and wasn't even the one bible bashing =) haha). We also started up soccer again, which we used to play with the neighborhood kids when I got here. This time, half of them were Marta's family (girls), so it didn't work as well. We also had a lesson in the evening that was pretty funny. Well, the lesson wasn't funny, but the lady had asked us to cut some firewood for her. My comp had never ever done it, so he was pretty awkard about it. I don't really consider myself a professional, but I certainly did better than he did haha.


Today was Sunday, and today we had 5 investigators in church again. Marta, Brema (her daughter), Carla and Christoffer (kids of an innactive lady) and Andrew. Patricia and Joissy didn't come. Marta told us that Joissy thinks that there's too many requirements to get baptized (from our lesson on Friday). After church we went to Patricia, who gave us some excuse that I can't remember for not going to church. She also told us again that she's married, but we're not convinced. I guess we'll see.


Today we didn't go into Rivera, so we had a little more time. Today in the morning, I wrote letters to the Schlachters, and Uncle Marvyn and Aunt LaVeeda. We got lunch, and then came to the cyber, where we currently are. It's nice having some time to be able to write letters, I desperately needed it.

Anyways, I have to go. I had a really sucky keyboard today (the spacebar key doesn't work well), so it was kind of time consuming writing my letter this week. Thanks for the email though, I enjoy reading about everyone and I enjoyed the pictures.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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