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Letter #74 - June 20, 2011

Hey Mom,

Thanks for the letter, I'll again start out by telling you about my week,


Today after going to the cyber, my comp and I went out and did a bit of shopping. There's this store in Brasil that I've heard a bit about because it has ties for like 5 reales (I don't know, like 3 bucks) each. My comp and I went there, and I ended up buying four haha. The reason that I went there in particular is because there was a missionary who had a tie that I really liked, and I he told me that you could find it at the place. So today we went there and I bought it. Interesting thing was they only had zipper ties, and only very few normal ties. So, I bought zipper ties, assuming that everyone else who had this tie that I liked was using a zipper tie. I kind of feel like a little kid using them, but it's a lot more convenient haha. Today after our PDay, I went and did divisions again with Elder Crandell. It was nice just talking to him, as usual. Also, today in the night, Elder Smith, my CCM comp and comp from a few changes ago called me. We're actually not really supposed to, but I guess he got permission. It was super awesome talking to him. He's really one of my best friends, and it's kind of wierd in the sence that I only met him in the mission.


Today we had our district meeting, since we were in Rivera for the day. It was pretty good, I can't really think of anything special though. My comp was especially grumpy today, for a number of reasons that I'm assuming but not actually certain. One was because during our district meeting, they told us that in our special conference tomorrow, we won't be able to really visit families in TBo like we thought that we would be able to. My comp served in TBo a few changes ago, and he has this member family there that he really liked. Anyways, so they told us that we won't have an hour or two to visit them tomorrow like they had originally told us. Second, at the end of district meeting, we did a bit of practise teaching. My comp, of course, did most of the talking. The Elder that we were practising teaching criticized my comp at the end for talking too much when he got asked how we did. I was kind of relieved, but at the same time I knew that he was already upset without that comment. So, during the afternoon, I tried to avoid my comp as much as possible, which thankfully wasn't that hard. We had to get baptisimal clothes from another chapel that's in Rivera, and we went to a cyber to do baptisimal invitations. That managed to take a bit of time, so that was kind of nice. Oh, something kind of random is that one of the elders that we were staying with has rootbeer flavor extract. So, we made rootbeer tonight, which was delicious. I guess they bolied a bit of water with the syrup and extract, and then we added carbonated water. My first time drinking rootbeer in like a year and 5 months haha. You don't miss or realize what you've got until you don't have it haha.


Today we had a special conference in TBo (Tacuarembo- a city here), with Elder Foster. He's in the first quorum of the 70 and is in our area presidency. For those who have absolutely no idea what that means, he's important. Anyways, today we had to get up at 3:30 in the morning, to be at a chapel in Rivera at 4:30, and then we ended up leaving at like 5:00 in a huge bus that we rented to go to TBo. It was a couple hour drive. We had a special conference, with like 80 or so missionaries (from 3 cities). It was a pretty good conference. He talked about the importance of working with members, and then later about the creation and prayer. His wife also talked, and our mission president and his wife were there. They fed us lunch, people leaving the mission soon shared their testimonies, the different cities all sang something, and that's pretty much all that I can think of. After lunch, he had his presentation about the creation and prayer. Since his spanish isn't very good yet, he had four people help him read. For whatever reason, only north americans were picked to read spanish outloud, and I was one of them. I did pretty good, I felt important haha. Anyways, it finished at like 3:30 or something, and we had half an hour before the bus left. That gave us just enough time for my comp to call a taxi, wait, go to the members house, and come back. He only talked with the person for like 3 minutes, and he payed for the taxi (I wasn't gonna haha), but I think he was a lot happier that he got to. Today on the way back, I talked to one of our zone leaders, Elder Wade, on the bus. The reason I had wanted to talk to him was because he has a super strong family. All of his brothers have served missions (and were assistants, which although isn't actually that important, it just shows that they were super good missionareis), his dad is like a 70 as well, and his family just seems super solid. I talked about why he thought why, etc etc, and we kinda talked about our lives and families. After we got back to Rivera, we had just enough time to take a bus back to Vichadero, to stay there for the night.


Today was our first day this week that we had in our area, so that was kinda weird, considering it was already Thursday. Since we have baptisms on Saturday, we spent a huge portion of the day inviting people to it. We had an interesting lesson with an innactive lady that my comp wanted to go by. I had determined long ago that she wasn't worth our time, but I went back with E' Rodriguez and she and him got along really well, so he figured it could be worth our time, so I went back to it. Today didn't go so smooth. She basically has not one ounce our spirituality in her, bashed on Colombia (where my comp's from), and made all these generalizations and stupid comments. My comp and her were having a pretty good discussion, but after about an hour and a half I cut in and ended it. I'm just not here to have to listen to that haha. Now, my comp doesn't want to go back haha.


Today we also spent a pretty good amount of time inviting people to the baptism we have tomorrow. We also had our interviews, so E' Wade came in to do them today. It was kind of stressful, because one of the kids who was getting baptized needed to learn a lot of stuff first, and he wasn't at the house that we had planned to like an hour before his interview so we could finish teaching him. To make matters worse, his sister, who's also supposed to get baptized, didn't want to go and get him. Eventually she caved in, and went and got her brother, who came back with her shortly after. Through all this, my comp didn't want to do it, saying that if he wasn't at the house like he had said, he wasn't ready to get baptized, nor did he want to. I wasn't going to give up so quickly though, and wasn't going to lose a baptism like an hour before the interview because I wasn't willing to do anything about it. So, she came and got him, we taught them, and then E' Wade came in with another missionary. We had the baptism at the church, and since there's like a huge group of friends, a lot of them came to the church, and the people getting interviewed just got talked to one by one. Since my comp had left with the other missionary that came in, I was just with Elder Wade, and since he was in the interviews, I was stuck with all these people. I took advantage of the time to just answer questions and teach. It was pretty fun haha. It went well.


Today we had our baptisms: four! Wooohoo. Today we spent a decent portion of the day getting ready, filling the font, checking it, organizing the chapel, inviting people, etc. I had quite a few baptisms with E' Smith, and we had a decent turnout from the ward, but today there wasn't as many. I don't think that it helped that it was already dark, it's colder, and just stuff like that. We had a decent amount of people who came to the interview come to the baptism, so there was quite a few nonmembers there. Everything went smooth though, it was really awesome. Also, I did two of the baptisms, and my comp did the other two, so that was pretty cool. It's the first time in my mission that I've actually done the baptism, usually I have a ward member do it. However, in the night, things got kind of rough between my companion and I. To make it short, he didn't really like how we went and got Cristofer before the baptism, and that he shouldn't have gotten baptized. Basically, I have too much patience with people, I try to hard to help them keep commitments, and I want to have success too bad. Basically I shouldn't try or care as much. Hm. Whatever.


Today we had church, and since the four people got baptized last night, they got confirmed today in church. It was all pretty normal. Today we had a terrible turnout in church, as there was some national holiday and it was obligatory that some people were in the schools for some thing, and it was raining. So, there were not very many members. Also, other than the four who got baptized, we didn't have any investigators at church, which didn't really surprise me as most of our focus has been on them the last little while.


Today, our day was pretty normal for a PDay. We got up nice and early to come in to Rivera again. We've basically just hung out at a house with a bunch of other Elders, until we came to a cyber. Today an Elder that we were with had a birthday, and since he's leaving soon, the cake that someone bought for him was of a tombstone haha. But, that's pretty much it.

Anyways, that's it. Thanks for all you do, your letter, and your updates.

Love you,

Elder Fikus

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